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castor i'm excited to see a pic from you....!!!!...
can you rest your camera on a surface that allows you to snap a picture and then just stand before it...??....
like put it on a table top, shelf,etc.....and then snap....!

That's who you wanna go in the woods with, right?
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soooo beautiful nr9dream! very soft and dreamy!
anna k. you look so wonderful in that coat *sighs*
and thanks for putting up pictures purechris (thx sft) and clavdia! Both worth waiting for! I love the shell pin, very gorey-esque!
everyone else is really lovely too!! really cute gunpowder!

and thanks tang and utopia!

I'm going to a show with a world-famous contortionist from mongolia, my friends are also performing. so i am decked out in my circus-worthy silver dress and fuzzy hat! (pic of hat taken from halloween post in 'dressup thread, i'm not wearing blue makeup today). also wearing a prosaic black sweater (cold theater), same slouchy leggins and black ankle boots, and black bead bracelets as once before...

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Thanks Curious, Anna K, Quirky, greeen

therese, that sounds great
Mettchen, love the bright flowers on all the black
Chinor1z, that shirt and jacket combo is killer
wildcard, you look fantastic, love the dress, scarf, necklace, boots
Rhizm, great style, glad the focus trick worked, love the silhouette and palette there
nr9, another absolutely beautiful and dreamy outfit, I never seem to have enough karma for you. Your photos are exceptional, too
Anna K, the coat is beauty
chris, I love it, and thanks again soft!
Quirky, I LOVE the silhouette!
Hebden, another great silhouette and I love that cardi!
Elegance, very romantic, and I love that belt
castorpollux, I second maraschin0's remarks and adorefaith's suggestion
Gunpowder, I love outfit #1
maiden, you look fantastic, the black items with the silver dress are magical indeed


light grey long sleeve thermal shirt under
faded black Andy Warhol tee
APC jeans
black/white Adidas hi-tops 1970 repro
charcoal skulls hoodie
vintage Seiko diver's watch

detail of shirt:

detail of hoodie:

after all, it was you and me
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Comments I got on this outfit today :
Did you get dressed in the dark?
I like your mismatched shoe-y outfit, it's very chic.
Did you swap one shoe with a friend?

At least I liked it. I gotta stop wearing these shorts. But I just can't. And don't get me started on these necklaces.

Bla bla bla, the usual pieces, put together slightly differently. That turquoise shirt is actually long sleeved. Looking at my outfits over the past month or so, you'd think these shorts were the only pair I own.

I heart my chucks.

Comments... anyone?

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Last edited by Curious; 06-11-2005 at 09:16 AM. Reason: removed 2nd photo ;)
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elegance is refusal, you look lovely in a pouf ball skirt!
gunpowder, I like both of your outfits. your lace tops are adorable
maiden voyage, great outfit!
castorpollux, your clothes probably look even better on you
tangerine, I love the details!
stargirl, I like what you are wearing a lot. shorts look good on you. and I love the necklaces on your mirror..

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two tops, one white, one stripy grey and black
skinny jeans, they used to be wider, but I tailored them a little..
lots of necklaces
flat boots
vintage handbag
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badass looking jacket chinor1z! wish i could *find* one..

"I think people today have never looked so ugly in the whole history of the entire world." - Vivienne Westwood
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first of all... happy belated bday Mr. Tangerine! and thanks to tang, susie, maiden, tko, goose and quirky for your lovely comments.

secondly... too much to coment about:
-Tang, love your two last outfits... more serious with the long sleeved brown shirt and the usual rock-ish with that gorgeous skull hoodie!!!
-Susie... beautiful, as usual! and i have never seen you wearing any crap outfit, girl!
-Maiden, wow... i love the last pics you posted!!! that silver dress is much too cool... i am jealous!
-TKO, love your energy skull tee... and errr... you shouldnt cut off your head on the pics...
-Rhizm, i am impressed by your pics, really sharp style and i love that Dries van Noten coat of yours.
-Chino1z, superb deconstructed tshirt!
-Castor, great outfit!!! Get a full lenght mirror NOW

time for me to post some stuff now... see you soon on the next upcoming post...

luv, sonny xxx

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I guess you must be unemployed"
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hi there,

this was my outfit to attend some gigs yesterday...

the usual gucci and tiffany jewelry, same Lois jeans and Just Cavalli belt i wore the previous day with Black Zara boots and this very vintage long sleeved green shirt.

i added the "very vintage" explanation cos it once belonged to my mom.. more than 30 years ago . she actuallly was wearing this shirt on my catholic baptism day when i was only a few months old!, ha, ha... it has some holes and stains but i just love it.. it is so f*cking 70's!!!

oh, and i would like to introduce you all to my beautiful, brand new green-ish Giorgio Armani shades! they were number one on my wish list and i finally bought them on Friday.. arent they lovely????

