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well ^^ THATS what i call a compliment hahaah pure jokes.. love that sh*t

well.. seen as iv got a few more pics on my computer from random occassions,.. may as well flip them up,..

just an indication into my rather tepid er social life YES im a dirty f*cker who cares..?? if people take them selfs seriously theyrl end up looking like Slimane,..

okay chekit....heres some bullsh*t to throw into the mix that i wear fairly to quite often,... but some were taken a little while ago, none the less relivent,.. and i shal start taking new pics fairly swooooon

nice fitted western shirt with black felt trilby

little bit of george cox ala custom made one of a king winkle pickers,.. anyone dig that sh*t?

OKAY.,. when i go down theeee gym.. BLACK unconditional hoodie.. ONE of my favourite most comfortable hoodies everr..black kung fu trousers and silver nike vandels with the velcrom taken off cause its lame..basic pink american apperal tee

erhmm.. what can i say to this.. its complete mash up silk chinese jacket, dress shirt layered with ripped white vest, silk scarfs crosses n all that malarky that is the ONE and only time iv drank special brew and its rank.. do NOT taste erghh..


fred perry x comme polo,..all saints leather hoodie, lil bit of cutler and gros slippin round me bonce...you know how we do...?

AAAAAAAnnnanyone this is a small insite into my diverse taste in clothes..

havea field day


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Hey man... none enterely jokes... plus i liked this last post too and this time not just for physical reasons... i really liked reading it! you sound so Brit... and that is always a good thing to my standards.

Hey Kejtlin, you are a doll for the karma message you left for me.. still aroused coming from a girl with a body like yours! come on girl... clothes really love you more than me! Still thanks so, so, so much... whether compliments are pure lies or not.. who cares? i love getting them (who doesnt?) anyways!

love, Sonny xxx

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I guess you must be unemployed"
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whitetrashanth- The shoes. The shoes. I'd consider doing wicked things to have pair half as cool. The shot with the red silk jacket is giving me the same vibe as I felt when I saw Serena Maneesh a few weeks ago. Pure rock n roll.

no1here- MORE gold shoes!

MadameMode- Beautiful skirt- especially the top layer

findmeg- Another A+ skirt

Tinetush- It seems that your feet DO love colours

Midori- Skirts, skirts, skirts. If I were a lady that's all I'd want to wear.

oanadobre- fun shoes

fashion_muse- nice stripes

francesca- I know some friends who'd go berzerk if they found a raincoat like that.

VampireCa- I'm trying to figure out what to do with some cheap braces that I picked up recently. I can't let them be the focal point of an outfit. You did a great job of making them noticable, but not dominant.

Ivypixie- cute little jacket

Skinny_boho- You pull off the cowboy boots. Congrats!

bryanboy- I love how much fun you have with your outfits/poses.

kejtlin- 2 belts. YES.

I think that catches me up pretty well. I need to go back and do some karma-ing.

Today was another of those days when I more or less stayed inside "studying" or playing on the internet as the case may be. I did have to run a few late-in-the-day errands, so I tested out tomorrow's outfit. I'll be at school for 12+ hours, so there's no risk of my store employee friends knowing that I repeated something.

McQueen blazer- It's the one I got on yoox for a crazily cheap price in March.

old black button down shirt- It's one of those things that doesn't fit quite snuggly enough for me to wear on its own anymore, but it can go under something else. The collar is too floppy.

generic black belt with silver buckle

Jil Sander pants- polyeuruthane coated. They're not usually so bunched up. I hadn't put any shoes on when it shot the picture so I pulled them up to avoid walking all over them.

I'm still deciding on the shoes. The loafers I wore today didn't look quite right. I'm thinking I'll bring out my black gucci laceups with a pointy toe. They're a bit too "night on the town" for most things, but so is the jacket, so they sould work together.

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last nite's outfit.

luella bartley for target sequinned stripe top, hudson jeans, vintage bag n shoes

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shirt - armani collezioni
trousers - prada
boots - dior homme
sunglasses - prada

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today for work.these are the only jeans i feel comfortable wearing to work.
joe's trouser cut jeans. roomy!

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Thanks for all the nice comments and karma

Having a little too much fun with photoshop

(sorry about the size )

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outfit today,

White under T
Black reversed collar cotton shirt - YY
Black wide leg low crotch cotton pant - YY
and vintage Adidas Stan Smith
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^ nice to see you back, Buck

Awesome! esp. the Yohji pieces..

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thanks for the comments and karma; curious, kejtlin, aquarius, castor, estella, EIR, tangerine, verb, findmeg, and sonnytsunami.

I guess I was lucky then, when I went to the store there were only two left, the same size except one was green and one was brown.
tangerine-nice graphic on the t shirt in post #6708, very laid back
findmeg-looking good!
midori-very cute
whitetrashanth-awesome hat! channeling Paul Banks during his fedora phase, super cool plims...
Castorpollux-awesome DH boots...
Kessler-awesome photoshop work, loving both looks...esp the yellow.

Everybodys looking good tonight

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this is me today....vintage dress, black flip flops (old navy), watch (anne klein), silver bangles (swarovski), silver hoops earrings (old ones), white tank top.
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*Happiness*: your dress looks very carefree!!

The top in my outfit is my first cashmere purchase. I felt very grown up wearing it!
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The thing is, I really donít love shoes all that much anymore.
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many thanks to melee (it's a halter hehe) and tang (lovely to see you as well! I love that tee, suits me most of the time too), fingmeg (love that dress, can't really pull it off myself, ), and sonny (aww, you're too kind!)

you have a wonderfully unique style whitetrashanth, I dig the gold shoes, most definitely!
I love your bag voodoo mary! just adorable!
madame mode you look adorable! I hope you're feeling a better!
fashion muse, I love how colorful your outfit is (but not in a doctor seus kinda way) I'm all for tossing different patterns together!


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Everyone is looking great, I can see many of you getting into spring mood.. while I'm here waiting for autumn to hit :p

Yay for the return of the Buckwheat! You rock.

And tangerine I love your new leather jacket.

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whitetrashanth - your outfit looks fantastic. Love the shoes!!!
Kessler - your photoshop is so good. Your post looks like a fashion editorial.
Buckwheat - you look achingly cool!

This thread is a constant inspiration. but mostly a constant reassurance that the world still has great style! Thanks for sharing everyone!!!!

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