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Lindsey Lohan and Bruce Willis... ew?

Saw this on the local news last night... Ran a search on here to see if it had been posted, but couldn't find anything.

Lindsay's Gross Encounter?Nope. No way. No how. Absolutely, positively not. We don't even want to think that the following event transpired as described, 'cause if it did, it's beyond wrong. Beyond ooky. We don't even want to tell you, but we'd be remiss if we didn't. Seriously, if you've eaten recently, read no further ...

The New York Post claims Bruce Willis, who hits the big 5-0 in a few days, participated in -- and we're quoting here -- "a mutual gropefest" with 18-year-old Lindsay Lohan.

Uh-oh, here comes breakfast.

Now, to put that age difference in perspective, the top-heavy teen queen is a mere two years older than Rumer, the actor's oldest daughter with ex-wife Demi Moore.

The alleged snuggle-bunnies are said to have taken place during an "after-after-party" at a Manhattan hotel following Tuesday night's premiere of Willis' new action flick, "Hostage." Want more details? An eyewitness contends that during the purported canoodling, a tattoo was spied on Lindsay's lower back reading "La Bella Vista" (translation: The Beautiful View).

The Post says Bruce, who is a producer on Lindsay's upcoming romantic comedy "Just My Luck," later moved the shindig upstairs to his suite, where he was joined by the "Mean Girls" starlet and several pals.

Expect the requisite denials from both stars' camps any second now.

Lindsay, by the way, recently put the kibosh on rumors she has daddy issues when it comes to dating (although given her father's recent arrests and grabs for her cash, they'd probably be more like daddy subscriptions).

"People say I meet all these older men and sleep with them," the slimmed-down actress tells the latest issue of W. "That's disgusting. God knows where all those guys in this business have been! They should start picking on them a little more."

Willis, for his part, seems to be in the midst of a middle-aged carpe diem phase. "I'm having a ball. One of my mottos is to live it up," he tells Thursday's issue of the Washington Post, before soberly adding, "It doesn't come out of 'woo-hoo!' live it up. Early in life, I lost some friends, in freak accidents. We know that death is out there, waiting for us all, but most people are surprised by death. So I try to live in the moment."

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oh yuck

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I don't know if this is true but if I is then wow Bruce Willis needs to be arrested...

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First of all, things like this have ALWAYS been happening. Maybe she wants a daddy figure.. who knows. But she is legal.

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LMAO! I duno what to say? that's seriously weird. He's trying to pull a Demi.

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Originally Posted by *AndoraStar*
First of all, things like this have ALWAYS been happening. Maybe she wants a daddy figure.. who knows. But she is legal.
Just barely...
And if it was your daughter?

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Ewwwwch, no way.

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It was probably a pat on the ***, for all we know. God.. People will gossip about anything.

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I love it how the girl gets blamed for it..Bruce should be the one people should be questioning, not Lindsay. haha

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Bruce has to out-do Demi. Demi has the former it-boy now Bruce has been canoodleing with an it-girl, second to only Paris.

It doesnt hurt that he has a new movie coming out in a week or so, gives him the young peoples attention.

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That is totally appalling! Lindsay is practically the same age as his daughter!

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