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Originally Posted by Littleathquakes View Post
I'm not sure what you're referring to. Native American tribal warfare existed prior to the Europeans coming over. So if that's the poor treatment you're referring to, that was at the hands of native tribes on native tribes, not the Quakers and early settlers of America that I was referring to.

And it's not a lack of awareness - people just choose to pick what they find offensive and protest about it. The simple fact is, VS had a theme segment, they chose the Native American look for the November piece, it was a sincere good-hearted attempt at honoring a US holiday and its native inhabitants, and instead people whipped out their claws and would rather sh*t on VS for it.

And that's my point with JG - maybe it wasn't deliberate to offend? And like VS, he chose to wear something similar to a Hasidic outfit to honor or show reverence and atonement for his past offenses? but instead of giving him the benefit of the doubt, people would rather nail him once again.
I probably should have phrased my words better, but I was referring to the settlement of Europeans in North America, so basically, since "before" American independence. I can understand how that sentence would be a bit misleading though.

I still stand by the fact that a lot of these issues stem from a lack of awareness but I should also add that it can also stem from people lacking apathy. Some people honestly don't care about the fact that when they do such "homages" to indigenous people it does more harm then good. Often they just reinforce stereotypes that have existed for decades. I don't choose to be offended by it, I am offended by it. I am offended and I cannot with good conscious continue to sit by and watch particular cultural groups get treated poorly. It just isn't right.

And as for Galliano, I've also stated serval times, I don't think in this case he deliberately meant to offend anyone. Yet, I understand why people are offended, it does look awfully a lot like what a Hasidic man might wear. I've also stated elsewhere on tFS, it will take some serious atonement for me to even really forgive Galliano, his actions were vile and it upset me greatly that a designer I had respected said such nasty things about my people. And while I may not be ready to forgive Galliano just yet, in this situation, I'm not quite as upset with him as I could be. And I can see both sides of the story with this kerfuffle.

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^ i think his intention probably was as littleathquakes suggested. however ...

kinda reminds me of when my mother asked me to color a picture to include in a sympathy card. i got out my black crayon & drew a picture of items found at funerals--the dead husband in his coffin, surrounded by flowers--all drawn in the color of mourning. a sincere gesture of stunning inappropriateness--but i was 4 years old & only allowed blunt scissors. (my mother, 27 at the time, chose not to send my art.)

john is 52.

There's a need for more individuality today, and my job is to cater to women, not dictate to them.
--Alber Elbaz
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^ I got in trouble in grade school when I colored a picture of Martin Luther King Jr in all black...because, as a 7 year old, I saw a man with black skin. The teacher didn't find it funny, because in her twisted mind, I was aiming for humor when in fact I just didn't know any better.

Yes, people of backgrounds have a right to feel offended if they presume they're being attacked. You cannot blame them for that. But my point has been that they might need to step back before they're so quick to judge and give the benefit of the doubt. Often, it's a misunderstanding. Like, I have no doubt VS did not intend to offend native Americans (I mean they only have millions of dollars at stake...), and that JG, in his oddball way, did not intend to offend people with his wardrobe. Obviously I cannot speak for JG, so while I am arguing that he is not intending to offend, I can see where someone else could argue that he was. I'm just giving my side of the reasoning.

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Poor JG. To me it seems obvious he was doing it on purpose to show reverence for Judaism in the only way he knows how to express himself wholly: through fashion.

But people don't like fashion, see. It's frivolous. It's petty. It's ridiculous, especially off the catwalk. How dare he represent a sacred religion through fashion, much less be creative with it? If it were a painting nobody would be offended. But to him that's his canvas. It's his's like his Last Supper.

He's just a little naive, and the world too ready to pounce.

Personally, I don't like outsiders going creative with religious/national clothing. It's a little tacky. But I don't think it's offensive, necessarily.

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Maybe it's been posted elsewhere. Watching this hour-long interview with John, so heartbreaking...
He is like a little child.

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