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congrats to them. Is it me, or is it strange that Bruce Willis was at the wedding?

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Ok, I am ready to see a wedding photo! I love to see brides on their wedding day. It's just amazing, magical...and they are always beautiful. Good luck to them !

Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life.

- Leo Buscaglia
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Good for them! Best of luck

There is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women.

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Next its Tom and Katie ... lol. But its about time, there seems to be less high-profile weddings.its seems alot of celebs have been engaged for AGES ... the engagement practically drops into obscurity and then TADA!!! "We're married", kind of like Ben Affleck and Jenniffer Garner. When will Nicole, Paris, Cameron Diaz and Christina Aguilera get hitched???

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rising star
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I didn't even know they were engaged?!!? Any pix?

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tfs star
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didn't see that coming..

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601: Demi & Ashton's Punk'd wedding

You mean Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore's weekend "wedding" was one big publicity stunt to help hype his new season of Punk'd? And Us Weekly – who took credit for the exclusive – got majorily punk'd by Ashton & Co.?

We just got a note from a one John B. Meyers, the same fella whose name is on the domain name registration of, the purported voicemail dumpsite of the That 70s Show star and who denies any association with the "duo" posting the messages.

I wanted to let you know that the Us "exclusive" about Ashton and Demi getting married is WRONG. Ashton Kutcher is pulling a series of elaborate pranks on the news media for the premiere of his MTV show PUNK'D. I have inside information on this (see e-mail below). I am willing to talk exclusively with the highest bidder. I'm sending this out to a dozen news orgs simultaneously, so write back ASAP if you are interested. Would be a shame to have Us Punk'd without being able to write the retraction yourselves.

Say it isn't so, Demi! But snaps to John Meyers, who's trying to milk this for all it's worth thanks to his intimate knowledge of how the website is being used to promote the stunt.

Oh, and snaps to PMK/HBH, who have this missive going around about something by the name of "601":

About part 2 of the stunt: preparations for the ceremony are in full swing, and its actually MORE hell than preparing a real wedding, if that's possible. Please note that the start time has been CHANGED to 8:00 pm, due to a ****up with the caterer, so we need everyone there NO LATER than 4:00 pm. Players need to be fully miked and in costume by 5:45 pm. Please remember that not everyone attending knows that this is for the show, so bring your a-game and keep your mouth shut. Media is working on some big publicity for this in some major tabs, so don't talk to anyone you don't have to. As always,if anyone asks anything before we've staged the reveal, DENY. We're planning for part 3 to begin the week of 10/3, but let's deal with that after this nightmare is finished (I mean, joyous matrimony.)

Or maybe we're the ones getting punk'd and, quite honestly, thanks for caring.


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go red sox
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Demi-Ashton Wedding Photos
From eonline:

Looks like they weren't punking us after all.

Despite refusing to confirm their Sept. 24 nuptials, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have sold their wedding photos to OK! magazine for an undisclosed sum, providing photographic evidence that the sexy Striptease star and the trucker-hatted Punk'd purveyor are indeed man and wife--or at least a reason facsimile thereof.
The photos, published Wednesday, show Kutcher, 27, wearing a cream-colored Brooks Brothers suit and a fedora, and Moore, 42, wearing a white Lanvin gown. Both halves of the couple also modeled the traditional red Kabbalah string bracelet on their wrists.

That would make sense because all accounts described the ceremony as a traditional Kabbalist affair, taking place at the couple's Beverly Hills home before 45 guests, including Moore's ex-husband Bruce Willis and their three daughters, Rumer, 17; Scout, 14; and Tallulah, 11, and Kutcher's That '70s Show pal, Wilmer Valderrama.

As part of the ceremony, Moore walked around Kutcher seven times which is a symbol of Kabbalah's circle of love. The pair then exchanged--you guessed it--Kabbalist rings, according to OK!'s editor-in-chief, Sarah Ivens.

It was the first marriage for Kutcher and the third for Moore, who was married to rocker Freddie Moore from 1980 to 1984 and to Willis from 1987 to 2000.

The couple began dating in April 2003. Kutcher was rapidly accepted by Moore's kids, who reportedly refer to him as MOD, for "My Other Dad," and by Willis, who gave the relationship his blessing early on.

In a recent interview with Harper's Bazaar, Moore called Kutcher her "soul mate" and said they would like to "expand our family."

"Talk about meeting your soul mate," the actress said in the magazine's September issue. "I truly feel I have been given that gift."

The couple has already shot down numerous pregnancy rumors in recent months. However, with a so-called family expansion in the works, who knows how much longer those denials will stand.

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Iowa Girl Loves Fashion
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^ Didn't OK Magazine pay 3 mill for those exclusive photos?

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lolita729's Avatar
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yup it was around that, i wonder how long that marriage is gonna last

Fashion Your Future
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rising star
Join Date: Jul 2004
Posts: 113
My cousin is their private chef and I guess she planned the whole reception, cake, etc. (A big reason why they were able to keep it a secret; no caterers) I am trying to get the low down from my aunt.

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Kimkhuu's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2003
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3 MILLION for those pics......?! they're nuts or what!?

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tfs star
FrockRadar8's Avatar
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the age difference isn't what strikes me...they just seem like the LAST people i would have expected getting together..

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OK, I hate the whole celeb-obsessed world, but she looks SO lovely. Apparently he was wearing Gucci and she was wearing Lanvin.

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Ashton Kutcher can't stop talking about his amazing marriage.

The 'Butterfly Effect' actor tied the knot with Demi Moore on September 24 last year, becoming a step-father in the process to her three daughters Rumer, Scout and Tallulah from her relationship with Bruce Willis.

Kutcher admits he is besotted with his family and can't believe how happy he is since tying the knot.

He told Parade magazine: "I can't help talking about my marriage and my love, because it's all tied together. When it comes down to it, my family is what I do everything for.

"We waited to get married until we felt like we were already married."

Ashton also explained how he loves being a step-father and doesn't feel the need to have a baby of his own.

He revealed: "There is not a human being I could love more than those girls and their mom.

"If I had a daughter of my blood, I wouldn't love that child any more. I feel like I have three kids, and we'll see whether we're given another child."

The 'Punk'd' presenter is currently developing a sitcom about a young man whose marriage to an older woman makes him the step-father to kids nearly the same age as him.

He confessed: "I want to depict a family that's messy and isn't necessarily two people who met in high school and fell in love and had kids."

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