Lanvin F/W 08.09 Paris - Page 13 - the Fashion Spot
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Absolutely Perfect.

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I don't think this collection is easy at all. Those clothes have a lot of technique and construction going on to make them look so simple. Maybe when the detail shots come out we'll get a better idea?

It's the darkest collection I've seen from him, which is a nice change. There's definitely something of a power woman theme in all the major collections.

The real news are those ribboned dresses, the embellishments, and the jewelry. Absolutely stunning.

Agree with everyone, Alber has done it again. Certainly one of the best of the season.

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One of my new favourite designers!

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I wet myself when I saw this, actually. It saved the whole season. Now, if only I could afford it...

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army of lovers
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This is beyond chic, it's just beyond anything...the best collection from the best designer.

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Stitch:the Hand
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it's so classically elbaz whilst not feeling stagnant or repetitive. i don't see chink in the entire collection really. so beautiful through and through. he always seems to capture this incredible post-modern 1930's/40's smokey parisian club or weimar narrative.

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IS a little chilling to think that most good womenswear designer are mens!! Still beautiful second time around!!

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I think a lot of you have Lanvin fever from last season which was fantastic.
I have to admit, when I first saw those last binliner dresses I immediately thought DOLCE! They just reminded me so much of Dolce's past few seasons (not A/W 08-09, of course, lol), plus I didn't think the rest of the designs were very special..
But then, the proper photographs came up and I began to admire the pieces much more (it's impressive what a negative impression those annoying watermarks make), I really don't think the final dresses were the best pieces: I love the horizontal lines I call 'Leger Lines', Chanel did them too, about the only thing I liked in that show. I love how in some of the pieces the horizontal lines are perfectly straight and in others they drape off the shoulder or all bunch up at one side to fan out for a one shoulder.
The are a few pieces I really like:
- I love that gorgeous short gold jacket, that really is lovely, looks like it would match Balenciaga's gold leggings from SS 07 perfectly.
- That perfectly cut two buttoned grey coat with like a fur throw, that was very nice
- Really liked that echo from last winter - that black silk tunic dress that had one long sleeve
- and I definately think there's a repeat trend from last winter that's going to occur - the new LBD, although this LBD is going to be ultra modern. The Lanvin little black dress is gorgeously cut and gorgeously simple. Love that.

Really nothing to cry about, not a wonderfully outstanding collection, but tasteful, safe and beautiful.

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Originally Posted by telepathicgoat View Post
way too easy

two steps backward compared to last season

how can he use that skin-coloured satin to hang his draping on, AGAIN?? omg

seriously, very dissapointed.

(and normally, I'm a fan!!!)


I think the skin colored satin you're speaking of has become an Alber for Lanvin one can do it like he does it and it always looks amazing. I for one can't say enough good things about this!

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DARK! FIERCE! i love it! not extraordinarily imaginative or dictating as past seasons, but still very attractive!

EDIT: i know they never quite go away, but this week the little black dresses have been EVERYWHERE!

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The emperor's new clothes are alive and well I see. Reading the raving reviews I was expecting so much more. This is completely unoriginal and uninspiring.

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Alber is my absolute favourite but I'm restrained in my reaction. I think my favourite is the dress worn by Liya , I like the use of jewellery. I can understand why people react they do the styling is very unassuming it isn't obvious...the clothes speak for themselves the focus isn't shifted or taken away by celebrities , it doesn't feel old nor is it using an exaggerated vision of femminity in the way that Versace or Dolce do which perhaps whilst wonderful to look at can sometimes but too brash.

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best collection of the season

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fashion elite
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This collection is amazing! Love it all!!

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barack the vote
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oh my god, this is soo incredibly amazing.
'tis love.....

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