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This is my look at Chinese New Year, is it good? any comment?
The jacket by Puma
Pink Panther Tee by Comme des Garcons 05S/S collection
Trousers by Comme des Garcons 94S/S collection
sporty shoes by Nike air
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well i am sorry but it's not my style.. but i like the shirt

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i want to get this thread started again!

i'm starting a new job for the summer where i want to look professional (but not too stuffy) and i want to see some more ideas!

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Work is very strict, I have to wear either a suit with a blazer, or a suit without a blazer.

I don't mind though because I like dressing office-like.

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Shirt: Black or white shirt. Has to be at least cap-sleeved. No other colours allowed on the shirt. Solid colours only however if it's a trim, it can be the other one. Some stores are strict in the sense that it has to be either collared or a turtleneck sweater, and that you can't have colour on an undershirt. If I'm wearing a black shirt and it won't show though, I definitely add colour there so I can take my work shirt off during break and still be decent.
Pants: Black or khaki dress pants or skirt. If it's a skirt, knee-length or longer. If it's pants, it can be cropped.
Shoes: Black or brown dress shoes. No coloured socks or what not. Open-toed shoes acceptable except when doing stock.

However accessories are allowed as well as makeup and hair things. Our store is one of the more liberal ones in the district because we allow small piercings like a small nose stud. We had people with 4 facial piercings during the holiday season and technically, you're not supposed to have more than 2 earrings in the ear or any facial piercings or crazy hair styles and colours yet during holiday, there was all of that, and I have 3 in each ear but I typically wear small studs in the triple holes. We also are allowed to wear red shirts and the Victoria's Secret Santa hats during the holidays and we'll have jean weekends where we pay $2 to go to our Giving Tree cause and we can wear jeans for that day.

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Not working in office....
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My work is really lenient on dress. Only no flip flops, tank tops, skirts must come to knee, and long pants. So basically I wear what I wear to class for work.

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my office is at home, so mostly old jeans and tshirt

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I work at a resturant, so we have a uniform we are required to wear. When I'm cooking or doing prep-work it's black pants, black tshirt (it's given to us by the resturant; has our logo on the front and back.) and a horrible black baseball hat.
When I'm hostessing or working the fixen's line, I wear black pants and my tan button down shirt, also logoed, also given to me by the company.
And, as much as I hate to wear leather, my work shoes are heavy leather slip-ons to protect my feet from the grease.

My pants are plain black trousers from Gap. I've had them for years and they have never needed repair, which is nice.
The only thing I get to wear that could be "fashionable' is a belt. In theory we are required to wear a plain black belt, but that's a rule I always break. Jewelry is also limited. I wear a watch a earrings, and a simple silver necklace.

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My job is pretty chill with dress code. The only "rules" are no sneakers or shorts.. so I wear tees, button shirts, pants, jeans and loafers.. which is nice for an accounting firm (I thought I would have to wear a suit and tie everyday.)

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Hey Everyone! I need your advice. I have an interview coming up in a few days for a state senate internship, and I realized I have no idea what to wear? (Keep in mind I'm only 16.) Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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I'm about to start work for state gov't, doing archives and such, and the attire is the dreaded "business casual".

I've started gathering some clothes to make my work wardrobe: skirts, blouses, dresses, trousers. I just can't wear jeans, flipflops, sneakers, tank tops, etc.

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I work as an analyst/statisitician for an Aussie Rules football club here in Melbourne, but it's only one day week during the winter.

Black/yellow club sports jacket
Black club polo shirt with club and sponsor logos (shirt design changes each year)

Black dress/work pants
Black leather lace up shoes

I know all the black might come across as being overkill, but it's yellow and back are our club colours.

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I work in an engineering firm but it's business casual most of the time.
That means jeans are allowed and my "uniform" would consist of a pair of jeans, a nice top and flats.
On Fridays I like to wear dresses as I'll probably be going somewhere nice after work
I walk around a lot to talk to people so I can't really wear very high heels.

On days when customers visit then it's full-blown corporate wear like pant-suits/ skirts-suits...you get the idea.


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here is what I posted for work in "what yould you wear":

summer day at work
shirt worn inside the pants, pants are slightly short.
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