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Originally Posted by t-rex View Post
She's written an article for the August 6 issue of Newsweek. She was fired from Vogue, currently writing a memoir. Her article:
She sure did give right back to Vogue with that piece, Awesome!!

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Tbh, I thought the article she wrote for the dailybeast was really poorly written.

It was written in a way that she came across as pretty vapid, clueless (I would even say stupid or insipid), and the whole thing read as blame-shifting and evasion.

I mean I don't blame her for using the article to apologise/minimise her responsibility for the Vogue article - I really understand why she would do that - but I don't think she wrote the dailybeast article well enough to really get us behind her.

Her technique in the article as a whole was to present a whole bunch of unconnected inferences that she was mislead, or to use little anecdotes, symbols to represent ways in which Syria was evil/deceiving/conniving and poor-little-her was left in the dark, and a victim. I don't think it's a good journalistic tactic, nor did it make her current efforts to denounce Syria seem all that sincere.

*That's my take on the how the article read to me. I don't feel very strongly about JJB one way or the other, and I don't think it's her fault that the silly Vogue article got written or that the idea to profile Asma got pitched, or that that pitch was picked up. That said, I do think that this apologia/whine of an article makes her look like a poor writer, because the piece (imo) is not particularly good journalism (nor is it a particularly well written op-ed).

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^ I felt the same reading it. I think she relied too much on the stereotype of being a semi-aware but mostly superficial "fashion" journalist, as if reporting on fashion justifies her oblivion and would prevent her from distinguishing the evident amount of interests manifested during her visit. You'd think there's journalism first and then the category of journalism you choose to explore (fashion in her case). The 'I reported fashion, I didn't have to know any of this' irks me to no end..

I think it's great that she wrote it but I also feel like there's still a lack of courage (in general, not necessarily coming from her) by not mentioning where the real irresponsibility relies.

And the lettuce comment was ...

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