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depends on whos 'trashing' me

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blink once. blink twice.
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Nah, I'd just say "&that's why you're not wearing it."

Anything,anything at all.
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I wouldn't be. I just had a conversation about that topic a while ago, because a friend always criticizes my fashion choices. However, she is mostly wearing a plain t-shirt and jeans ensemble, so I feel like she is just doesn't dare to wear stuff that is a little bit out of the everyday fashion you see on so many people.
I don't know, but I feel confident in my self and in my fashion choices, so I really feel like no one can actually hurt or offend me with their opinion about my clothes. After all, that's what makes me "me", so why should someone else have the power to take me down through my clothes?!

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front row
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No, comments about my age bother me more nowadays..... but there does happen to be an assumption in middle America that 40+ females can't or shouldn't be able to dress. I hear comments about my "stuff" frequently... and "last year" also. Oh shut up already.

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Yes, I think it would be offense to do that without being asked. Its rude, but also, how to you thats not what they were going for? Everyone has a different taste in fashion and what they think looks good.

I'm fat, and I don't dress how I am 'suppose to'. I wear prints, horizontal stripes, etc. So by magazine definition I don't dress well. I know this and I don't need it pointed out to me. And I think I look awesome. If I wanted advice on how to dress, I would ask for it.

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Looking Up
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Obviously it depends on who it's coming from and how harsh it is.

Fashion criticism coming from a random bywalker would be somewhat offensive because there's something irritating about giving your opinion when it's not wanted. However, if a friend criticises your outfit it would be somewhat more acceptable because there's a degree of familiarity between you.

Meanwhile if a critique is harsh enough it would surpass all degrees of frienship and instantly become offensive

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uh yeah i would be...I dont dress badly..so it would shock me and Id be insulted

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Fashion is subjected to opinions and criticism, so i wouldn't mind at all. In fact I expect it. I agree with the OP that i would be slightly creeped out if it was a stranger (unless they were famous), but I have implemented a lot of things some have told me, mainly in terms of the cut of the jean, the belt width and size, and the fit of the shirt, jean, etc.

There is fashion, and then there is McQueen.
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