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fashion insider
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My grandmother went to get a mammogram not too long ago they told her they found something suspicious. When she went back for further inspection they told it was just fatty tissue (several at 4-6cm) and that she should have them removed due to her history of breast cancer. She refused because she felt the surgery would disfigure her breast, making her less of a woman.

I hope Angelina's decision to have this surgery will help other woman struggling with these decisions

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I think it's very corageous and noble of her to use her status to shed light into these issues and encourage women all around to stand strong. It's a wonderful action from her part. So much respect.

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Mag Master
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She has all my Respect

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I think it was very brave to go through with the operation and remarkable that she made it public.
I remember some years ago there was an article on Allure about several women in the same situation as Angelina. I mean, women in her situation is nothing new but it helps a lot that this A list celebrity made it public so the whole world is talking about it. Specially cause a woman´s breasts are such an intricate part of what makes us feel femenine and womanly that have them removed must be a troubling decision.
What I´m looking forward to see is her on the red carpet looking beautiful as ever, showing that can you safeguard your health and still feel good.

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fashion icon
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As I wrote elsewhere, I'm absolutely in awe of Angelina for writing about her mastectomy. It was incredibly brave of her to discuss this and it really seems like that by writing the article it will reduce the fear and stigma associated with a having a mastectomy. And I love that Angelina said that having the procedure does not diminish her femininity or her womanhood. While I was reading it I couldn't help but think about all the women I know who've dealt with similar scenarios and how pleased they will be to have someone in their corner with a visible name to help others understand this issue.

Also, I think it was a smart move on her part to be the one to announce her double mastectomy instead of a tabloid getting a hold of the story. She did it on her own terms which is always a good thing.

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backstage pass
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having one of the sexiest woman talking openly about it is fantastic.
if it can encourage just one woman to check, it would have been worth it.
I command on her courage as we know how Hollywood is with woman.
And best of luck

[French in Japan]
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fashion elite
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Originally Posted by tctra View Post
I've read that this procedure is very costly especially for women not of her stature. I don't know how much this procedure costs or whether it's covered by insurance, covered by gov health schemes, or the cost differences in different countries. Anyone have an idea?
It is a costly procedure, but as a medical specialist explained on CNN this morning, only women with cancer in their family should test for it. It's apparently a very rare gene to carry, only about 3 to 5% of women have it. So while it's recommended that all women do their mammograms, not every woman needs to have this test done.

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clever ain't wise
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Originally Posted by Ochi Chernye View Post
It is a costly procedure, but as a medical specialist explained on CNN this morning, only women with cancer in their family should test for it. It's apparently a very rare gene to carry, only about 3 to 5% of women have it. So while it's recommended that all women do their mammograms, not every woman needs to have this test done.
Unfortunately, not everyone has their father's identity right.

Anyway, hopefully genetic tests will be quite cheap in the next ten years or so.

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front row
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I know I am not alone in wishing that there were as much attention paid to afflictions like breast cancer - including the male variety - and other forms of cancer as is paid to HIV/AIDS and I think it is wonderful that Jolie wrote about her situation. As a journalist and editor, I have consistently found myself blocked when making this point in the past at editorial meetings because "cancer scares people" or, and I kid you not, "it's another c-word and we don't want to turn readers off...".

Not that focusing on HIV is a bad thing in terms of raising money for medical research but unless you are unlucky enough to contract it from blood transfusions, dirty needles or an infected parent, there are simple preventative measures that greatly reduce the risks whereas cancer can and does strike people who live the healthiest of lifestyles.

I know this might seem judgemental in tone but it really isn't intended to be. Truth can be harsh, which is why so many people shy away from it. As far as illnesses like cancer and HIV are concerned, as long as there is no cure, the medical trade will make shiploads of money selling expensive drugs and treatments that certainly prolong life in many cases - when was the last time someone you know in the developed world, in your social circles, actually died of AIDS? - but Jolie seems to have decided to opt out of that game by her actions, which are probably disturbing to a lot of people. But she doesn't come across as a nutter so she is probably very, very brave.

“Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.” - Oscar Wilde

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fashion elite
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To be honest most of Angelina "philanthropic" projects leave me cold, but this is something else.
She's going to be make a massive difference by coming out with her story, this is the perfect example of someone using the power of celebrity to the greater good. She gets all my respect.

I knew a family that all female elements, without exception, died of breast or ovarian cancer, most of them never got to see 50, this is simply the reality of this disease. The fact that Angelina decided to share her decision, will definitely encourage people to take action and discover what options are available out there.

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rising star
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What's interesting about Jolie's op-ed piece is that it's so well-informed, even mentioning that her type of family cancer history is one of those rare varieties that can be genetically tested for. It was informative rather than emotional.

Although the test is 3 thousand dollars (because Myriad has an ethical patent on this gene!) more insurance companies are covering it. It's just that genetic testing isn't very popular and many doctors ignore it as being of any value. To be fair, most genetic testing is worthless, revealing very little about your fate. But there are a few tests such as for the BRCA mutation that are actually very important signifiers for a person's potential fate.

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