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1 Week Ago
front row
madame_georgiana's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2009
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I don't think using Kate and Naomi as your examples of why using a 15 year old model is justified and not wrong is a good example...

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6 Days Ago
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5 Days Ago
Littleathquakes's Avatar
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He then went on to say: 'Tom Ford is an example. "I will not dress the First Lady." He was never asked to dress - and Steve Wynn just called me and he said he thought it was so terrible what Tom Ford said, that he threw his clothing out of his Las Vegas hotel.'
That was later confirmed by a spokesperson for Wynn Las Vegas, who told in statement: 'Wynn Las Vegas confirms it removed the Tom Ford line of cosmetics and sunglasses from the resort this past weekend.'

Have we really sunk this low? Express your political view and get your fashion line removed?

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4 Days Ago
Benn98's Avatar
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I very much agree with Tom, and it's a powerful move to relocate back to America. You don't jump ships if things dont go your way. He's got far more integrity than Anna Wintour, for instance.

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4 Days Ago
fashion insider
Lola701's Avatar
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I agree with Tom also on this one. He is his own boss and only him can decide if he wants his name attached to his political views. I like that he choose to do it and i think that's the kind of things that matter.
He is also right about the privileged world of Hollywood and of fashion being very disconnected. Yes, he may embrace diversity and may be aware of the problems of the society or of most of his employees...He is still living a larger-than-life live. I like that he aknowledge that.

At the moment in France, we are also in a presidency ride. It's interesting to always see how the designers are less outspoken. Only Karl and Jean Paul Gaultier are very outspoken about social subjects and their views on politics. The politics and fashion worlds are maybe too close and these people are maybe too disconnected from reality...

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4 Days Ago
rising star
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I applaud anyone willing to express their political beliefs, especially in the current climate, but sometimes i wonder whether such wealthy individuals realise the irony in a lot of their sweeping statements. Tom has built a brand catering exclusively to the wealthy, and yet only now, post-Trump, he senses a 'divide' and 'disenfranchisement' of many Americans? Seriously? He makes a fair observation about the world outside LA and NY, but considering the article is prefaced with him purchasing a $30 million+ LA home, i don't really see how he plans to change that?

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4 Days Ago
Fat Karl
dior_couture1245's Avatar
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Tom Ford is winning major points here, for me (and I already love the guy).

People in the public eye often get skewered for "flip-flopping." However, I actually think that oftentimes is an unfair way to critique and a misunderstanding of an individual's ability to learn, grow, change opinions and see things differently with time or from specific cause-effect instances. Tom may have come out at one point and said he wouldn't dress the First Lady, and it certainly seemed to have been coming from a place of political motivation, but here he is now saying he's seeing things differently, taken the divide into consideration, accepting some responsibility and is clearly being open minded about the current situation. That's a real leader.

I really applaud him for this. This is the only way anyone of us - on either side, in any state or country, of all backgrounds, of any income bracket - can move forward. These large-scale cultural and political changes do not happen out of nowhere. They are always a reflection and a result of the nuances of society...and when things change in such a large way, as we are currently seeing in many countries across the world, it is important to acknowledge that we are ALL complicit.

So instead of playing the blame game - which so many looove to do - I really think it is so mature, intelligent and sophisticated of Tom to admit that there is fault coming from both sides - that he and many of his peers have been living in a bubble for a very long time and that it's time to understand and address the needs of those outside of the bubble.

It's very clear to me, and I think to many here on this forum, that fashion feels irrelevant and has for a long time now (and I think the same could be said for Hollywood, the music industry and a lot of the art world, too). I think Tom is acknowledging that the sense of irrelevance is coming from the fact that the creative, cosmopolitan class have by and large ignored and belittled an enormous part of the population. And I don't think that it's then a matter of catering to a lowest common denominator kind of thing....I mean...look back at fashion in the late 90's and early 00's. You couldn't hardly find a person in America who didn't want a Gucci belt or a Dior perfume or a Fendi was, I think at that time, more in tune with what most people wanted, needed and desired without sacrificing creativity and glamour for those more invested and involved directly within the industry.


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