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Love the dresses, bags and (some of) the shoes Can't get enough of Lanvin

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The clothes are just magical in movement, especially those dresses with cape backs. Love this

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I do like it, and I find the simplicity wearable and attractive, but something is lost to me in this collection. It just doesn't stand out for me.

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Lanvin F/W 11.12
Hair: Guido Palau
Makeup: Pat McGrath
Source: via flyme2themoon

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alber is a genius

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The stars of a Lanvin show have always been the accessories, especially the jewelry. This is no exception, I think some of the daywear separates are strong but the dresses do nothing for me.

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Well, I'm still on the fence with this one to be honest.

What I love in it for sure is the austerity and simplicity of styling, I'm so glad Alber is continuing with the purity of the lines. Some of this actually remind me of his early 00's Lanvin collections, take those for example, it feels so essentially good, old Alber at his beginning in the house.

I also appreciate the impressive work on gazar this season and given it's quite a tricky fabric, the result is even more amazing. That closing set of the petal-like dresses in the juicy palette is so beautiful and poetic, especially the final look on Frida. So charming.

I do feel, however, that this is not enough to make a outstanding Lanvin collection for me. Of course, it's lovely and I'm really loving some of the pieces, I can't help thinking Alber got a little stuck, or at least he's playing too safe these days. Personally, I'm still recalling his marvels from the 2004-2007 period. While every presentation was a statement of beauty and femininity, each of them was so different in its own brilliant way. The collections he's doing now are still pretty, but I wish he left his safe territory and took some risk like he used to do. I can't say I'm disappointed, but I'm not totally in love either.

Oh, and I'm not raving over the tree, but if Alber wants it that way, well, let it be

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front row
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Sadly, I am not impressed with this. It's wearable, but I expected more from Mr. Elbaz.

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Originally Posted by mackos View Post
I do feel, however, that this is not enough to make a outstanding Lanvin collection for me. Of course, it's lovely and I'm really loving some of the pieces, I can't help thinking Alber got a little stuck, or at least he's playing too safe these days.
stuck is the word. this collection is just a big rehash of the last few collections he's done for Lanvin, it's easy to note the similarities and i can honestly see nothing new here except for some of the details, the metal-pronged heels and the ornate flower epaulets and baubles. though i don't really blame him for putting out such a tired looking collection since he has had alot on his plate what with the H&M collab and the last presentation. this could've been really better however, the Amish looking intro was so promising, i almost thought he was going to reference that culture

these are all definitely beautiful and wearable and has all the familiar Lanvin notes that Alber so excellently makes use of, but ultimately that is also the problem with this collection. it just looks like the usual.

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It's pretty but I was looking forward to something more, but I can live with it.

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no tom ford, no thanks.
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Originally Posted by IAmLordZen View Post
wow, i just LOVE how laughably biased the tFS crowd is. how people always HEAP undiluted praises on Lanvin, Givenchy and Prada (among others) but never fail to piss on Dior, Gucci, Balmain etc.. always finding faults on the latter's styling, accessories, inspiration, use of fur, simplicity.... my goodnessssssss..

i don't see anything remotely beautiful in this at ALL. some dresses were OK, yeah, but putting the price tags in perspective, i'd rather wait for department store rip offs of this chic but cheap looking dresses and splurge on that must-have bag that is very rarely imitated. Alber's past collections, including last season's, were all fantastic. i loved F/W 09 and maybe it's just me but it seems like he can't get over this type of ruched-style dresses.. all this while THE REST OF TFS throw rotten tomatoes (virtually, anyway) at Balmain for sticking to the style that has made the brand so famous.

while i disagree on the details, i agree with the sentiment. sure, count me in the number of those whose heart starts to race when entering a lanvin boutique, but to pretend that this stuff has even remotely the impact of some of the outstanding collections he's presented in the past two years, really overstates the issue. this collection did come off quite nicely, but it came off that way because it reminded us of stuff that alber has done all to well before. yes, for the trained eye, he used different fabrics and the embellishment got tweaked, but he gave us, for all intents and purposes, a re-do collection. and that's fine. but let's not all pretend that we haven't seen him do this before. for the past few seasons, he has pushed his aesthetic to the breaking point zipping it up, tossing fetishistic collars over it, hiking his girls up on colossal heels, and catching them up in a colorful tornado of parachute silk and brash fur. this season simply lacked that.

with that said, i have absolutely no doubt in my mind that this stuff will sell like hotcakes as it caters directly to the audience that shopped his new york boutique by candle light because they couldn't wait for the power to get turned on. it's a respectable outing, sure, but clearly not his best.

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Front page on tFS today: Paris Fashion Week Fall 2011 Hits and Misses (Forum Buzz)

- Nika -

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I agree that it's not his best ... still I see some innovations (the inverted pleated shoulders are gorgeous) and many beautiful pieces here. Even with an also-ran collection and one hand tied behind his back he can beat most of the competition ...

Glad to see more daywear ... my big issue with Lanvin at retail is it's all satin. Hardly anything is meant to be worn in the daytime. I hope Barney's buys it ...

Part of the collection was quite different, but then he followed it with enough of the usual and best-of that the difference gets lost ... he couldn't commit to it, it seems ... or had two very different ideas ... or didn't want to scare anyone who depends on him for consistency.

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This is Lanvin but it is definitely not Alber at his best. Loved some looks but some were just repetitive. A definite downgrade towards S/S `11

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