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very nice susie...did you customize that Mets shirt? It looks like it was perfectly tailored for your body/style!

edit: thanks utopia, i really appreciate your comment, coming from someone as exquisitely put together as yourself!

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^Lucky buy.....was perfectly faded, cut up and worn down for me. The thrift store knew when Susie wud be popping in.....

'A fashion that does not reach the streets is not a fashion.'
Coco Chanel.
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Ive just realized that this is my first post in a long time (still no pictures though...mmm promise to buy a digital camera very soon)

White cotton fitted plain shirt --- Helmut Lang
Chocolate brown 6 button merino wool cardigan (3 buttoned, 3 unbuttoned) --- Prada
Blue raw denim jeans --- Dior Homme
Brown canvas and leather elongated round toe ankle boots --- Collection Privee!

Simple but for any reason i cant still understand i like it very much (and had a couple of compliments)


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lovely lady - great outfit
hedben- love the sweater
Chanel- you look awesome
Sonny and tangerine - still looking cool
Susie - great vintage stuff

Dressed a bit gloomy today...physics midterm
Juicy hoody, energie tee, moschino belt, and cavalli pants . I love the straps on these pants.
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thanks tang =) nice shirt, I want a scarf in that hue of blue.

I'm just wearing
a black long slv v neck top,
blue jeans,
and black faux croc kitten heels..

am I the only one who seems to need like 2 hours to pick something out? I gotta start getting up 3 hours before class as opposed to 2..clothes were alllll over the bed lol..


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Originally Posted by softgrey
hiheels...i don't know what manga is......

but either way...you look very cool...
i like the colour combo a lot!...

manga is very much like zara i think. found one on a trip to belgium. haven't seen one in the US.

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Originally Posted by Fade to Black
here's today...i just noticed some detail in the shirt, between "J" and "K" there's some weird symbol...
I see those black painted blue jeans! props!

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Thanks .f, greeen, Tang, clavdia & maiden_voyage

Tang - two handsome days
Emi - Simply LOVE the drawings! Great spirit. And cute jacket
Mett - Very nice! Is the top from Spain?
Helena - having trouble picturing the top Can we a picture next time pretty please :p The rest sounds mah-velous!
Droogist - Hey sassy lady!! Great dress!
Soft - You do the YSL great justice!!
Utopia - You look great Good luck with the studies
Hey Jorge!! Nice to "see" you again. Sounds wonderful as always. A camera, huh??

And me:

Yesterday -

- cream silk ruffle neck pin-tucked blouse w/ tie at hip
- blk wool straight leg pants
- camel shrunken jacket
- cognac skimmers

And today

- heathered navy T w/ solid navy trim at neck & sleeves
- space-dyed tied cardigan
- dk denim
- cognac boots (yes, I have them in winter-wear too )
- cognac hobo/oversized brn glasses

PS - Faust, thanks for the explanation on the jacket lining too. You're right though. I have to see it :p Good shot with the description
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I feel as though I over-hyped today's outfit, but oh well, I liked it.

As requested

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very elegant, clavdia.

Soviet Camaro
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Thanks susie, maiden, utopia, TKO, greeen, Curious

FtB, thanks for the pic, v. cool shirt
maiden, blistering blue barnacles!
She'll stay in sailor's clothes,
Her color shall be blue,
She'll see that seaport town
Call Canadee-i-o.
susie, those lace trimmed navy shorts!
utopia, love your layered tops, including trench
Jorge, yes, get the camera, that sounds awesome
TKO, lookin' good, tried to karma but no go... the tee and pants are def. great
greeen, sounds understatedly great
Curious, I love that striped cardi, it looks great with those jeans and boots
clavdia, you did not overhype, you look brilliant!

after all, it was you and me

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^Thank you FTB...I've been waiting my whole life to feel elegant, maybe it's finally fitting together

tangerine...I was referring to "I would go out tonight, but I haven't got a stitch to wear" ... the line my roommates in college used to sing to me as I threw possible outfit after possible outfit onto my bed before going out

ok, need to sleep, I have to work again in oh, 5 hours

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I'm so glad I found this thread! You all have fabulous style. I especially love the way you put together your outfits susie_bubble.

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Originally Posted by tangerine
Thanks clavdia, Sonny and karmic benefactress

emi, I love your drawings! And that outfit is very stylin'
urd, you make everything look so fresh. Love the stripey leggings and those boots.
Hebden, that is my favorite sweater, and I really like that skirt on you. I hope your cold feels shabby being seen with such a stylish person, and runs off and hides!
Mettchen, I love your flowery top!
clavdia, your outfit sounds beautiful, and thanks for your appreciation of the VU, but what are the This Charming Man lines you mention?
faust, photos of the NIN outfit are mandatory
helena, I like the sound of the cons with the military jacket
lovely lady, yay! a photo! love your cardi and jeans
droogist, looking great! I love those shoes! when did I become a Marc Jacobs fan?
FtB, yes, picture please, that sounds great!
chanel, that is beautiful, what great shapes and layers!
Sonny, I hope you have a great time at those shows! Oh, and that top loves you...
Rhizm, awesome outfit, I wish we could see it all together... can you do self-timer and tabletop?
soft, you look absolutely fantastic, and chris stole the words right out of my keyboard , KIT is definitely smiling on you now!
chris, sounds like you will be mobbed on your walk I hope your walk takes you to soft and her camera
wildcard, very pretty, I like the tops!
Chinor1z, sounds good, do you have the DH ipod case by any chance?
Stargirl, I like your ladakh shorts and your flats, and the colors of the tops
edit: this just in! fashionista.dk, wow! amazing outfit!


black tee under
grey pseudo-military shirt
light blue/dark blue Vans Sk8-His
grey chrono

I tried it but I couldn't the angle right or get the immage very sharp so this is as good as it gets:
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Tangerine don't forget to post what you are wearing for your birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (sorry off topic but I couldn't resist)

"Let's stop treating models like greyhounds we plan to shoot after a race. We have to remember we are dealing with real people who have real feelings."
- James Scully
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