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Well I guess it's a difference of opinion. I don't think killing animals is bad. Suffering is bad yes. I think there should be a stronger effort to support furriers that keep their animals in a humane way. Like the support for free range chicken farms as opposed to stacked cages. While we don't need fur to survive (though at one time we did) we can say that about a lot of things.

I'm not rich. I'm not saying this to support ladies in their mink coats. But I see the argument of FUR IS BAD as being hippocritcal. MALTREATMENT OF ANIMALS should be the main argument. PETA should find and encourage furriers who treat their animals ethically. With an alternative many people would choose that. People aren't going to listen to someone who is calling them names because of something they choose to wear, or eat etc. Weather it's leather solder shoes, fur trimmed coat, or mcDonalds hamburger. If people are given better options they will take them. I haven't yet seen any fake fur that rivalled real fur, so at this point, that isn't one of those options for some people.

In terms of PETA being against the meat trade, I mean that they seem to only throw pies in the face of people in fashion. I don't see them attacking steakhouses or people wearing leather shoes. Just the fur people, because i guess that gets them more attention.

If PETA keeps attacking people, more and more are going to turn a blind eye to them. That is the REAL problem. Same thing happened to greenpeace with all the boat ramming. They lose their power and the good will of the public. They turn into preachers rather than protectors.

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Greenpeace didn't ram the boats, save the whales did.

The reason they don't 'throw pies in the face of meat eaters' is because well heck, that would be a totally wasted cause. Who would they pick out of the millions of people? There isn't one key 'meat eater' at the top of the chain to target. Instead they send out free promotional material for people willing to learn more, they'd alienate far too many people if they attacked each and every person who chose to eat meat.

However Anna Wintour IS a prominent supporter of fur, and since the majority of people can't afford it anyway, it's a way to rally awareness. For example, say a 15 year old school girl sees Nicole Richie wearing expensive fur, a teen style 'icon'. Then Top Shop and PETA team up together and say, fur is wrong, these people don't understand what they are wearing or how it was obtained, but hey we'll sell you an even better product that is cheap and cruelty free, so you can look stylish but not hurt anything! They're going to get the support of that demographic. I think part of it is also a wee bit of retaliation.

But meat eating is an addiction and you just can't protest in the same way.

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Oh please, I've seen an irate PETA member yelling at a child's mother... right in front of the rabbit-wearing 6-year-old. The child was scared and crying. PETA goes way too far. Do you think that the 6-year-old is going to grow up and want to be like that crazy idiot who yelled at her mom? Probably not.

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i love PETA and i hate seeing real fur being used on runways as much as the next animal lover, but some of them are just too radical for my personal taste, especially when they disrupt a show (except cavalli b/c i always laugh whenever they protest his show for some reason )

i do however would pay money to see footage of PETA throwing pie at anna wintour's face

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Originally Posted by Acid View Post
this is a video of an animal being skinned, this put me off fur forever
Sorry to bump this thread. But i'm a little bored and just browsing some old threads.

That video is absolutly horrible. Seriously I could of been sick, absolutly discusting. I only watched about 6 seconds if it.

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I´m sorry, I can´t even watch it, I`m so sensitive that I could lost my sleeps for couple nights.

But to original topic: even though I think PETA uses questionable methods making their thing out and public,but at least they do something. Rest of us just wonder and repeat: oh my god, how horrible. And for someone who post comment like this earlier in this thread: no one deserves pee on her in the basis of fur... actually that`s very little compared what thousand of animals must go through to end up on models and rich people.

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horrible yess.......

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That was heartbreaking. I don't understand how people could do that.



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i dont support PETA, the cause seemed to get lost during the process, their ways are too extreme, theyre awful. fur is bad,leather is bad, meat is necessary, just like that.

but a pie on annas face hahaha thats hilarious

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This video was obviously footage of a worst case scenario.
They usually be head them then take the fur. Not torture them as they did in that video.
That was cruel and sad, but I still like fur..sorry.

life imitating art-CVLT
art imitating life
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The video is appalling but what can one expect of people bankrolling genocide in Darfur, selling the organs of executed convicts on the international medical market and so on and so forth? Of course they're going to skin animals alive, laughing as they do so. Disapproval of Red China isn't all about Tibet...

That said, Wintour probably doesn't wear dog fur. Her fur probably comes from animals put to death in a fairly humane way. It would be good to see some of these middleclass animal rights loonies devoting some of that rage to the maltreatment of human beings in various parts of the world. OK, so someone who turns a rarity like the snow leopard into a coat ought to be penalised but most fur these days comes from animals bred for the purpose.


“Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.” - Oscar Wilde

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