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the ruffled pieces are shockingly reminiscent of the 90s. the ugly part of the 90s.

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given the gorgeousness of the menswear presentation, i expected some of that wonderful decadence to carry over to the menswear. unfortunately, he tidied that spirit up quite a bit and failed to present anything that surprised-and-delighted in the same way. with that said, this stuff is classic bottega and -- in the world of new minimalism -- will find wonderful homes in the closets hanging next to rich womens' celine basics.

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Can someone post HQ's please?

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Bottega Veneta - S/S 2011 - Full Show

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first time in long time i really don´t like Bottega. it´s so unflattering. few dresses are good, but generally it´s a big disappointment for me

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This is such an uninspired, random collection of clothes which I will not remember next week.

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Originally Posted by miss_natalia View Post
i like like like
what about the details?
Miss Natalia is the only one who gets this collection thus far because yes you need to get up close and personal with the details to fully appreciate Maier's beautiful sensous inteligent luxuriant minimalism.

In that respect Maier is the Ghesqueire of minimalism as it's his fabric technology innovation which often holds the key to understanding and therefore appreciating his work. As he himself says the most remarkable details are the least obvious, 'invisible at first thought'.

So, that everyone missed the remarkable beauty, and the conceptualism, here, isn't surprising - that's the way it's supposed to be. And, whilst I don't want to pigeon hole minimalism (it has to be free flowing and free to innovate) but isn't that how minimalism is supposed to be - so understated and subtle that the casual observer will fail to notice and therein lies your effortless exclusivity.

And so, the palette was delightfully 'away' from all the shouty brights even making their way into minimalism in the hands of Raf and Phoebe. Maier explained his take on this so beautifully and simply and practically - his view - in spring summer a woman typically has a glow to her face and therefore looks best in dark or pale (we might say understated) shades. You might want to consider that before you splash out on all those garish brights.

And so his models did have no make-up make-up looks that glowed. And wet look hair. Which we saw a lot of in SS10 but not so much of it this season I don't think. And there were other cross-overs with Jil Sander SS10. The elemental aspect, the rough hewn finishing, the crumpledness, the visual seams.

But that's not to say Maier is behind the curve and following Raf because recall Bottega SS10. It was Japonisme minimalism with little blocks of colour in it. So who's following who, well it's an irrelevant connundrum really.

If skin was gently kissed by sun, and hair infused with water, the lightness of fabric weight gave the garments a breezy wind blown feel. A weightier hem in leather just helped to bring the garment alive as the wearer swished on by the dress caressing the body sensuously, it only being able to do so due to the easy away from the body silhouette. An interaction between garment and wearer. This windy aspect finds a parralel in SS11 Chalayan's Haiku section. Just Chalayan's wind seems a dark one, Maier's a warmer more sensuous air. Indeed the feather embellishments felt windblown too, like nature reproducing by wind dispersal.

Maier's starting point - just like Raf and Phoebe's really - to look at the concept of ease and can something be casual and ultra sophisticated at the same time. For me Thomas acheived that to an extent the other more talked about houses didn't quite manage. It's not just about the palette, far from, but this collection contrasted with Jil Sander and Celine does just make one raise the question - should minimalism really shout that much as inevitably is the case if you flirt with brights.

And, for me, that Maier managed to incorporate the additional ease of SS11's preoccupation with a roomier silhouette yet retain the connect to a sensuous nature means that Bottega Veneta becomes the go to minimalist label.

Does a minimalist really want to shout quite so much as Raf and Phoebe ask them to this season. And shout about what. No, the spirit of minimalism is somewhat quieter than that and you want to discover something a little less right in the glare of the headlights, a little more difficult to see at first, a little less obvious. That is subtelty. That is minimalism. That is Bottega Veneta SS11.

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