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First post. Slightly nervous. Oh well.

I fly a LOT. I've been flying since I was...what? 6, maybe 9 months old? So I'm really accustomed to getting dressed for flying.

Even if the flight is quite long, I tend to dress up. I don't see a need to get on a plane looking like the living dead in a velour tracksuit... So in saying that, it tends to be skinny jeans, boots (a real hassle at security...), any sort of shirt and a probably my trench coat if I'm flying back to London.

"I mean, if I'm gonna die, I don't want to have 'Juicy' sprawled across my ***." - a woman I overheard in London Gatwick airport.

I may not be perfect, but neither was Tom Ford SS12. And that's good enough for me.
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Originally Posted by ohmycolin View Post
"I mean, if I'm gonna die, I don't want to have 'Juicy' sprawled across my ***." - a woman I overheard in London Gatwick airport.
Welcome to TFS!!! Anyways, I think that quote has become my new motto when flying. I've always dressed nicely when traveling but I think this quote will be how I respond to those who ask why I'm so dressed up (A lot of people have asked me why I was wearing a nice outfit for "just a flight" as they put it)!

http://miss-rumphius.tumblr.com/ "It is ever so much easier to be good if your clothes are fashionable." Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

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I don't really dress up for flights but I never dress like a slob. When I go to NY I tend to wear leggings and long top with a oversized cardigan/sweater for the plane with flats (I wear my UGGs on board ONLY, they make great slippers). If I'm going at colder time of year I'll add a coat, and for somewhere hot I tend to wear a maxi dress and sandals.

My main objection to wearing an extravagant outfit is the hassle of going through security but it is still possible to look chic!

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On flight skin care
One of the essentials I feel is best to wear is the Amore Pacific hydrating facial mask, it prevents my skin from looking dry and dull when i arrive to my destination from a long flight.

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black track pants, black tee, old school kicks

to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield
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This has probably been posted but I found it hilarious, especially the V.Beckham part

What "some girls..." wear at the airport"

[French in Japan]
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I like to wear something comfortable when I fly. But also something stylish in case the plane crashes.. i don't want to die wearing something sloppy.

I always go with loose fitted dresses or silky, flimsy shorts/pants.

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I may be in the minority here, but I always wear jeans on a plane. But then again, I've never been a sweatpants/yoga pants person, so to me they're very comfortable. I wear my thinnest and stretchiest pair so they're not too constricting. I always wear lots of layers because I find the temperate tends to shift a lot.

The one airplane item I can't live without is my cotton circle scarf from American Apparel. I can wear it as a scarf but it doubles as an extra blanket if I get really cold-I never fly without it.

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Originally Posted by Model Wear View Post
I like to wear something comfortable when I fly. But also something stylish in case the plane crashes.. i don't want to die wearing something sloppy.

I always go with loose fitted dresses or silky, flimsy shorts/pants.
I have to say that not once have I thought about what I planned to wear in terms of the possibility of dying in it. Perhaps because I believe that if I do, nothing will matter less than what I'm wearing

There's a need for more individuality today, and my job is to cater to women, not dictate to them.
--Alber Elbaz
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I work as an air hostess...I have no choice in what I would like to wear should I die. Sucks to be me!

I would advise wearing light layers. And a scarf doubles up as a real nice pillow.

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I've been flying a lot this fall and lately I just wear a pair of my black jeans, chelsea boots, a basic sweater or loose fitting t-shirt, and sunglasses. Despite it being fall/winter, it's still sunny out!

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Yesterday I just did a flight for 10 hours straight from the US to Europe.
I totally forgot to pack some socks and would have loved to wear some Uggs.

Anyway, I wore white J Brand high waist jeans, black Tory Burch ballerinas and a blue/green plaid shirt with a boyfriend cut. As they always turn on the air conditioning, I luckily brought a cozy grey scarf and a jacket.
The only thing that I would change next time was bringing Uggs for the plane ride.

"If I would work for Banana Republic, they would fire me in a week"
Alber Elbaz, Lanvin
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Leggins always leggins and uggs....

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I will be on a flight to NYC from the UK in September of this year and was considering my black denim overalls & trainers as they're super comfy, also LOL at the fact I am planning what to wear on this flight 7 months in advance!

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I go for jogger jeans-so in right now, and there are tons to choose from out there. A basic tee and always a sweater and/or scarf in my bag. I always freezing on planes. A hat is a good accessory that will hide that travel hair & add instant chic when you arrive to your new destination. One last tip-socks! Bring them in your bag & slip them on when you get settled in your seat. They'll change your life.

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