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There's nothing wrong with the detailing so much as the frozen-in-time 80's shaping that has never evolved. There's nothing ironic about those oversized shoulders and peg pants.
I can see why it's usually a rapper type or aging architect I see trying on the clothes.
He designs for himself. That I can imagine well though.
His accessories (homme, Y's etc) are the best in the business to be fair and his womenswear is exquisite.
I secretly like the tartan drape extension on the shirt base. Genius.

The wisest men follow their own direction.... Euripides
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Kwisatz Haderach
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I sincerely think that yohji's has a lot more in common with a character of Novecento than the 80's. I find much more old and aging the outfit that are wearing a lot of parisian guys on a daily basis skinny raw denim, tiny leather jacket and lace ups... is that new and fresh?. Yohji started to work in the 80's but that's just a coincidence, he has it's own identity, he's not into fashion, sometimes I wish he did the same as poell, not a runaway during the fashion week. He can't be judged as we do with Prada.

I think that this is timeless not being his best work, and that's what I like of him. He's not an stylist.
Being myself an architect, a young one, not aging, nor fat, not into hiphop. I'm not looking for hype, I just want something that after one second of wearing it I forget I'm atually wearing it. That's the main reason why I like yohji.

The coats with scarf attached are excelent and the black shirts with double collar are dope!

Each time I see a yohji runaway it makes me think about movement, nomads, an active way to be in the world. For me that it's a constant in the his world.

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These clothings look...interesting. They look like something chic a homeless person would wear.

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flaunt the imperfection
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i think that the customer is a creative type of some kind..
so recording artist and architect def fall into that demographic...
but i don't think age comes into it except that it is very $$$ -
so you need to be established enough in your career to afford such pieces...

thanks for the rest of the images...
it def got better (thankfully!)...
those crushed velvets are just

i like all the black pieces the best...
which is always where his strength lies...in the shapes/silhouettes...

"It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding."

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^ I agree

Can't wait to see more and the detailed pics... Yohji always pays just as much attention to the back as the front of the looks so it's sometimes just as exciting for me to see the garments from all angles


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tfs star
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I like it a lot!, the touches are simple but effective, and the cut is wonderful!"

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Not my favorite from Yohji. I like some of the color combinations (the dark blues and blacks together) The longer coats were beautiful too.

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I love this little detail of plaid inserts that appear only when the clothes are moving.


“Above all, remember that the most important thing you can take anywhere is not a Gucci bag or French-cut jeans; it's an open mind” Gail Rubin Bereny
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I like Yohji Yamamoto as a designer, but this is one of his weakest collections. Can he or CdG attempt something different or transformative just once, eg. something sleek???

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The colorful pieces are grotesque. Much too saturated for such structured pieces, I think. The head-to-toe black looks are outstandingly romantic and well-done. Thanks for posting, Mullet!

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I'm a big fan of the trenches and the double breasted jackets and the skinny trouser pants. Everything else is kind of.. well.. yeah.

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