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Thanks milkfresh, voodoo mary and karmic benefactors

milkfresh that is an amazing outfit. The skirt by itself could inspire poetry, when you add the sash, the bracelets and the boots a person could get whiplash Keep pushing those boundaries, like voodoo mary said!
voodoo, very striking as well, colors & shapes cool bag & I like your toenail polish Get well soon!
pillarist, great look! People ask if it's okay to wear blue and black together and I suggest they consider dark jeans and a black leather jacket, but now I may direct them to your outfit as an updated example.

Originally Posted by purechris
tang--funny you should say that.......we are the same person you know
Oh... so, no photo of the "two" of you together, then?

FtB, brian, Buckwheat, susie, clavdia... all looking so good... but I'm out of time (and karma, it appears.)

after all, it was you and me
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Jumper (cotton) - DKNY
Denim - Earl Jean
Undershirt (white) - Calvin Klein (not pictured)
Shoes - Bally
Topcoat (wool/cashmere) - Calvin Klein
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to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield
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pillarist, you look a lot like kimura takuya.

rising star
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Haha, err, I won't play ignorant because someone has mentioned that to me before. Nonetheless, I hope that isn't a bad thing!

Maybe it's the hair? who knows. For me, the absolute mass of hair is just an excuse for me not to bother wasting time in styling it. I find it very efficient actually; get up, shove in some gunk, done!

and castor, I love your shoe selection, Bally and Puma by Mihara Yasuhiro, absolutely lovely! I was hoping to score myself a pair back in the day, they were really hot, unfortunately I opted for a pair of bapestas instead, really stupid mistake. and now they're all gone :-/

- Cheers

backstage pass
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susie---> Your butterfly jacket is gorgeous! And also the first outfit...

Would like to write a lot more but in 15 minutes we'll have a reunion and for once I really HAVE TO work a bit instead of losing time here...Anyone have some nice 80's print I can copy?

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I really like that butterfly coat too, Susie!

me today:
- dark, dark navy woolen tights (so lovely and warm...)
- dark purple dress that hits right below the knee with thousands of flowers on it in lighter shades of purple and cream. I've had this dress for 8 years now... and I still love it!
- black wool knitted sweater with oversided buttons

snug as a bug in a rug

tfs star
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Thank you for the compliments on my skirts yesterday Twistelette,Trophy Brown,Purechris,Curious,tott,ChrissyM,Susie Bubble,Sonny and Milkfresh,and to the lovely Karma donors

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Here's today for me...should have a chance to comment on all the great looks later...

Tall red boots
indigo-wash Citizens
Long black tee
white cardigan ith red mini-dots
white leather braid belt
and I threw black scar on b/c it looked like it needed something...

(i've felt like I'm in a rut lately, but I blame it on lack of money and time...I promise things will be more exciting in like ... a month )
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My art/literature blog:
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Thank you to mirrra, Buckwheat, twistelette, QuirkyCool, TrophyBrown, purechris, softgrey, tott, tangerine, ChrissyM, susie, clavdia, and voodoo mary for the comments and karma.

QuirkyCool - two lovely black and cream ensembles...love the shoes in the first picture
purechris - your Marni trousers sound great
chanel - love the mixture of winter and summer...you look beautiful
tott - sounds very nice...and warm, yay!
softgrey - your Paul Smith sweater
pillarist - so cool
Buckwheat - swelligant as usual!
susie - love the shoes and the coat
clavdia - I want your skirt!
voodoo mary - beautiful brooch

Today (really, really cold)

Tweed coat - Benetton
Dark grey ruffled wool scarf - H&M
Black knitted cap - Banana Republic
Black leather boots - J Crew
Beaten up Speedy - LV
Pom-poms (on speedy) - H&M

under all that...

Grey and brown striped sweater - APC
Black shirt - H&M
Black wool skirt - Club Monaco

"The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it." - Oscar Wilde
My fashion blog - Style...a work in progress ~ My Twitter - http://twitter.com/Hebden9
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...I dont feel comfortable at all.. I repeat this outfit every 2 weeks but today was the last time..

I like the shirt though...

-Cowgirl shirt (Saints&Mortals)
-Dark denim jeans (Killah)
-Converse allstars
-Green vintage dogshaped bag
-Blue Londsdale-style vintage jacket
-Elvis sunglasses...
-Leatherbelt with embroidered flames (Lowlife)
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nice coat Hebden - I really like the contrasting lining and the fact that you can see it.
Chanel, beautiful as always.
Susie - I like your style overall, that's why I don't comment on every outfit
Pillarist - very nice, you are a good addition to tFS.


Dark grey leather jacket - Collection Privee
Beige dry cotton knit v-neck sweater - Sisley
Dark grey heavy cotton pants - LMaltieri
Black leather boots - Ann Dem

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Black pant suit, black loafers, pink blouse. Very boring.

about to fall or fly
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susie bubble; milkfresh and voodoo mary! !!

about to fall or fly
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i figured if i could steal a camera to take pictures of owls, i could steal a camera to take pictures of my outfit! it's "warm" today, 11c/about 50f. which IS warm, considering. going to run errands/holiday shop!

american apparel black tshirt under (it bugs me that it's black given the color scheme of the rest but it's hiding anyway so whatever )
canadian girl guides brown and white striped tee
handknit turquoise and white cardi
lux turquoise and brown flouncy skirt - reminds me of mouret a couple seasons back! detail of the waist..another thing that drew me to it. shaped buttons!
brown wool knee highs
same old boring rust metallic moccs


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no photos, no photos
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buckwheat--cool as always

susie--I love the illustration of the jkt--yours?

faust--very nice sir

clavdia--the tshirt rocks "we've been waiting for you"....kinda creepy

it's so beautiful out today!!! wish I was off

l/s black/brown marbled raglan tee
black trousers from Co-op
gold Pumas

(I'm doing reruns again)

happiness is the fat girl dancing in the corner
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