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Music Sharing Options

recently i told a friend that i was making a CD for someone with a playlist...
she looked at me like i was from the stone ages and asked if anyone still has a CD player...


i guess she just streams stuff on her computer or phone VIA pandora or spotify...

then she asked if i could just post the playlist somewhere for the other person to download...soundcloud, maybe?

that got me thinking...

is there a better way to share or gift music...?
what do you guys do?
and what do you suggest...

and do you have a cd player?

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I just send the .zip/.rar link.. never understood those sites to create playlists.. I feel like it gives people an opportunity to skip over some songs because they're all easily available, with a zip in an average file sharing site, they have no option other than downloading the whole thing. :p

I don't own a CD player. I wish I did, I liked the 'crispier' sound.. but then I hate CDs, it's too much clutter around.

When I'm sharing music, if it's an individual song, I just email it. If it's a playlist, I compress it, and put it up on, it's quicker.. I get zips from other sites but mediafire is easy for everyone, even my mom has successfully followed my links and gotten stuff from there, which speaks wonders about the site.

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yeah i don't care for those personal stream sites at all. it kind of defeats the purpose of having your own music at your disposal. and also there's nothing wrong with owning physical copies of music. i tend to like having both digital and physical copies of things i listen to. and i'm sure if you have friends who drive cars with players that aren't compatible with ipods/iphones,like having some personal music at hand. also there are computers as well. i actually listen to most of my music via my notebook not an iphone/mp3 player.

as far as digital sharing though,it's tough right now because so many sharing sites are removing things and making it harder to share music on that route. if you do in fact use mediafire or even 4shared i would create all my files as private to keep those buggery bureaucrats from taking my personal stuff down...because they have been of late.

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I didn't know doing a cd swap was old school now.

I really prefer getting an actual cd with a handwritten playlist, especially if it's from a friend which can later on have its nostalgic value. I still listen to cds in my car sometimes so I don't mind that format.

If I'm just swapping a few songs I usually email it or for just a listen I share on spotify.

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I think how MP does it is the easiest if your wanting to share something online.
I love mix cds! I don't have a cd player but I use my computer or in the car. Like Scott, I frequently have a physical and digital versions of my favorite music.

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