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^And that is why I love tFS Did Azzedine contact you after the interview was published and was he OK with the way his comments came across and were received by the press? To me it actually does not sound like he has a lot of respect for Karl and Anna
Hello Psylocke!

Azzedine Alaïa's PR contacted me last month to invite me to Alaïa's Fall 2011 Couture show a few days ago. They told me they were happy with the shoot and on how the interview was edited and received by the press.

When I interviewed him, we talked about a lot of things. Most of the things we talked about had to be edited in the magazine, but I can truly tell you that the man I interviewed was one of the most respectful and humble person I've ever met. It is true that he doesn't love Anna Wintour: he is not afraid to let her know his feelings about her, but he does respect how she runs Vogue, even if he doesn't agree with her on some points.

I guess what he's trying to say is that the fashion world that we're living in right now is way too much superficial and decadent than it should be. People forgot that he also blames the fashion system. He doesn't not only criticize Anna and Karl, but the whole fashion system in general too. And we all know that on the top of this giant fashion world, Anna and Karl kinda rule it.

I think he wanted to warn the young fashion talents about the "danger" of fashion: just take a look at John Galliano, Decarnin, McQueen... It is true that Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld don't really highlight the fact that it is really hard to work in fashion, and it seems like they let people think that it is so easy and simple. But it's not. It's just an impression though. And it's not their job to do that too...

Hope I well answered your question! :-)

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Yes, thank you, that does answer my question As some other people in this thread have mentioned I thought Azzedine sounded somewhat bitter in that interview but maybe he is indeed just very passionate about stating the difference between creative fashion and fashion as a system.

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Thanks for stopping by, Eric

I didn't see Alaia coming across as bitter at all.

I really admire him for demonstrating that you don't need the fashion system to succeed. Perhaps that's the vibe he's getting from Anna ... maybe she feels a bit threatened because Alaia goes his own way, and as he points out, is very successful in this country with less than no support from US Vogue (but more than a little from the First Lady ).

It's really hilarious that she tried to play off the complete absence of invites to his show as a boycott

There's a need for more individuality today, and my job is to cater to women, not dictate to them.
--Alber Elbaz
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Hello Fashionista-ta!

Well, I was absolutely not surprised when I saw that there was no one from US VOGUE at Alaia's show. I thought it was... quite funny! But she wasn't invited and no one at US VOGUE was invited either... so...

But, VOGUE Paris and VOGUE Italia were among the guests, with Stefano Tonchi, Carine Roitfeld (who didn't even pay attention to Emmanuelle Alt...)... But it had a funny, happy and joyful atmosphere though. Maybe because everybody was excited to be part of the "return" of Alaïa...

It is true that in America, Alaïa doesn't need Anna Wintour. Miss Obama and Naomi Campbell support him very well. And don't forget the great Grace Jones, who was in Paris yesterday with Alaïa by the way.


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