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Marit Fujiwara
Ok, hope it's fine to post this ...
But ....

As Susie-Bubble reported :

Prepare to have your pretty little minds blown away (ok my brain is small and petite, yours are humongous and filled with intelligence)... I was just about to shut up shop on the blogging front and couch out in front of Today at Wimbledon with an anchovy pizza and a beer...then I got this email from Marit Fujiwara and so the post must go on...
It couldn't wait a day, an hour or in fact, a mere minute. I hassled her to unlock her Flickr and allow me to share her graduate collection 'Wound' with you ENLARGED in all its detailed glory. Marit Fujiwara is a BA Textile Design grad from Chelsea College of Art and Design. That's about all the info I have but this is a case where pictures can do an IMMENSE amount of talking...
Look, look closer, rub your eyes a bit if you have sleep/sweat and look again. I took literally blinked at those detailed shots and then started bemoaning and wailing into the sky shouting "Why god? Why am I such a talentless melting potato?" This is mind bogglingly detailed work to a crazy level that is probably above and beyond the call of a graduate trying to get their work noticed. This is a collection that I imagine being done by a minute perfectionist where one strand can't be out of place and the colours of the threads have to go in a specific order so as to not upset the balance. This is where shapes of garments can be chucked out of the window because the kind of textile work going on is so intricate, with a supreme level of depth and innovation (not that Marit's shapes are poor anyway...). She labels some of her images as 'cake' and the reference is not lost when you think of the devastating anal precision that goes into a patissier's work... these are in fact probably the clothing equivalent of Antonin Carême's creations (just re-read his bio...too good).
I've already rambled far too long... couldn't help myself with the superlatives...

If I were a buyer, I would get in touch with this girl ....

see more @ Style Bubble - source ...

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what an interesting technique she is using there..
it's like colourful moss taking over tree bark.
thanks for sharing this, berlinrocks!

sometimes it can get out of hand being a textile designer.. many techniques being so time-consuming, the technique almost becoming the piece itself.. and often you can't get that 'right touch' if you comprimise and do your work a cheaper way or in a way that's easier to reproduce...

i've met a couple textile designers who work this way and the prices become astronomical if they were to count in every hour and minute that goes into their work, so they always lose a bit when they sell it. but at least, it seems to keep their sanity in check (the fact that they don't want to comprimise) and thankfully even with that said, they're not starving artists.


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It's really lovely. Reminds of Rodarte except it's much more parred down and accessible. Also not as aggressive..... very quiet.

Thank you for posting, Berlin.

You are my center when I spin away...
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