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karl is a tighta**

"Fashion doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, but more often than not, they cost BOTH arms and legs!"
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wher is the body crap someone illusion me pronto please

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So what if she does wear body make up. Karl is such a bitch.

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Originally Posted by evexa
I wonder if his head would fall of without that collar =/
hmm...his head does look like it's screwed on to that collar. not suprised in the least over what he said about nicole and kate. I don't think he meant it maliciously because I know he adores nicole and kate - he wouldn't have used either of them to face his campaigns if he didn't think they were beautiful in their own way...he's far too perfectionistic... but bluntness is NOT an excuse for being rude, so shame on him. I think karl lives in some bizarre fantasy world of perfection...no one will ever achieve the type of beauty he idolises unless they take drastic measures.

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These quotes sound like they were taken out of context.

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Context or not, they were rather nasty.

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I don't like Kate Moss and all but gee...way to go Karl for slamming both your Chanel No 5 and Coco Chanel spokemodels.......


McQueen is the King
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Originally Posted by evexa

I wonder if his head would fall of without that collar =/

I'm assuming that he wears collars like that to hide neck flab. When you loose as much weight as he did your neck turns all flabby and loose. Maybe he just wants to cover it up?

It's like at the end of Austin Powers Gold Member where fat bastard went on the subway diet and lost 180 pounds and he said "And unfortunately my neck does look like a vagina."



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How much stupider can one get. Trashing his own spokesmodel. And is not having very much in the way of breasts and endless legs such bad things anyway ? i thought the hypocritical bulldog favoured waifs ? Besides..few are so naive as to think that the beauty of celebrities are completely natural..

silly karly.

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He's just bitter because nobody beautiful ever loved him.


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i don't think its meant as an insult at all. as someone else said, i think he means her body make-up, as in her body proportions. not the makeup she wears on her body. and i think when he said she is an illusion and doesn't give a damm about it, i think he is just stating that she knows who she really is and knows that its illusionary and really doesn't care. i can see how the statement could be misconstrued though..

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