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Originally Posted by softgrey View Post
i need to watch the feed...
but i have to say that i just love the fact that it is sooooooooooo far from what happened last season at prada...

*soooo many articles written about this big statement with bigger models and the return to the curvy feminine woman....
and then she just wanders off and does this!...
it serves all those silly fashion journalists right for trying to make something out of nothing...

fashion is fickle...and it changes before your eyes...
That's what I was thinking. It's a such drastic change to go from the "curves are back" look to this.
But, these looks are hideous. I would love to see some celebrity wearing one of these getups in public, because you know that she's gonna land on at least one worst-dressed list.

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FashionweekForever's youtube

spanish models for the win!
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Fat Karl
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I simply adore it. Adore it. Love it. I truly enjoyed every moment of watching the livestream.

It's like Josephine Baker and Carmen Miranda...'20s shapes and '40s colors. I adore the love with the banana ones, and I am simply head over heels for the baroque monkey prints. And the stripes feel really fresh (I hate using that word, but it really does feel fresh here).

Everything about this pushed all the right buttons for me. The styling, the hair and make up, the accessories, the music...everything was perfect for me.


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ugh what a shame. i like the fur things and the hats, but the garments themselves, just no.

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front row
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i don't have a strong opinion. i loved the shapes, so free and so minimal. and the prints were nice as well, i loved the monkeys and the bananas but i wasn't so keen on the stripes. the strong point of the collection was the accessories. the shoes, bags, the fur shawls and hats were so appealing and lust-worthy...i'm expecting to see the fur shawls and hats all over editorials! the glasses were hedious though.
i liked the contrast with minimalism and amorphous, different shapes with the fun and color of the bold prints. it wasn't great or horrible. it was nice.

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Haha this is all kind of ugly and unflattering but that's kind of what I like about it. I'm not sold on the prints but I love the shapes, I don't think that fashion should always be about designing what accentuates/flatters a woman's body or looks 'sexy'. I like boxy shapes and blocky shoes even if it's not considered attractive.

I really dig the hair and makeup, even the weird cartoon glasses. Some of these girls look like comic book characters, it makes me want to draw them.


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The shapes just didn't work, I felt like all the silhouettes weren't right.

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omg, this was amazing. love the music, love styling, love clothes. i realize lot of them are not very flattering (especially blouses shapes look too baggy and massive), but the colours, prints, monkey and banana-theme are adorable. really like it.
btw. any idea, who sing that great Spanish song???

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One of the inspirations seems to be 1980s urban business women headed to work in the dresses and suits wearing tennis shoes with their high heels in their bags / brief cases.

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rising star
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Originally Posted by Jesuz View Post

This collection was very sexy and clean, I was about to get an erection until I saw those horrible sneakers, then they turned me off right away.

This, to a lesser extent. There were some nice, clean looks going, and then my eyes fell to the footwear. It killed them every time.


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Monkey Business at Prada

Antonio Calanni/Associated Press
A look from the spring 2011 Prada show in Milan.

The world can always use a little more glamour, and that was essentially the underlying message at the Prada spring 2011 show here in Milan tonight, set as it was on a raised runway covered in steel mesh. But this is Prada, and no one is more questioning of glamour — and the banality of luxury — than Miuccia Prada.
So she tossed glamour a banana peel.
Start with the fact that the clothes were all in Japanese cotton, from the suits to the black, ruffle-neck dresses that closed the show, and the shapes were comprehensibly basic — almost a uniform. The palette swings from Seuss to rugby, from sweet to jock. The models’ pinheads evoke the 1920s, with silver-blue eye shadow, yet they have thick, masculine brows. They’re carrying fox fur stoles, some striped like a tiger’s tail, and monkeys are scrambling up the sides of some of the dresses, a gesture as silly as a night club swizzle stick.
Backstage, Ms. Prada, who had on a gray pullover with a checked skirt and a pair of dangling banana earrings, offered musicals as a reference, but it was perhaps easier and simpler to see glamour, and the contrast to masculine uniforms, like the suit or the athletic shirt. What I liked, aside from the color, was the use of cotton, albeit some very special Japanese kinds. Fendi also had lots of cotton — not technical stuff, not chiffon imitating nylon. And no hard edges. Baroque monkeys probably appeal less to Ms. Prada’s sense of humor than to her appreciation of history, and her way of bringing it forward in fashion.
I also liked the last few dresses in the show — black cotton with a pie-crust ruffle at the neck and elbow-length sleeves. It’s the little black dress revised.

catchin' colds and missin' trains
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I really love the shapes and the colors. Not keen on the bananas and monkeys, but I do like the stripes.

The shoes are so ugly and unflattering. I see she got the inspiration from the men's collection, but they much worse here.

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So fresh
So Graphic
So Fun
So chic

and actually quite easy to wear. Rather good collection, quite nice since I hated last season. Bravo!

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front row
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What is this collection I don't even

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backstage pass
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Full Show in HQ


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