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I think you need to read the book before even criticizing it. About Anny Rand, I don't agree with her philosophy, but she is a damn good writer, that's for sure. People just condemn others because they have oposite viewpoints; just as ridiculous as a realist painter criticizing an abstract painter on his won standard. Just because Van Gogh didn't want to paint like Michaelangelo doens't make him a bad painter. True nowaday authors don't really need huge talent to sell books, but don't you think readers are smart enough at least to distinguish a good book and a bad one? You can't promote an empty chestnut in the world of literature.

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Originally Posted by zionforsell
I'm not saying a classic can't be entertaining, but not all the bestsellers will be classics, that's why they are called "Classic".
You missed my point. The example I choose (Fatherland) is a bestseller yet definitely not a classic. My point was you can do easy reading literature yet have a good writing style. No need to be a literary genius, just a decent author.
I don't think Dan Brown is a bad writer. If he is, no one would buy his book.
I find this statement particularly naive. Commercial success and talent are very loosely tied-up. Ever read Barbara Cartland? Oh and that godawful book Men come from Mars, Women from Venus. Millions of copies sold... Here in the UK Jade Goody and Jordan sell very well. Does that mean they are good authors to you?
I read both "Angel & DEmon" and "Davinci Code", I like both. Saying he couldn't write was harsh and exagerated.
I simply stated my honest opinion. I can't judge Angel & Demon since I will forever steer clear from anything this man ever write.
In 1933 alone, Mein Kampf sold 500,000 copies.
Mein Kampf is a snooze fest.


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I think you need to read the book before even criticizing it.
Why bother? The plot's a snooze.

but don't you think readers are smart enough at least to distinguish a good book and a bad one?

Mein Kampf is a snooze fest.
That faint 'clang' you may hear is the ring of the proverbial hammer hitting the proverbial nail on the head!

-Jamais fille chaste n'a lu de romans
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