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Thanks everyone for their super sweet comments =) I love you all : kuran, mb117(yep ss05!), clavdia, sonnytsunami, FtB, francesca, maiden_voyage, hebden, goosemaster (noo YOU post more pics! )

helena: very beautiful =)

FtB: I love that whole sweater-over-dress shirt look =)

hebden: very cute! I like dark colours too

francesca: cool logo! Ooh yoga pants are so so comfy

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thanks once again maraschin0! Your comments fill my heart with joy...to know that such a gorgeous and stylish lady approves is enough for me to die a happy man

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Ooo francesco, your friend did a great job with the logo!

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everyone looks great

I am wearing my nursing uniform (sorry no pics)

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Originally Posted by softgrey
i really like your branquinho rhizm...

kay-here's me...
dk blue l/s T w/unfinished extra lg slv-american apparel
ivory rayon smock top-balenciaga
brown/natural wood beads-not visible-vintage(mom)
skinny jns-levis
cocoa brn boots-sort of vintage......
dk bl wool gauze scarf-barney's private label

***cocoa/dk blue checked smocked wool blouson jkt-vintage YSL menswear
***KIT's jacket... ...

thank you KIT...
Fantastic softgrey!
a quote from Kit:
"I don't need ANY more clothes , rather I want to see them on the backs of those who can appreciate the designs and feel the history behind them . " ~KIT

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Thanks urd, Sonny, susie, utopia, clavdia, maiden, goose

urd, I love your jeans customization, the tucking-into-boots and that bag is super cool
Sonny, I am so happy you got the shades you wanted, they are very cool, and that green shirt is beautiful on you! That is a sweet story about your baptism.
susie, I love your Guy Fawkes outfit, I had to take it into Photoshop to get a good look but it was well worth it. The layering (and re-shaping) of the yellow skirt over the slip dress is brilliant, and the other blue items reinforced the great color composition. Bravissima!
kindi, welcome, your belt is really nice!
utopia, beautiful study in B&W
adorefaith, beautiful outfit but we want YOU to model it
kuran, great jackets!
HiHeels, I like those layered tops
FtB, this (pinstriped version) may be my favorite of all the outfits you've posted pics of, it really balances perfectly to my eye. Keep posting pics!
maraschin0, red hot!
clavdia, thanks to your earlier photographic diligence, I can picture your outfit and I love it!
maiden, I have a feeling that outfit is a lot more than your brief description would lead us to believe
Hebden, I like that dark silhouette
goose, we are waiting patiently
.f, v. cool shirt design!


standard fare...

long sleeved light grey tee under
black/magenta ringer tee
black studded belt
black Converse Jack Purcells
grey chrono (not shown)

after all, it was you and me
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nice shoes castorpollux !
you look so relaxed n chic fade to black hehe =D
lovin the whole outfit tang
very dramatic dress maraschin0!

I'll post pics later.. went to lunch and a movie with my sister..chill sunday.


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some sketches of todays outfit..
Attached Images
File Type: jpg todays outfit_monday.jpg (315.0 KB, 15 views)

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^ I adore your sketches, emi25! Really, and the outfits sound rockin' as well

We sell hell
and suffer well
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oh, thanks!

I am half-sick of shadows
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Thanks bleuFunk, maraschin0, and tangerine.

emi25 - the sketches are great!

Today (slightly worse calibre photograph than usual)

Black blazer - Jaeger
Blue/green striped top - Old Navy
Green ribbon rosette
Pleated, diagonal pin-stripe skirt - Club Monaco
Black tights
Black and white perforated leather flats - Urban Outfitters

"The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it." - Oscar Wilde
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Sorry about my v. dark pics! It's the dark winter light ruining my pics.
Kindi Love the belt.
Honeybunch Like the crochet scarf(?) around your neck.
Utopia Beautiful outfit, especially the sash.
Kuran Lookin' good.
adore Great pencil skirt.
HiHeels Love the play on proportions with the sleeves.
ftb Love the reversible shirt.....unstudied chic indeed!
marashin0 beautiful dress! You look great in that orangey-red....if I tried that colour I'd look a bit Tango-ed.
Helena Just gorgeous......you have such beautiful pieces.
castor Those sneakers are cool
.francesca A great 'padding around the house' outfit.
Tangerine Love the Cons with that shirt.
emi25 Your sketches are too cute!
Hebden Nice touch with the rosette there.

'A fashion that does not reach the streets is not a fashion.'
Coco Chanel.
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sussie bubble:
ehm, thank you (; you are right, it is a crochet scarf, i got it from my moms friends shop s; ;D

Love will keep you warm <3
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Thanks to all for your nice comments

Hebden, very sleek and modern looks - ps-> Iím also inspired by the lovely cape photo
Emi, super cute as usual (as is yr last minute runway drawing!)
Tang, perfect as always & great warhol wisdom frm previous pic.
.f - Iím wearing similar comfy home-wear today minus the cool t-shirt graphic & hoody that is...
Fade, too funnyĖ they do look like jet-setting hotel pics--either way v. nice pers. style: you always look great
Helena, beautiful x3 th print and skirt
Sonny, vintage with a story is always my favorite
Susie, wish I could see the first look better, but the skirt over blue slip-> v. cute!
Utopia, gorgeous sash & silhouette ~> I love yr modern interprt. of historic looks
Maiden, v. creative & the performance sounds wonderful too
Purechris, very cool Ė love the subtle black/on black print
Anna, Iím glad we got to see the entire silh. ~ beauty
Quirky, Sounds lovely! Iím counting on pics eventually ; )

..I know I'm missing a few pages in btw...but loved all the new pics & welcome to all the new posters

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Today, another boring day in school (I might die of boredom. Really):
Brown vintage bag
Purple flats
Beige-ish skirt from Designers Remix
Navy cardi
Blue silk cami
Black trench
Green scarf
Attached Images
File Type: jpg 2 tasker.JPG (11.0 KB, 395 views)
File Type: jpg Nye sko.jpg (19.2 KB, 395 views)
File Type: jpg ballll.jpg (5.1 KB, 394 views)
File Type: jpg outf.jpg (18.4 KB, 395 views)

ten days of perfect tunes
the colors red and blue
we had a promise made

we were in love

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