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Originally Posted by pixiedust1603 View Post
Nicole's never sung on TV and also Jay Z, Beyonce, Gwyneth and Chris are papped a lot more than Nicole and Faith. Poor Beyonce.
You could technically say Nicole has sung on TV as she did that Robbie Williams duet (a Sinatra cover?) and there was a music video, which would have been played on TV.

Though the BI does reek of Jay-Z and Gwyneth. But it seems almost too obvious that it couldn't be true.


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Originally Posted by CommanderTMugler View Post
Beyonce has never done TV though.
She has. Aside from innumerable award shows, she did MTV's musical Carmen (in her early years).

Initially I was so shocked by the notion of it being them, but if you google pics of Gwyneth and Jay-Z it doesn't seem that unbelievable Plus Gwyneth was quoted in a Harper's Bazaar interview speaking about her non-judgemental attitude towards affairs.

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Oh lord.... just imagine the backlash Gwen and Jay-Z would have, Beyonce is the entertainment industry's golden girl, and the songs she would sing about this. It would be so juicy if it did blow up :p

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Gwyneth is such a try-hard, I wouldn't be surprised.


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Originally Posted by chickadee View Post
Beauty is no guarantee of a successful love life, and as has been proven time and time again, it's definitely not enough to guarantee a faithful husband. Ask Elin Woods, Halle Berry, Eva Longoria, Sandra Bullock, Sienna Miller, Elizabeth Hurley, Uma Thurman, Kristie Brinkley, Denise Richards...yeah.
That is true. As much as Beyonce is beautiful, I admire her tenacity, talent and drive a lot more so that is where my partial disbelief stems from.

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^^^ I have to say that I find her just a tad overexposed, but I do admire her talent and think she's gorgeous. Plus, she's a big part of my childhood so there'll always be a little soft spot for her. But yeah, if that's true it's sad because she was just in GQ, I think it was, talking about how she and Jay make their relationship work. I thought she said some pretty relevant things about how people who don't have confidence in themselves make for poor relationships.

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This is a blind item about bloggers who claim to receive luxury items for free in their blog. Who do you think the bloggers are?:

Desperate Measures? Bloggers Faking VIP Status By Paying For Their Own ‘Swag’

by Lauren Sherman

Five years ago, blogger swag was something that we all knew existed but never really discussed publicly. Then, the Federal Trade Commission got involved, and suddenly every online outlet—no matter how big or small—was required to make a full disclosure every time they wrote about something that was given to them as a gift. (Or, as payment in the form of coverage.)
For a while, it was fun to call out bloggers who were obviously (or not so obviously) shilling for brands without following the FTC rules. But soon enough, the community got comfortable disclosing these brand alliances, even showing them off.
In 2013, brand partnerships can make or break a blogger’s success. In a “you’ve got to fake to make it” fashion, many newer, up-and-coming bloggers are allegedly claiming items they’ve bought were gifts from brands. Apparently, this act is far more common than imagined.
“Confused about bloggers buying **** and pretending it’s free swag. Kinda like sending yourself flowers, no?” said Bag Snob‘s Tina Craig via Twitter on Sunday.
I asked around for real examples of this happening. One marketing exec, who wished to speak off the record, recalls a time when one fairly popular blogger (with one of those food-lifestyle-fashion blog titles) walked into the West Village store of a popular handbag brand. She asked for a free bucket bag, but the manager said she wouldn’t be able to give her one, so she bought it herself. As she left the store, she tweeted/instagramed/tumbled a big thanks to the brand for the purse.
Another blogger—who writes about life in NYC—is so wildly known for doing this that she’s become sort of a joke amongst the blogger “cool crowd.”
“I’ve heard people at parties being like ‘oh, such a brand sent me that swag bag too,’ and then the PR people were like ‘um, no we didn’t,’” says the exec. “They’re all so desperate to stay career bloggers.”
But if you’re making enough money to be able to afford a nice handbag, shouldn’t you be proud?
“It’s a way to inflate their appearance of influence and insider status to readers/other brands,” said Amanda Mull, the managing editor of wildly popular accessories site Purse Blog, via Twitter.
Robbie Sokolowsky, creative director at ICEDMedia, a full service digital agency says that as a brand manager, he doesn’t really mind when bloggers do fib about “free” gifts. At least to an extent.
“I’ve definitely seen people falsely associating themselves with brands that they do not have any affiliation with. Falsely representing yourself or lying is just a low thing to do or be caught doing,” he says. “However, in my experience with the brands I’ve worked with, I can say, bloggers who have inadvertently mentioned my clients in a positive manner (whether they are hungry for attention or rather ‘desperate’ as you put it) will be rewarded and noticed whether I have sent them product or not. If they ever claimed it was gifted when it wasn’t, yet they displayed the product in a positive light, I would most likely overlook that comment and thank them for their support.”
So maybe it’s not such a bad thing, particularly in such an increasingly cutthroat industry. Says Sokolowsky, “Breaking into the upper realms of the fashion blogging arena is comparable to becoming a pro-athlete or a Hollywood star.” Do these bloggers deserve a scolding, or a little bit of admiration?(fashionista.com)

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Do people still read fashion blogs? All you need is tfs!

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I kinda feel sorry for them. I saw the tweet from BagSnob and that's the perfect way to describe it, kinda pathetic.

The first name that comes to mind is Cupcakes and Cashmere, (I'm probably/definitely being naive) but she doesn't strike me that way like Rumi or Chiara whom I definitely see doing stuff like that.

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a dead giveaway would be anyone claiming to receive free clothes from zara. zara doesnt do giveaways like that.

following the story there are comments from readers that also say that a lot of fashion bloggers inflate or buy their followers. i am not surprised. i wouldnt be shocked if they inflated their page hits, comments etc.

i wonder if some fashion bloggers also "create" free ads for luxury brands on their website.

for example by putting a huge netaporter banner image on the sidebar that clicks through to the actual netaporter site.

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Jezebel did an interesting article on this ages ago - http://jezebel.com/5859805/the-dirty...-fashion-blogs

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It is not a Blind Item but we discussed a lot about Lainey

Her TED talk on gossip

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New one from Lainey Gossip:

At a pre-Oscar party this weekend...

He’s young, super hot, and engaged. To someone also young, also hot, and arguably more famous, for now. But she wasn’t with him. Which is why he could focus all his attention on someone else -- a beautiful girl made famous by a franchise who is growing out her hair while his fiancée currently prefers it the opposite way.

They were flirting for a long, long time. All he wanted to do was talk to her. And laugh with her. And it was just the two of them until almost the end of the night. They were close to the last ones to leave. Am told “he seemed waayyyy into her”, so much so that if “(his fiancée) was there, she would not have been happy about it. But he probably wouldn’t have been like that if she was there anyway”.

Better that they figure this out now though and not after the wedding. They say it’ll be a long engagement. If this is how it’s going down though, the engagement might be longer than the marriage. They’re just so young.

Based on Emma Watson's thread, she was at a lot of private Pre-Oscar parties over the weekend, so it could be her.
There's a list of all the attendees to the parties she went to, but I can't think of who it could be referring to.

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Sorry, it screams Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. There are pictures of Liam going home in the same car with January Jones.


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Liam/Miley/January...the hair comment might be a give-away since Jan talked about hers falling out. Seems to make sense since the photos of Liam and January leaving a party in a car together got some traction. Plus, Lainey would've wanted to confirm, she usually squashes BS quickly.

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