Hussein Chalayan F/W 11.12 Paris - Page 2 - the Fashion Spot
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the film

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fashion insider
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Finally! I'm so glad to see that Chalayan has continued in the direction he began last season. This collection is so beautiful and I'm sure it'll look even better in the film, which I will watch in a second. Thanks luckyme and Scott!

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backstage pass
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amazing! glad that he's back and shows us what he's capable of!

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So perfect and eerie with the model's gazes and fog. Beautiful!

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Looking Up
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God, he's just so perfect. His cuts and shapes are so accurate and so well calculated.

There is actually a professional video accompanying this collection.

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Amour Comme Hiver
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Oooh this is to die for! Those coats are amazing, I can picture them in so many different ensembles. I'm guess drop waist is THE look for F/W 2011? If it's a trend that even Chalayan is doing... I'm guess it's major.

"I say, let's have happy clothes. You could reply that's frivolous in this troubled world, but do you really think dressing like an existential nun with suicidal thoughts is going to solve Bosnia?"

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flaunt the imperfection
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such a brilliant collection of clothing...

love the symmetry...
love the asymmetry...
love the fabric, the prints, the shapes...
love it all...

this is a watershed moment for me...
i've been craving tailored androgynous clothes...and here they are...
just divine...

if anyone tells you that raf simons is really talented...
i suggest you point them in the direction of this...
or better yet- someone point raf in the direction of this...

f*ing genius!!!...
there's no other word for it...

so quiet, so japanese, so modern, so timeless...

here is my prayer to the fashion gods...
may the buyers buy it all and may the stores carry it all and may at least some portion of it be remotely affordable...

**that whole remote control dress bit at the end of the video was entirely unnecessary, imo...
but i understand that swarovski sponsored the film, so they had to use some crystals somewhere...
at least they weren't on the real clothes...

*i want a black silk wrap kimono dress and the ivory silk asymmetrical flowy top...
also the top with the panel in the front and back...
and lots more...
but those are the top priorities ...

and then... there are the coats!...
OH!...and the long strapless dress with the swooshy bit!...

"It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding."

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Hell on Heels
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this is definitely one of my favourite collections of the season so far. the cuts and shapes are amazing, everything is strong and elegant. im in love with pretty much everysingle look.

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fashion insider
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I like what Raf Simons did for Jil Sander but Chalayan shows how volume can be really expertly created here! This collection is beautifully constructed, in a variety of shapes, cut, textures - just GORGEOUS.

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I agree with all of you, such a wonderful outing of Chalayan. It is so focused, edited with just enough cuts, details, drapes. Perfection

Oh, I am a lonely painter
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front row
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I cant wait to watch the video.I am so in love with the start and the continues change of colors and cuts in the collection.LOVE LOVE LOVE ! colors gets my heart.He's my favorite inspirational designer.

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some really nice pieces

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rising star
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I love, love, love this. All the fashion weeks have so far disappointed me aside from maybe 3 minor highlights. I just adore the drape, cut and nature of the fabrics and though they are quite loose, are still flattering. There are so many pieces I would love to buy. It's a cohesive and flowing collection that has utterly restored my faith in the lovely Chalayan.

"The clothes in themselves do not make a statement. The woman makes a statement and the dress helps." Jean Muir
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In love with this collection, so many amazing pieces.

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