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So...are we going to see a Dior show this coming Friday at PFW?

Sad to see John go out like this. I was tired of the repetitive and re-worked "new look" that I suspect Dior was making him do season after season, and wanted him gone...but on his own terms, not because of a scandal like this.

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adn not just that!! ^^^ poor john.
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jean-paul gaultier ? a friend just suggested this to me and it isnt that far-fetched imo, taking into consideration he just left hermes

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It would be very realistic for Dior officials to court Hedi Slimane to make a return to the house, even though I guess that would potentially make his return in menswear a bit unexciting since they would likely continue with his existing winning formula there. Nonetheless, Slimane is well-known for having womenswear ambitions and was likely waiting with patience for a major job opportunity like this (or at YSL) to surface. Slimane is the best bet for sellable, modern tailoring and sportswear - I wonder, though, if his sensibilities would be well-suited for proper haute couture as one expects from a house like Dior? It is hard to imagine a Slimane evening gown at the Oscars only one year in advance from now, no?

I could on the other hand likely see the Rodarte sisters filling the womenswear niche without difficulty - they have a very distinct aesthetic language and would be one of the few young designers capable to do couture. As an independent design house, they also succeeded to establish their name among Hollywood's a-list celebrities, with Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman etc. all having worn their distinct evening dresses.

Another name I would find likely as a candidate for an interview would be Alexis Mabille - he's a natie frenchman who's worked with both Slimane and Galliano at Dior and he is doing both men's and womenswear independently, as well as a women's couture collection. I am sure he still has ties with the company and that the officials would rather consider a younger, easier to control creator over nominating a star designer with extravagant expectations on salary and control over the direction of the house.

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^^he came to my mind too, but no... he's just too much for Dior, he's more like a rebel than Galliano, i suppose

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Now that's some excitement!

Putting the sad circumstances aside, I'm really glad there will be a designer change at Dior. They need it like any other house.

As much as I can't think of any person I would find perfectly fitting for the missing slot, I wouldn't mind seeing Olivier or Alessandra back in a big brand again.

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Theyskens' name is being bandied about a lot, I'd love to see him at Dior, and doing couture! Not sure what he's contract to at Theory, though I imagine the collaboration has a finite end and he could do both, lot of work though.

Can't see Tisci leaving Givenchy for Dior.

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from what i heard galliano hardly did any design anymore at dior

most was done by his right hand, don't know his name..
and that they kept john on for PR reasons..

so i assume that dude will now take over?

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ok...its common sense...the accusation is just an amazing excuse for dior... who's gonna succeed?? wait n c...

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i'm not one to speculate but we were just mentioning him in the designers we miss thread and i just think if nothing solidifies in the near future,whether with his own label or otherwise,bruno pieters would be a dream. his vision would work perfectly and i think given the level of absurdity and spectacle that we've witnessed from galliano,it would bring dior back to a place of utter elegance and innovation again.

of course,i'm sure the LVMH suits are really keen to keep the buzz factor going,rodarte certainly would keep that in tow. but are they ready for such a responsibility though? it's one thing to do things at your own label and we've only just started to see the girls really evolve in their vision and their technique. i'm just not sure that would be a smart move....it's risky.

you guys mentioning tom ford,btw...listen i have a lot of respect for those of you who made such a suggestion but i almost spit out my OJ on that. for one,tom is just too slick and too much about overt sex,for that to be a fitting marriage. it'd be like oil and water.

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Lacroix for Dior!!!

Id KILL to see him back in the runways and doing couture!!! Thats an excellent ideaaaa!

(On a sadder note .. I immediately remember how Galliano left Givenchy to do Dior and then Lee took over ...I miss him).

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maybe kris van assche will take over both sides of dior? he is the closest thing to the company, he has lots of experience in womenswear, and he stopped the womens kva line to work more on dior.

i highly doubt gareth will get it, it just seems like a lot of people will be shocked by that one.

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Originally Posted by coco vaughn View Post
i'm happy you like it that would be like a dream come true for me, i really miss him.
but i don't know what is he doing these days? anybody?
WHAT A WONDERFUL IDEA ! Someone should make a facebook group like RIGHT NOW !

He has an exhibition in Paris til' may about Women in Orient (traditional outfits) it's pretty awesome.

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yesssssssssssssss lacroix !!!!!!!!!!! OF COURSE !!

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The idea that John hardly designed for Dior anymore honestly doesn't surprise me, but I would hate to have the assistant take over.

Dior needs a major shake up. Considering all that has happened within the last few days, I imagine LVMH wouldn't want Dior to continue in the same direction in order to avoid any further associations with John Galliano.

I think the idea of Rodarte is rather exciting, to be honest. I feel like the house needs a new team that can stay for a good number of years. The last thing Dior needs is a Valentino-esque fiasco on their hands (which also makes me think Alessandra would be great for the job). Also, I cannot think of any other new-ish designer who has the capacity and individuality to give Dior a new, strong identity. The Mulleavy sisters have proven their versatility as of late, what with lower priced lines, more commercial collections, movie costumes, red-carpet gowns, etc. And imagine what they could do with Couture (considering their RTW is practically Couture as it is!). We may have come to associate them with all that is gothic, weird and avante garde recently, but let's not forget the elegance of their earlier collections like Spring/Summer 2007 and Fall/Winter 2007.

All in all, I'm sad to see that this is the way John had to go. I was ready for him to leave Dior for a good while now because all he was doing for the house was consistently tarnishing his once magnificent legacy...and this whole disaster has done nothing to help that deterioration of a once great talent.


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