Prada S/S 2013 Milan - Page 11 - the Fashion Spot
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let's ignore the shoes because we all know how hideous they are... but the collection i think was good. some of the shapes of some pieces remind me the ones shown in SS10. some of the patterns were put in in a very subtile way... other i thought were just messy. i don't know i guess it gets my approval... probably because i loved so much SS10 and in some weird way it kind of reminds me of that.

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I could have done without the drab, repetitive flower print that made its presence known throughout the collection but some looks, with their geometric shape, were layered so beautifully. The shapes of some dresses (particularly those at the end) were stunning and while those shoes are some of the ugliest I've ever seen I must admit their structure was fascinating. I actually really liked the ones that were studded :p

Overall a forgettable Prada collection, however, I do admire the inspiration behind it and its overall construction.

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Why does everyone hate this this is my favorite prada collection insuch a long time !
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It's an interesting collection in context with her show at the Met over the summer and the whitewashing that followed at her mens + womens resort collections.

When it was all said and done, I went right back to YSL's opium collection from '77. He kind of laid down a blueprint that hasn't been hankered with very much, of exploring a culture and it's 'costume' through a fashion collection.

Prada explored the strictly feminine world of the geisha, developing some of the shapes from something as simple and difficult as the way a woman wearing a kimono would hold it in front of herself as she, say, were climbing stairs.

I thought it overall was a sensitive exploration that speaks more to the west's fascination with Japan than about Japan itself. The fact that she was able to also segue into an almost couture like examination of structure and stiffness was expert. No kawaii, no anime and yet still attention grabbing, still difficult for many if not most to wear. And yet I hope many would be game.

"Menswear is so limited so I'm free with my ideas. Otherwise I'd die of boredom."--Miuccia Prada
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this is so strange collection i wanna hang myself, but I love it

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It's so frumpy and cheap-looking tho...

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one of my fave collections this season, just wonderful

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Prada usually manages to get just the right amount of quirky and elegant. I'm disappointed here.. (not even going to mention the shoes.)

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Actually, we should talk about the shoes.

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^^^What a crap video.

I adore Miuccia and she is marshall law in high fashion to me, but not only is this her worst women's collection, but worst men's collection as well.... Actually, the worst offerings from any designer this season.

This is the first time I feel a Prada collection is a complete joke. No photographer, stylist, creative visionary can make these, yeah-- you're right Shiru, very cheap-looking designs, look good. You'd have to be a desperate fashion-victim to voluntarily spend money to wear juvenile flowers on your clothes. I saw two adorable little 3 or 4-year-old girls on the subway wearing hats with a big flower on them, just like the these. An adult woman wearing such expensive juvenile designs just looks stupid-- no matter how you may try to intellectualize it. And the men's offerings are just basics at best, and lazy-gimmicks with the wide white stripes on everything at their most blatant. Just horrible. The shoes however, as outrageous and hideous as they may be, are really the only saving grace, because at least they look like they take some effort to make: It's not easy turning shiny, plastic toys into shoes, even if they're only for show.

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