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The Horrors
I looked for a topic on The Horrors but couldn't find one?? They're an English band, posh background. Sure to become very very popular if they're not already! Wasn't sure about that haha
They look somewhat gothic/punk/emo but they play cool old school style surf music (their description not mine!). Sounds a lil similar to The Rolling Stones in SOME of their older songs.
Love the singers voice and their style is very quirky. Like Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!
Little Victories and Sheena is a Parasite are a couple of songs I like.
Check them out!

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The look like idiots, but I love their sound.

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the fragile
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^ haha... I have to agree with Kanita.. they looks like a Ramones / The Cure tribute band gone wrong.

There is something still fun about their songs though, so I can't be hatin' :p

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this band is so horrible but for some weird reason, i still listen to them. i dont know why.

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They are okay, they look good in skinnies too lol

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I like their music a lot !

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They just rip off the Birthday Party and Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster. If you like this, you'll LOVE those bands, cos they do it properly.

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I used to think they were really irritating, but now I quite like them.
They look really tall in that first pic, especially the lead singer. Rufus ?

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I think they're really good. I noticed them in i-D's Horror issue a year ago cause they looked like fans of a band that has influenced me greatly (Broder Daniel, their fans are very hard core and I was very into them when I was like 13-14-15). As it looked like they had some sort of similiar aesthetic as me, I figured the music would be good too.
It's great with a band with good taste both in music (new wave, lots of 60's, beat, psych, garage, punk etc) and attire. They channel it all in really good songs and live performances.
and no emo, no, no, no.
Very nice guys too, met them when they played in stockholm in april.

Oh and it's Faris, not Rufus

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Originally Posted by susanna View Post
Oh and it's Faris, not Rufus

I love the Horrors! It took a bit of getting used to though. I went to one of their gigs and it was the most exciting show ever. I agree, they have amazing taste in music, which is really important. They really know what they're talking about! Clever boys... I really love their goth meets punk meets mod aesthetic.
Plus, I absolutely adore Rhys and his style

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I also kinda like The Horrors, but I'm not really sure
And I agree that they look great in skinnies. I spoke to Faris in Uniqlo once and asked him where he got his from! haha.
And I love their look too. Does anyone have any pictures of Rhys in leopard print?

Josh looks so different here!

All from their myspace.

Last edited by franchini; 22-05-2008 at 09:08 PM.
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They're a fun band

Frightened by the the bite though its no harsher than the bark.
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They are alright, I was going to go see them live but I think they canceled their US tour.

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she had boys in her room
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Their new song is unexeptedly great . Can't wait to hear the album now.

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they're awful, just awful.

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