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pinks and black

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i think these need to be merged...

"It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding."

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I love purple - my favourate color by far - I love this shade of purple (looks great on LH too me thinks)...

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black...i'm so boring....

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-and bright colours look pretty good considering i'm tanned

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y'know, i have a hard time with this

i'm caramel coloured, with definite yellow undertones
but i find wearing: gold/red/orange/brown and some warm greens, make me look horribly washed out.... i look awful!

i glow when i wear: berry/plum/black/white (not ivory)/royal blue/blue to name a few... cool colours.

somehow, wearing the opposite colour (ie. cool colours on my warm skin) makes me look better.

anyone have any input regarding this? or - a site/book that'd be able to help me?

btw: according to MAC, i'm an NC (not a NW - which surprised me) - yellow undertones are classified as being cool (NC), whereas red undertones are classified as being warm (NW). Maybe MAC has the right idea.

Anouk - if MAC is right, then i'd head down to a MAC counter and ask them what colours would be good for you - and then translate that into clothing colours.

As for body shape and clothing - check out the books: "what not to wear" and "the pocket stylist".

"The Earth is but One Country and Mankind its Citizens." Baha'u'llah
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Originally Posted by softgrey
Could you keep this title? Because I believe mine covers a broader issue. Thanks.

I'm not here.
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Originally Posted by Sugo
Guys, why don't you post your colouring (skin, hair, etc) along with the colours that suit you best.
Makes sense... I've got dark red hair, brown eyes, black eyebrows and pale skin.
I tend to wear purple, black, yellow and occationally green.

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fashion insider
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I have relatively pale skin, light blue eyes, and dark brown hair. Purple is my fav color, but I don't think it looks that great on me. I think black, blues, greens, and cream/white look best on me.

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Proponent of Plaid
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Good on me: Warm browns, orange, red, coral-ish pinks, maroon, olive green, mossy greens, bright yellow.

Bad on me: most pastels, blue, purple, grey, beige, bluey greens, delicate pinks, jewel tones.

My wardrobe is almost strictly warm colors, and I have a strong preference for strong, bright colors rather than soft, faded, or muted tones. If I do earth-tones, they are the warmer browns and greens, not the greys or beiges.

As far as my coloration goes, I have a light complexion with definite yellow undertones. Sallow in the wrong clothes. My natural hair is a warm medium-brown with golden highlights, but I dye it auburn with henna. My eyes are greenish-brown or brownish-green, depending. I am of medium height and build (5'5", size 4-6, depending).

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Posts: n/a
Black, red, beige, green.
The worst color on me is baby blue

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For Winter, I used to like black, grey... dark colors but these days I prefere colors. It brightens my days.

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I have fairly tanned skin, goldish hair (darker in the winter), dark brows and dark brown eyes with a hint of green. Also, I have freckles, but they kind of blend in, and are only noticeable on my nose.

Neutral colors work for me; black, white, grey, navy and all darker greens. I don't do great with pastels and pink, while bright red actually works (especially on my lips). I'm not too sure about yellow, and I can't handle too much brown or dark red. Turquoise is really bad.
I use brightly colored accesories (necklaces, belts, earrings..) a lot, and that gives it all a bit more life.

I wondered if anyone has any suggestions to colors I could use, since it sometimes becomes a bit too boring? Also I'm completely confused about patterns.. I can't figure out if they're good or bad!

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Storm & Sommer
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Hair : Blonde not really ashblonde not really golden blonde..somewhere inbetween
Skin : Fair with pink tones
Eyes : Blue-Green

Colorwise I'm the opposite of As_you_like_it

I look best in
Muted colours.

Powder pinks
Wine Red

Bluish Teal

Greys especially Charcoal
but it can be too harse and Charcoal generally looks better on me

Cream (Creme)
White but it can be too harse and Cream (Creme) generally looks better on me

I don't stick rigorously to these colours tho' but there are some colours I avoid like:
Mustard Yellow,
Neon Colours,
Emerald Green,
Canary Yellow,
Grass Green,
Icey Mint (detest that colour),
Calypso Red (Orangy Red) and
too Golden Camel (love the colour, but can't wear it for the life of me).


pinterest : hanneonpin
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What fresh hell is this.?
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hair: brown
skin: pale with a yellow tone
eyes: blue-green-grey

I look best in cold colours. Mostly I wear black, purple, brown, green (mostly dark), navy, dark blue, and a bit white and grey.

Colours that dosen't suit me at all: Red, orange, yellow, pink and most pastels.

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