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you look AWESOME!!!

cute jacket...

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Hanne - i love the belt. Want one . . .

(also love Baum thingymagiggy. did you ever go to their sample sales in ryesgade?)

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RL polo
Gant jacket
Whyred jeans
Gucci sneakers

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bryanboy awesome outfit! i love the white shirt and black jeans. of course your bag concludes the outfit
hanne that jacket is adorable, i want it! belt looks good too
ivypixie nice combination with the white shirt and jeans
style_expert nice purple collar
voodoo_mary i love thet floral bag
elegance_is_refusal i liked that skirt already earlier and it still looks good on you. your style is one of the best ones here
andrew nice and casual, very cool

as for me today, i'm filling my closet with stripes..

-white tanktop
-black vest (it has brown stripes on it, but they are so thin so they won't show)
-blue-white striped cardigan
-red belt
-black skirt
-light blue bag
-scarf on my head and going around my neck
-big sunglasses


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Emi, I love your drawings Ahhh brings back good childhood memories

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Thanks for all the nice compliments and karma!

You look so effortless and cool!

Hanne: Neat jacket! What kind of fabric is that called?

The drawings are so cool! I really like the kerchief thing around the neck, I've been seeing it a lot in streetstyle but we don't have it here yet/probably ever. Kudos to you!
I your white top!

Bryanboy: I love your hat, you make me think of some guy, who goes on vacation in the bayou and is all "super-fabulous" and rich.

Like the headscarf look!

Style_expert: That suitcase looks gorgeous.

Visconti: I like the way your jeans look, they look pretty luxurious for jeans!

Voodoo_mary: Coolest jacket ever!
Today I am wearing (but I was too lazy to take pictures of) these DVF pants:

vintage flats:

And I am wearing a black beater tank top, but I was feeling too lazy to take a pic.

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kisa: love those shoes!!
adi: i just commented on your stylediary, heehee. i love the cardigan and head scarf
henrik: that jacket is awsome
hanne: the belt over the jacket looks great.
ivy pixi: very cute shorts!!
emi25: great style, im in love with your drawings


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Originally Posted by kisa
Today I am wearing (but I was too lazy to take pictures of) these DVF pants:
forgot to credit, the pic is from shobop.com

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Grey slightly baggy jeans
Grey longsleeve
Grey Chuck Taylors
Green leather belt


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brokenlolita: really like the necklace!!

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Originally Posted by fash ho'
Hanne - i love the belt. Want one . . .

(also love Baum thingymagiggy. did you ever go to their sample sales in ryesgade?)
Easy to get one.. w. H&M's all over the place.. they come in red/coral/white , a dark blue/light blue/white and the one I got khaki green/khaki brown/creme/gold.

No I didn't go...I didn't find out about it till after it had happend..makes me want to kick myself HARD.. Did you find out about the sample sale by e-mail ? Because if you did.. I NEED that email

kisa - it's a cotton blend with a bit of viscose.. I think the wrinkliness is due to the weaving technic used

Thanks for the nice comments... It's a good thing that I don't follow this thread religiously otherwise I'd feel all bad about what I throw on.. because you all look so great!

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you do look very lovely hanne.....love the colours....

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thanks Sonnytsunami for the karma and thanks kisa and Brokenlolita for the nice words

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hi there...

still busy with the london weekend packing thing! so again i spread karma where i could and i just wasnt allowed to karma Visconti and Fash H so i will comment here that i love the K. Cole shirt which Visconti was wearing and Fash Hs chaftan top which is truly stunning. oh, i also wanted to answer to Ilovepositano (in reference to her moisturizer comment )that my fave skin care products are those by the French brand "Caudalie". Not available in stores over here in Bizkaia but i always buy them in certain store in Donosti (San Sebastian) and every time i go to France!

lotsa love everybody, Sonny xxx

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I guess you must be unemployed"
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I didn't participate in AGES but I felt like I wanted to today, this is what I wore at work:

# Petrol/Violet "Oil Slicked" Blouson Jacket /w metallic sheen - Kostas Murkudis
# Pale Pink Longsleeve /w Deep V-Neck - Schiesser
# White Rib Tanktop /w Deep U-Neck (underneath) - H&M
# Black Skinny Jeans, which have gotten nicely distressed from almost daily wear for almost one year - Acne Jeans (Hex Cash)
# Dark Brown Belt /w Western Buckle - Vintage (from my mum)
# Black Suede Ankle Boots /w Cuban Heel - Acne Jeans
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