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Massive Attack
Perhaps I'm a lousy researcher but it seems that Massive Attack don't have their own thread here. Well, not anymore!

To me they were one of the most important bands of the '90s and their recent albums are also worth attention. I love them for the enchanting sound, hypnotic beats & beautiful lyrics. I can't pick my top MA album, it all depends on the mood, but songs like Safe From Harm, Protection, Unfinished Sympathy or Angel together with the videos will always be my all time favourites.

Discography (albums):

Collected (2006)
100th Window (2003)
Mezzanine (1998)
No Protection (1995)
Protection (1995)
Blue Lines (1991)

Any other fans around here as well?

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Thanks for starting this thread! I love Massive Attack! They truly are one of the most important and influential groups around.

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I enjoy listening to them while I study. Hmm.

thanks for the thread!


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"Exchange" from Mezzanine is probably their best song ever. Others:

Karmacoma (Protection)
Unfinished Sympathy (Blue Lines)

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Massive Attack is one of my top 3 bands, and "Mezzanine" is probably my favourite record ever. When I first heard it, it was like nothing else I had ever heard, and it just blew me away. Right up my alley.

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vertebrae by vertebrae
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great thread bump Massive Attack are indeed great


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i like them a lot, but i am not a fan of the last album... they were much better during the '90's. but they are among best bands in past decade.

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unfinished sympathy

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Check the "misguided angel" viddy. I made it for Jeffrey Sebelia's 1st show after winning Project Runway, and its ALL Arielle Pytka.



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ive been listening to mezzanine and love it so far. teardrop, angel, mezzanine- all great songs.

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I love Teardrop, the intro music on House

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^teardrop is a great song!

I'm a MA fan since the begining.

You never know what to expect when you listen to their albums and yet I always end up addicted to the melody, the beats, the voices.

I still love every single song of Blue Lines, Protection, Mezzanine, 100th window...
Their songs are my go-to whenever I'm fed up or bored with "current" music.
I actually could use a little "unfinished sympathy" right now!

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Dissolved Girl is in my opinion their best song, but gosh they have many good ones.. hard to choose.

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oh! darling
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I fell in love with Teardrop when I heard it on the Supreme site.

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