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God Save McQueen
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im sorry, no 8 year old needs to be wearing Dolce and Gabbana. They are just going to get it dirty and grow out if it in a year

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do we not dirty it and grow out of it and/ or refuse to wear it as it is 'last season' in a year also?

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Okay that first part was insane-the girls teasing her because she didn't wear Apple Bottoms and Air Force 1's? Shows how much they know about actual fashion.

I live in a suburb of Seattle that while it is not super upper-crust, there are richer people, but at my high school people weren't really judged by the labels, it was just if you wore the same stuff every day or if it was in really bad condition. I admit I judged, but one case was a girl wearing a pair of white ribbed pants that had a ton of moth holes near the crotch. The worst part is that they were two sizes two small. I had some polo shirts that obviously were not Lacoste or Abercrombie, or even Hollister. People tended to be more accepting of personal style and the fact that just because we live in an upper-middle class suburb, we can't wear designer. Granted, I graduated in 2006, which was right when designer jeans really started to come into fashion, but it wasn't a big deal yet. A lot of kids had Coach, D&B, and a few with Louis Vuitton, but it wasn't huge.

Stuff like this makes school uniforms seem like a better option, but then it could go to more insane ways of judging-the shoes you wear (a girl who was probably 11 came into our store, in school uniform, with highlighted hair and Ugg boots), your hair, accessories (do you have Tiffany silver anywhere?), and so forth.

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as someone else said, definitely not news... this has always been happening and always will happen. The fashion "in" group will always be larger than the "out" groups.

And it's not necessarily a bad thing. It is unfortunate, but natural.
we learn through adversity.. the kids who dress differently will probably learn a thing or two about how society works.

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Ugh I really can't stand middle schoolers- well maybe it's just the MSers and my school. Especially the eighth graders. They are so fashion conscious it's like they don't have enough room in their brains for anything else. And I know this sounds really hypocritical since I'm a member of TFS and I was in middle school once, but it's like lunch-time equals runway show for the upper school guys. Seriously, nobody did that EVER in my grade. And when PE classes between upper and middle school coincide, some girls will accidentally forget their clothes and work out in whatever runway imitation they're wearing. The MSers are so elitist when it comes to fashion, and when they get to Upper school, it's like a culture shock. "Like omg! people don't wear mini-skirts when it's snowing?! And people wear sweats when they're not working out?"

Also it's seriously annoying being told what to wear by someone younger than you. Especially if you're going for comfort. I mean- sweats were made for a reason.

Kids should be able to wear whatever they want (to some extent- no inadvertent flashing please) and not get teased. It's school- who honestly cares so much that they have to pick on people? It happens, but it's dumb.

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