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Originally Posted by masquerade View Post
Shes iconic for sure, but her brand doesn't evolve with the times. The same stuff that she sells now is the same stuff she sold 10 years ago. What would her clients' motivation be to continue to buy something new if they already have it? And her style isn't current with trends so it's hard to get new clients.
I think the problem is also that her stuff is so niche; you either like it or you hate it, and that's always been the case with Betsey Johnson. It doesn't seem to me that her stores, her brand for that matter, would be the kind that would attract casual shoppers who might just be browsing for something new.

You need to move fashion forward when there's a reason to move fashion forward - Tom Ford

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^True. But at the same time it's a niche she doesn't share with many other established designers. Younger designers like Jeremy Scott and the recent Meadham Kirchhoff share a similar gimmicky and over the top cutesy aesthetic but there aren't many that have been doing it for as many years as Betsey. I think there is a demand for such clothes to a certain extent (as I mentioned earlier, her being a go-to brand for prom dresses would be an example for that). I could definitely see the marketing having been the main problem here. As you said, the purpose for the brand to have so many of its own stores is a bit questionable. Maybe taking a different approach and defining the clientele more precisely rather than just having so many stores everywhere would have made more sense.
Nevertheless, it's unfortunate that lately so many established and traditional brands have been struggling so much financially while they're hardly being replaced by new brands, as those newer ones seem to have a hard time surviving, too. It looks more like the big, prestigious houses like Chanel, LV and Dior are doing better than ever while everyone else is having a very hard time keeping up.

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Originally Posted by Squizree View Post
I see a lot of people (girls and boys) wearing fluorescent colours, oversized accessories and loads of hideous prints.
You`re right. These fugly trends are back. But do people need to go to Betsy Johnson to buy it? NO - you can get it at Gina Tricot, Primark, H&M - basically everywhere.

Another thing: even IF I wanted to buy Betsey Johnson - I wouldn`t know where.

I run a Fashion Magazine since 2 years and work with the major brands - I NEVER EVER came across anything Betsey Johnson. What`s a safer sign for the total failure of the work & PR of a brand!?!

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Originally Posted by Spike413 View Post
I think the problem is also that her stuff is so niche; you either like it or you hate it, and that's always been the case with Betsey Johnson. It doesn't seem to me that her stores, her brand for that matter, would be the kind that would attract casual shoppers who might just be browsing for something new.
I think its definitely a combination of the two factors. As Psylocke mentioned, Jeremy Scott is also niche, love it or hate it, but he changes things up every season. The people who buy his clothes buy new every season because its different. Not only does Betsey appeal to a very small audience, but her work doesn't differ from season to season in a way that makes her die-hard fans want to buy it.

Even for fans of her work, how many satin neon petticoat miniskirts can you own?

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Don't ask me why, but for some dumb reason, I remember watching the adult film-industry awards on Showtime, and Betsey Johnson was the name most often dropped when the "stars" were asked "Who are you wearing today?"

Go figure.

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i think her downfall was over expanding with too many stores. Her line doesnt appeal to the masses it has its own dedicated fanbase that they would have targetted especially in Asia and America. i DONT THInk they also embraced the new age marketting trend as they would hav, internet, tv shows and the like would have been a good fit for her brand. Another thing would be incorporating more accessorier since her brand may be too flamboyant for some people that may prefer it in smaller dozes, think Kate Spade which some feel is too girly for them but dont mind an accessory or 2

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I remember last summer, I became very excited when I saw her store at Century City in Los Angeles, I remember walking in and thinking i am definitely gonna splurge. I walked out with just some stockings. I felt her products were very weakly made & there was basically no variety of clothing. I don't know if it is usually like that but that was what I experienced at that time. Very bad quality & lack of variety.

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