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Originally Posted by eternitygoddess View Post
Links are posted a few page back to other sites that give the blind item.
Oh I read them but I imagine reading it on ONTD would be a whole other experience
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Which Hollywood couple of nearly 10 years are headed for Splitsville? Hint: He arrived at the Oscars alone, while she stayed home with their two kids.
This is absolutely Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher. They began dating in 2002, and have two children.

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But he arrived at the Oscars with two women and Kim Jong Il ( ).

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Which legendary British singer has cut off his son from receiving any of his hard-earned cash? After a recent club gig in New York, the son, also a performer, actually passed a basket around to collect money for his band.
Which Academy Award-nominated actor’s drinking has gotten so out of control that his A-list co-star had to sit him down and tell him to cool it? The boozer didn’t take home an Oscar, but he sure did raise eyebrows while drowning his sorrows at the “Vanity Fair” after-party!


What A-list actress, who’s currently going through legal battles with her partner, has actually asked friends to make untruthful and damaging claims about her ex? Apparently she wants him out of the picture so she can move out of the country.
- Halle Berry

Add one more celebrity pregnancy to the list! This one is a surprise because their relationship was designed to be just a PR set up. They were scheduled to break up later this year. But they wound up becoming friends with benefits, and before you know it, she wound up pregnant. Although they definitely do not love each other, both care very much about their public image (which is why they were in a faux relationship in the first place). If they keep the baby, there will be a wedding.

They want to hold off on the announcement of the pregnancy until April even though she will probably be showing before then. In the meantime, they’re going to have to rewrite that song: First comes PR… then comes baby in a baby carriage… then comes marriage. OK, maybe the song won’t be a hit… but the baby will sure be cute!
Ever wonder what happens when you put a former B+ female tweener who gets her own first show and you mix her with a former B list television actress from a long running hit ensemble show who also thinks she is the star? You get several years of pleasantness on the outside and the worst conditions ever on a show on the inside. The former tweener had a huge ego. Coming off some movies and a very popular tween show she thought she was going to be the biggest star on the planet. She also had a very goody goody image on the outside, but on multiple occasions had more than one guy at once. She is also a huge collector of her own homemade p*rn.

The actress coming into the show who had been on the hit ensemble show also was a goody goody on the inside and out but it did not stop her from being a diva. She also could be the biggest b**ch on the planet if you crossed her. As she told the tweener once after they got into a hair pulling fight, “I learned from the meanest actress who ever walked onto a television set. You will lose.”

How about the times that our tweener would walk around naked when the actresses husband would stop by the set. “Oops. I did not know you were here.” Not that she would ever normally have sex with him. She likes big, big big guys if you know what I mean. However, to get back at the actress she would have slept with the husband who is also a B list movie actor.

For years the two never spoke to each other unless they had to. Knowing how prudish the actress was, our tweener would have wild sex as loudly and as close to the actress as possible even when her kids were visiting. She would even have sex in the actresses’ trailer and have her companions leave their used condoms. It was a wild wild set and the two still hate each other.

TV Show:



Actress’ Husband:

Meanest Actress:
Guess for this one:

TV show: What I Like About You
Tweener: Amanda Bynes
Actress: Jennie Garth
Husband: Peter Facinelli
Meanest Actress: Shannon Doherty
Which hunky Irish actor – he’s supposedly clean and s*ber – was spotted bo*zing it up at a Cirque du Soleil performance in Los Angeles? The star stumbled into the men’s room and swayed back and forth as he tried to relieve himself!
This former A list tweener has had two abortions in the past year. Hopefully it does not add to her personal demons.

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Originally Posted by Fabulyss View Post
This is absolutely Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher. They began dating in 2002, and have two children.
That would be way sad plus she fricken converted for him.

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that BI is makin it seem like the only reason they think these two are separating is cus she didn't appear for the Oscars - not even SBC attended them, he just attended the RC doing PR for the Dictator. it's always like that when he has a movie of this kind coming up.

first BI - about legendary singer - Paul McCartney and his son?

u mad?
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6. I sure hope it's not Jonathan Rhys-Meyers.

I love that guy...

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4. Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds?

7. This one is so sad. Miley Cyrus?


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1. Paul mccartney and his son james for sure.

why can't #5 be about gossip girl?

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7. Demi Lovato
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Originally Posted by Alvedansen View Post
in another Hayden P. post on ontd i read that they also found something about Rachel Bilson (in that post that's locked to some of us)...can some of you who read that thread remember what it was and maybe post it here if possible? or was she just in that Romm 23 book?
What was the rumour, did you find out?

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This thread is now closed it has a continuation thread Here

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