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Originally Posted by sleepykrista View Post
your statement about all the PR kinda points out that we'll never know the real story (not that we should). We only know the pics that were released, the PR spin on it her camp put out to try to clean up as much of the damage as they could and the gossip the other websites throw out there for consumption.
we'll never know for sure what happened, you're right. but the way that user phrased their comment, I'm not buying that for a second.

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We may never know the details, that's true. But that Kristen was a consenting adult in this situation is not in dispute. She's 22, not 12. Her face in the pictures did not look like the face of a woman who was being forced into doing something she didn't want to do. We can all speculate on how it happened, what was going through her head, what was going through Rupert's and Robert's head, but there is no way that Kristen is a victim in this.

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^ you're right. She is a grown adult and participant in the situation, so she brought it on herself.

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Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Still Have 'Trust Issues,' Says Source

Originally published 10/26/2012

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, leaving Sayers Club, Oct. 26
Three months after Kristen Stewart's cheating scandal with director Rupert Sanders, the 22-year-old actress has found forgiveness from her boyfriend of three years, Robert Pattinson. But their repaired relationship is still a work in progress.

"There's still healing to do and trust issues," a friend tells PEOPLE in this week's issue, "but Kristen will do whatever it takes."
As for why Pattinson, 26, took her back, the answer is simple, says another source: "He never stopped loving her."

While the two have been busy doing separate promotional duty for Breaking Dawn Part 2, their much-anticipated red-carpet reunion is set to take place at the film's Nov. 12 premiere.

In the meantime, the two were spotted in L.A. early Friday morning, leaving a Prince show at Sayers Club in Hollywood.
Taking in with Stewart what was described as a very intimate performance by Prince at the 200-person venue (which itself is like a living room), Pattinson certainly seemed to be enjoying himself – and seemed very much at home.
He and Stewart were both the first to arrive and the last to leave, having stayed long after the performance ended, sipping beers with friends.
During the show, "He was behind her – holding her around her hips," an onlooker told PEOPLE. "They were sweetly affectionate and tender. They stood the entire show and loved every second."
The two weren't "hiding from anyone," the onlooker added. "They seemed very comfortable."
People magazine


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^^^I really liked them as a couple before the whole scandal broke. Now, I just can't take them seriously for some reason.

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They look like fools hiding their face given what's been going on in their lives. Kristen courted the paps to get back in the fandom's good graces and now she acts like they are villains again. They both need to grow up - act mature. They really are acting childish.

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^I bet most people would try to shield their eyes from flashes like that. If you want to preserve your vision, you have to...

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Oh Rob. Why didn't you kick her to the curb?!

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Interesting the way they are dressing her all sexy at the Twilight premieres. Makes me think they are trying to spin her into an Angelina Jolie "I don't give a sh*t what you think of me", look at how sexy I am type figure. Unfortunately for her, it doesn't really fit.


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I think they look good together after they got back together.
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Robert is such a good looking man, I mean he can date the girl he wants to....

I wont be surprised if Kristen cheats on him again.

The first time, was not Roberts fault, the second it would be. So sad for him, I thought he was more clever about his lovelife.

and about Kristen... I didnt like her before the scandal, now I like her lesssss.. shes not interesting or worthy for me anymore

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People are so gullible. Their relationship 100% PR.

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I agree.. Very much PR.

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I get the feeling that he made up with her because she grovelled and because he had a movie to sell. He was being a nice guy because media was mean to her. Now that they have to live in reality with no movie, I think they will break up again by Christmas.

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