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Well, we've now all gotten a taste of what each designer is capable of. I don't think it's too early make some "Final Three" predictions.
I'm gonna say Robert, Uli, and Kayne.

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i also love robert and keith - though keith is super cocky, gotta say he's pretty talented. he kind of gives off a jude law vibe. robert is so adorable! thanks for posting the runway photos from last night - this will be an interesting season yet again.

p.s. i liked jay's new look (winner from the first season) - can't wait to see his collection this fall.
p.p.s. yes, malan seems his hair is so greased and his accent so...strange, i feel like i have to take a shower every time he comes on screen!

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When the models came out, I thought to myself..Was there a serious budget cut that they couldn't get good models. Moderators, you can delete this comment if it's considered weight talk in the forum but they weren't very modelesque and I'll just say not that small at all for models. And they all walked HORRIBLE and they were just BAD.

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god i really love jeffrey....i was so afraid when he was on the chopping block last night..

i know that some people dont like him but his style is exactly rock and roll..i hope he sticks around more...

i did like the coffee filter fav of the night i think was keiths..i just loved the vibe of the whole look...he looks like he turns into a bit of a diva in the season..

we'll have to see..

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Originally Posted by Orchide
I was also annoyed that Bravo "spoiled" who the bottom 3 were even before the runway challenge started by having that advertisement asking for votes on who should go
I know!! What was up with that?

**I thought it was funny how they made a point of showing Keith (such a cutie) talking about how he thought about what Tim Gunn said but decided to go totally against it and pull everything back off- going back to HIS original. Then...he wins. ..that usually doesn't happen when you don't follow Tim's advice. Ah well - very interesting.

I think I'll like this season the best

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I thought this was interesting. Courtesy of


German supermodel HEIDI KLUM has been forced to dismiss a contestant on her hit US reality show PROJECT RUNWAY for doing something "naughty". The stunner refuses to go into details as she wants fans of the third series, which began last night (12JUL06) in America, to watch and figure it out for themselves. She says, "One person was really doing something very naughty and he has to actually go earlier. It was something really, really bad. "I can't really say (what it was) because it's not, like, in the beginning... It will be a few weeks down the line. I can't give it away yet... It was not good."

Malan perhaps? He's a little creepy in that "Omen" kinda way.

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Well, they've been airing those previews where Tim Gunn says to a contestant that he/she must go. We'll see what is the big scandal.

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if he talks about taipeiiiiiiiii one more time, i may scream

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There were allusions to sabotage in the previews, but I'm sure that's just what the producers want us to think.

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Uli sort of freaks me out a little bit( she has a killer's stare) but her dress last night was no doubt the best in my opinion.
I think I'll like Jeffery Gen's personality of "who cares", but his dress last night was very Galliano Homme Spring/Summer 07. With the extra long sleeves and everything is very loose fitting and long. Not that I hate that collection, because I though it to be rather witty, but it was just so close, that it sort of made me wonder about his originality. Though I think this show was taped before that season came out.
I can't stand Kayne. I don't know if it's that fake humbleness, strong southern mixed with cliche gay accent, botoxed looking face, and/or the fact that he did a "Mommy Dearest" impersonation in his video. All of my Gay friends were disgusted by how predictable he was. I would agree with them.
I think Keith is talented, sort of a jackass, but I like it that way. I think Modesty is way over rated. Plus it is fun when people say they know they are going to win a challenge and then they lose. That is my favorite.
The rest of them really didn't make any sort of impression. Except for the red head rich lady reminded me of Bre off of Desperate Housewives, but in a good way. Liked the coat, which is rare, because usually I hate anything adorned with fur.

Oh and I think Robert Best is so annoying that I want him to lose all the material he bought and have to send a model naked down the runway, just so I could hear him whine in agony for a good ten minutes then get kicked of the show. Hopefully he would cry.

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Im I the only one who loves alison??

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i like alison as well. i adore jeffrey's edgy style. i think both should do well.
i can't wait to see who it was that was "naughty"... they must have done something terrible to get kicked off. the drama! scandalous!

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i love alison! my early faves are robert, alison and keith. of last night's challenge, my faves were robert, michael, alison and keith.

while watching the show last night, i kept on thinking, "this person looks like ..."

Greg Kinnear on video or Jude Law in photos

Rene Russo

Ted Danson minus the goofy smile

Top to Bottom: Keith, Laura and Vincent

photo source:

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^ Hah he looks like that little kid in "Stuart Little"

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I guarentee they keep Vincent on until the later half of the season just for his weird factor. He is completely out of touch with fashion, but I predict he is kept on for ratings.

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