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Originally Posted by petit fours View Post
I don't find him attractive at all.

his eyes paired with his skin tone, I think make a great combination. I think he had one spectacular mug shot, he is still pretty attractive in the other pics but nowhere near as hot as his mugshot would lead you to believe. Really it's those eyes.

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Originally Posted by MulletProof View Post
I think the tear drop tattoo is often more of an urban legend and symbol of status and respect within their group rather than the popular rumor.

Regardless of this guy's face or what he did or what he's been arrested for, one thing that grosses me out and that I've been reading in every comments section of the places this has been published in, is the sad stigma of how once in jail, you should always be seen and treated as scum and should never enjoy the privilege of being welcomed back into the wonders of that perfect society these people being all 'ew' about those whose lives headed towards vandalism (for reasons they can't even relate to and fyi, are everywhere online in places like uh, maybe) hail from... there was an interesting documentary by Frontline some years ago, following the lives of people released from jail, who've paid for their debt to society (who pays for segregation or inequality? who cares ) and still have zero chances of even getting their own possessions back from their own relatives merely for the lower grade of individuals they now are for having once offended the structure they (never entirely) belonged in, so with all closed doors for them it's no surprise they go back to the only ways they ever achieved something in.

It's kind of weird when you think how a lot of these people are actually facing a system and in a way complying with it for as long as they can, and yet the worst offenders and most judgmental (and infinitely less experienced in social vulnerability) are the ones that pride themselves in their slim chances of ever stepping into that degrading place called jail or just sit around popcorns in one hand preaching the most pedantic conception of justice.

If this guy's paid for what he was arrested for and gets an actual job offered afterwards either based on what's above the eyebrows or below, well more power to him.. if I could make a pretty buck out of a pretty toe, I wouldn't miss the chance.

I totally agree with this. Many many people don't have the official title of convict or criminal but they are dangerous and guilty, they have just been wiley enough to not be brought to justice. Look at these politicians, warmongerers, arms dealers, entertainment industry paedophiles and rapists who enjoy great lives, priveleges and opportunities - walking around with their facades of respectability. I think the obvious criminals are less scary!

If this guy can get a break or a chance to turn his life around, then why not, as long as he has changed.

Personally I think he is very beautiful. Even if he is not your idea of attractive, it's clear to see he would make a great model, I don't understand how he was never spotted before. He has such an exquisitely proportioned symmetrical face and chiseled bone structure.


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Love trumps hate
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^ What I know for sure is, no one is getting away with it. Maybe today, and maybe tomorrow, but not forever. Our justice is flawed, but my belief is that the universe is just.

I may have missed something, and I do think this guy is gorgeous ... but has he given any indication that he wants a change of career?

There's a need for more individuality today, and my job is to cater to women, not dictate to them.
--Alber Elbaz
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Objectively, he's attractive, but his eyes are so dead to me and that makes him decidedly unattractive, imo. This just seems to me another case of the disproportionate value we place on physical beauty, but the reaction to this guy has been amusing, if nothing else. On a serious note, I do hope that when he gets out, he learns from this and decides to change his life around.

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Originally Posted by sojou View Post
Personally I think he is very beautiful. Even if he is not your idea of attractive, it's clear to see he would make a great model, I don't understand how he was never spotted before. He has such an exquisitely proportioned symmetrical face and chiseled bone structure.

Models scouts don't tend to hang out in neighborhoods like his. It seems like most American models come from wealthier backgrounds because models scouts don't have the vision to look in lower income areas.

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