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Just Bizarre!

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Originally posted by Scott@May 11th, 2004 - 3:00 pm
I understand the anger that's built up but don't you think it is indeed a bit hypocritical when we all know that tomorrow they will be back on the catwalks and in the editorials of the people and companies they are protesting against?

I mean if they want to band together and protest,why don't they get some of the less obvious of the models,designers et al in as well; the ones who don't make the millions of pounds,dollars and euros. Otherwise,this isn't proving anything to me.
well, they have no choice... do they scott?
of course they will be back at work the next day,
still at least they will have spoken up against fashion 'tyranny' which is better than nothing.

they are also giving a message to young models and teens that think fashion is all glam and fat money.. its also unhuman schedules, working under very hard conditions, exploitation from fashion agencies, unbelivable pressure and skin deep business relationships.

regarding young/less known models etc, it would be very easy for some to believe those models just protest in order to attract attention or even.. clients.
the publicity all this is getting is just because there are some top models involved, or else we wouldnt even discuss the case...

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I don't really think the is pretentious. If the workers of London Underground (Train services) can take industrial action, people involved in the fashion idustry have every right to protest at the working conditions and exploitation which goes on.

However, I think this particular protest is a bit of a farce, and the chances of catching the attention of the Tyrants are very slim. Nice try though , if at first you don't succeed....

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whats not funny is abt the models protesting ...
the fact that the protest has been announced in advance i find funny... and attention grabbing... also the vogue editor... she is a person who can make changes... she doesnt need to protest... she should just bring about a new asthetic...

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Whenever large sums of money are involved it's always hard to make changes. The fashion industry generates billions each year and no one wants to give up their slice of the pie. If one model complains there are others who will take her place. If one editor goes against the fashion rules, another will continue to follow them. Change in the industry will only come when the consumers rebel and decide that the industry's views of women and style are outdated.

"There's a fine line between Chaos and Creation"- Sir Paul McCartney
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'The tyranny of fashion is the creation of unfulfillable aspirations and pointless dress-code criteria,'
So ... as far as I get it, the quote above indicates what they're complaining about ... it is a tad/bit ironic that people who portray the anorexic look are going to protest against it
On the other hand, if we're talking about "pointless dress-code criteria" this seems as an attack to trends ... and though designers actually pick their inspiration for their collections -and its up to them either to be or not to be influenced by trends-, the scouts for this styling companies (you know, the ones that "predict" trends) would be the ones to be blamed about it ... though its totally pointless, because trends actually are born in the streets -or at least thats how I see it-

Anyhow ... I'd attend the event ... wearing Dior logos head to toe!

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