i will stop the blah, blah, blah now... see you!
Love, Sonny xxx
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"If fashion is your trade then when you are naked
I guess you must be unemployed"
***** "Underwear" by Pulp*****
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gunpowder im lovin the lace tops! u look luvly x

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Thanks for the karma and comments guys: maraschin0, stargirl, northernsky, TKO, tangerine, jeweledvixen, droogist,wildcard, elegance.is.refusal, anna, nr9dream, urd, quirkycool, sonny
Utopia I love that blouse.... I'm glad someone actually got some wear out of the Karl for H&M collection (coz I sure as hell didn't!)
TKO The straps on those pants are too cool.
Curious The space-dyed cardi is gorgeous. Loving all the cognac too.
Clavdia I agree w/ FTB....very elegant. It's definitely a contemporary interpretation of your inspiration image.
droogist I have no idea how the baseball game even works .........I thought it was like cricket, but apparently not.
Mettchen Cacharel fabric...very resourceful indeed! Such a cute outfit.
Chinor That deconstructed shirt is so cool.....especially love how the stripes slant.
Wildcard I love the print on that dress, especially paired with the boots.....is it vintage?
Rhizm Uber cool......
nr9dream The elbow patches on the cardi make it so individual.
Anna Just beautiful I echo Soft's sentiments about you and nr9dream.....you guys pick pieces that are made with love....and put them together so well.
purechris The jeans and the boots.......wicked.
quirkycool...and a v. beautiful sillhouette it is!
Hebden I'd go with Soft's cape solution! Capetastic... That APC cardigan is soo cute (which not a word I'd associate with APC but it IS).
Elegance.is.refusal Love the all the dramatic black in your outfit...the belt is cool too (big fan of stretchy belts )
castor Great pieces.....better on your bod, I imagine!
gunpowder Very floaty and dreamy tops.
maiden What a cool dress! You dressed it down really well.
tangerine Your jeans always look so great in your pics......love those ones with the grey top.
stargirl I say ignore those who don't understand your style! I think the shorts and the mismatched Cons look so cute.
Urd I loved the way you piled on the necklaces to zing up your outfit....really works.
Sonny A v. beautiful vintage shirt.....stealing from parents' wardrobe def. rocks.

'A fashion that does not reach the streets is not a fashion.'
Coco Chanel.
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Yesterday was so jam-packed. I got up at 6 in the morning to go to the Billion Dollar Babes sample sale (which was crap....not sure why I bothered). Then I had to leg it down to China Tang at the Dorchester to have lunch with the family.
I was wearing a Lanvin/YSL-esque outfit....not sure it worked all that well tho:

Close up of the blouse:

Katarxyna Sxcxotarska sheer starched silk blouse (dun ask me how to pronounce that one!)
Uniqlo grey t
French Connection black slip dress
Vintage black lace skirt underneath
Black wooly tights
Old silver ballet flats
Black silk covered beads
H&M white skinny belt

Then I sped back home to get changed to go to the Alexandra Palace Guy Fawkes fireworks display (Hope everyone in the UK had a brilliant Guy Fawkes!). It was so beautiful up there overlooking London and the display was the best I've seen in a long time:

Pepe skinny jeans
Hussein Chalayan belted yellow shirt skirt (it can be a pencil shape, but I undid a button to make it a bit more A-line)
Uniqlo Grey t
Vintage blue slip dress
Blue patent flats
H&M grey skinny belt
Grey cotton bolero (Singapore)

'A fashion that does not reach the streets is not a fashion.'
Coco Chanel.
My blog - Style Bubble - http://stylebubble.typepad.com/style_bubble/
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i've just signed up and i'm hoping to have a lot of fun in this forum.
i guess my english won't always be perfect as english is not my mother tongue. so please don't mind.

that's what i wore yesterday.

for looking at my other outfits just visit: http://www.mystylediary.net/Default.aspx?user=kindi

Last edited by kindi; 06-11-2005 at 07:51 AM.
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Urd: I totally love your style!

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thanks susie b, anna, droogist, tangerine, curious, and fade to black

kindi - big welcome! lovely belt
susie b - great poses and adorable outfits - hope you had a fun bonfire night!
urd - love how you've layered everything including the necklaces..
tangerine - andy warhol...
maiden - perfection...and that makeup!!! love love love it
gunpowder - I like all your floaty sweet victorian blouses
elegance is - so chic and stylish...I love that puffball skirt
chris - wow, this is brilliant...loving those boots
anna - so pretty and old-fashioned yet modern at the same time..
nr9 - I this palette...soft greys and bronze slippers
rhizm - fantastic...very sharp
mette - loving your homemade skirt!!
clavdia - that leaf clasp is just stunning

- white square necked top with whitework embroidery and short puffy sleeves
- black grosgrain sash
- grey wide-leg trousers
- black ballet flats
- black trench (as always!)...not pictured
- hair messy and knotted low
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