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tfs star
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Eddie is hot. I don't see the big deal about the age difference either, although it's probably only because I always imagine that Karlie is older than she really is and that Eddie is still in his mid-twenties. Still, they are both technically adults and can do what they please.

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Originally Posted by nightclubbing View Post
It isn't like he spotted her on the playground and lured her into a white van with a lollipop, all this talk of her being a teen and him being a creepy old man is ridiculous especially if it isn't something that's 'official'.
lol. ikr.

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^ Yes, it is really unfair to have this older predatory man and helpless young woman attitude- some younger women like older guys because (in some cases) they are more knowledgeable, polished, understanding and so on, and sometimes the guys their age have none of these things to offer...

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Originally Posted by rox_yr_sox View Post
The Taylor/Karlie thing is the more interesting angle for me. Only a month or so ago, Taylor was saying how she wanting to bake pies and be friends with Karlie, and Karlie tweeted her 'your place or mine', or something to that effect.

So, if Taylor and Eddie were indeed dating, and now Eddie is with Karlie, it kind of throws a spanner in the whole Karlie/Taylor friendship.

Also, does anyone think Taylor & Karlie are quite similar looks-wise? Could be his type...
I remember that Eddie used to date Carey Mulligan. I thought they were a cute couple. I think he and Karlie would be cute too. As for Taylor Swift, that came from left field. Perhaps it's HER type to go for "pretty" boys since her public person is "squeaky clean"...

sometimes the greatest journey is the distance between two people
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^I think Taylor Swift only "dates" guys, so she can write songs about them later. It doesn't seem like she's ever had a real relationship. I don't think her and Eddie ever actually dated. They may have just held hands once or something, but that's like 3rd base for Taylor.

As for Eddie and Karlie, it's cute but she's so young. It would be different if she were at least in her 20s, but 19 just seems so far from 30.

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noooo! my imaginary actor boyfriend in the arms of one of my least favorite models?! shock and horror!
only kidding of course...but seriously pics or it didn't happen. it seems too out of the blue to true...

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They seem like a really cute couple - Eddie is gorgeous and seems like a lovely person. I don't think that the age difference is really so much of an issue seeing as Karlie is very mature and they're both in the same stage of life. Plus, Eddie does look awfully young! Karlie is capable of making her own decisions. We shouldn't really believe it until there's concrete evidence, though, ditto for the Taylor Swift relationship.

The Swift rumour seriously came out of left field! Your point about the impact upon Taylor and Karlie's relationship is really interesting. Karlie and Eddie's Vogue shoot looked incredible together, too.

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Karlie seems overly eager to be famous. She didn't waste any time losing her clothes and modeling lingerie once she turned 18. Now the random Leo rumor (which I never believed- she's not his type at all) and this random actor? It's like she realizes the key to the next level is a famous actor and I expect her to be "rumored" to be dating everyone under the sun from here on out.

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Some people here used the word "supermodel" for Karlie but she's not there yet. It definitely looks like her agents want to make her exist outside of the fashion circle though and gossip is a good start. I mean this thread for a rumored fling with an actor that isn't even super famous and without one random spotting or blurry picture to speculate on is already 3 pages long right? First there were the pictures with the Jonas brother, then the rumors about Di Caprio and Redmayne and now there's the speculation she's trying to raise with her "today was a game changer" tweet. I wish she would let her work alone create the buzz like it happened for her Vogue Italia spread.

(And it's funny to read people assuming Eddie Redmayne or his people are trying to get publicity with this kind of things because I really believe he's not the type but he's been everywhere these past weeks so it's not surprising there are some rumors about him.)


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tfs star
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He has a movie out, so don't be surprised if it's PR. He was briefly linked to Taylor Swift before Christmas... and I wouldn't be surprised if EVERYONE she is linked with is just PR.
There is nothing better for an anonymous model who'd like to raise her profile than being seen with a name actor -- sadly.

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So Karlie is actually dating Sam Bradford, Quarterback of the St. Louis Rams

She looks cute and happy


Sam Bradford Dating 19 Year Old Model
March 16 2012

St. Louis Rams Quarterback Sam Bradford regressed in the eyes of many football pundits during 2011, as he only threw six touchdown passes in 10 starts. He missed six games due to the lingering effects of a high ankle sprain. However his 2012 season looks like it’s off to a great start. Bradford is currently dating 19 year old model Karlie Kloss. Our source saw them eating a romantic dinner together on Saturday in St. Louis. “Someone asked Karlie’s sister if they were dating, and she confirmed it. I read in an interview that she always wanted to marry someone Tom Bradyish” says the tipster. Good for Bradford, and she’s close to jail-bait…I’m sure they met the day she turned 18…
http://www.terezowens.com/sam-bradfo...ear-old-model/ (

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That is such a stupidly written article. That guy is 24 and she is half way to 20, that is a perfectly fine age range. And the tipster heard it from someone and read an article? At least sources usually pretend to be close friends.

He looks goofy but they look cute together. Even though they are probably close in height, I think it is cute how she is scrunching down a bit so he appears taller.

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^But Sam is 6ft4! Karlie probably wear heels in this pic.

Valentine27's Avatar
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^I don't think that she would wear heels to a festival.. but trust me, Karlie is a giant, for real, so that's perfectly plausible.

Anyway, that's cool

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Sam Bradford? That's hilarious and really cool. He's a good quarterback, but the rest of his team was utterly horrible last season. He had no good wide receivers to throw to and his offensive line couldn't stop anyone from getting to him, leading to him getting sacked a lot and getting injured. He's a legit good guy though.

Just say no to Terry Richardson.

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