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MAXIM Magazine Unveils Their 'Hot 100' for 2006
Press Release
MAXIM Magazine Unveils Their 'Hot 100' for 2006
Monday May 15, 1:00 pm ET

Eva Longoria Crowned #1 for an Unprecedented Second Year in a Row
LOS ANGELES, May 15 /PRNewswire/ -- MAXIM Magazine, the #1 best-selling men's lifestyle magazine in the country and the world, unveils their highly anticipated 7th annual Hot 100 list. "Desperate Housewives" star Eva Longoria makes history by topping the list with the #1 spot for the second year in a row, the first time that Maxim has bestowed the honor back to back. Rounding out the Top 10: MTV Movie Award host, Jessica Alba, (#2); Just My Luck's, Lindsay Lohan, (#3); Mr. and Mrs. Smith's, Angelina Jolie, (#4); "Dancing with The Stars," phenom Stacy Keibler, (#5); The Black Dahlia's, Scarlett Johansson, (#6); Shrek the Third's, Cameron Diaz (#7); Superman Return's, Kate Bosworth (#8); Pirates of the Caribbean's, Keira Knightley (#9) and hit R&B artist and Pulse's, Christina Milian (#10).
(Photo: )
Source: MAXIM· MAXIM Eva Longoria. · Click Here to Download Image
The MAXIM Hot 100 continues to be the barometer of Hollywood cool as it celebrates its 7th anniversary. Each year, MAXIM chooses 100 of the most successful women of the year in film, television, music, sports and fashion. All of the women on the list have several things in common, a tremendous amount of buzz surrounding them, undeniable beauty and a promise of greater things to come. Editors are given the daunting task of selecting which of these women will keep people talking throughout the next year. "The MAXIM Hot 100 continues to get hotter, and it is all because of girls like Eva Longoria, who always looks sensational and continues to reach new heights in her career," says Rob Gregory, publisher of MAXIM. "After Eva nearly crashed our website when we blew up her cover in the desert, we realized we had no choice but to make her #1 again!"
Longoria, who has seen her stardom rocket since the premiere of ABC's "Desperate Housewives" says of her back-to-back feat, "I was floored that Maxim named me #1 for the second year in a row! I hope that the San Antonio Spurs follow in my footsteps and repeat also!" She continued, "MAXIM and their readers have been so amazing to me, not only have they made it possible to see me from space, but to choose me out of so many beautiful women for the second time is unbelievably flattering!"
Past #1 picks include, Jessica Simpson (2004), Christina Aguilera (2003), Jennifer Garner (2002) and Jessica Alba (2001). MAXIM selects women for the Hot 100 that they feel will break new ground in the years to come. In 2004, MAXIM first brought Eva Longoria to our attention (#91) before "Desperate Housewives" even existed. #2 Jessica Alba who not only was the first #1 Hot 100 girl, but year after year has continuously been in the Top 10, moving up this year to the #2 spot from #5 last year. Notable omissions on this year's list include Britney Spears, new mom Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek.
Reality stars have a strong presence to this year's MAXIM hot 100 list. Newcomer to the list, debuting in the Top 10, "Dancing with the Stars" long-leg beauty, Stacy Keibler (#5). While season one "Dancing with the Stars" winner, Kelly Monaco, takes her stand at #13. Kristin Cavallari also makes her debut on the list (#23) only weeks after rumors of hooking up with newly-single, Nick Lachey.
Just as they have in the past, women in music also dominate Hot 100 list. Christina Milian (#10), Christina Aguilera (#16), Jessica Simpson (#18), Mariah Carey (#22), Avril Lavigne (#35), and Fergie (#36) are just a few of the successful, female artists that grace this year's list.
The MAXIM Hot 100 supplement will be available with the June issue of MAXIM, featuring Supermodel Veronica Varekova (#32) on the cover. The June issue also features a layout with up and coming 23-year-old pop star, Frankie, and a Q&A with "That 70's Show's" Wilmer Valderrama. Based on the huge success and national appeal of the Hot 100, VH1 will be airing a 1-hour special hosted by "Nip/Tuck" star Kelly Carlson (#63) on May 30th at 10:00 P.M. MAXIM celebrates its 2006 Hot 100 list by taking over New York City on Wednesday, May 17th. The day begins with pampering as MAXIM and GARNIER FRUCTIS host a Beauty Bar for the elite at the Hotel Gansevoort. Then, the night kicks as MAXIM and PONTIAC present Christina Milian (#10) concert at an undisclosed location. Plus, Maxim hosts the hottest party in New York with the biggest names in film, television, music, sports, and fashion enjoying great music and cocktails courtesy of JOSE CUERVO at the infamous Buddha Bar.

1. Eva Longoria
2. Jessica Alba
3. Lindsay Lohan
4. Angelina Jolie
5. Stacy Keibler
6. Scarlett Johansson
7. Cameron Diaz
8. Kate Bosworth
9. Keira Knightley
10. Christina Milian
11. Kristen Bell
12. Katherine Heigl
13. Kelly Monaco
14. Rachel Bilson
15. Vanessa Minnilo
16. Christina Aguilera
17. Rachel McAdams
18. Jessica Simpson
19. Jamie-Lynn Sigler
20. Eva Green
21. Mischa Barton
22. Mariah Carey
23. Kristin Cavallari
24. Kate Moss
25. Charlize Theron
26. Cindy Crawford
27. Eva Mendez
28. Mandy Moore
29. Jennifer Love Hewitt
30. Uma Thurman
31. Emmanuelle Vaugier
32. Veronica Varekova
33. Natalie Portman
34. Jamie Pressly
35. Avril Lavigne
36. Fergie
37. Emmanuelle Chriqui
38. Paris Hilton
39. Nadine Velazquesz
40. Alicia Keys
41. Daniella Alonso
42. Sienna Miller
43. Gabrielle Union
44. Kelly Ripa
45. Beyonce Knowles
46. Rebecca Romijn
47. Mila Kunis
48. Nicollette Sheridan
49. Brittany Murphy
50. Sarah Silverman
51. Naomi Watts
52. Sara Foster
53. Moon Bloodgood
54. Heidi Klum
55. Venessa Marcil
56. Jessica Biel
57. Autumn Resser
58. Joss Stone
59. Jordana Brewster
60. Shakira
61. Joanna Krupa
62. Nicky Hilton
63. Kelly Carlson
64. Poppy Montgomery
65. Emilie de Ravin
66. Sarah Shahi
67. Evangeline Lilly
68. Cinthia Moura
69. Kelly Clarkson
70. Leeann Tweeden
71. Roselyn Sanchez
72. Anna Kournikova
73. Teri Hatcher
74. Michele Merkin
75. Maggie Grace
76. April Scott
77. Ciara
78. Bree
79. Halle Berry
80. Rachel Nichols
81. Penelope Cruz
82. Venessa Simmons
83. Rachel Perry
84. Amerie
85. Carmen Electra
86. Aubrey
87. Jennifer Scholle
88. Tila Tequila
89. Tami
90. Chilli
91. Kim Smith
92. Elisha Cuthbert
93. Grace Park
94. Brooke Burke
95. Tricia Helfer
96. Bridget Moynahan
97. FSU Cowgirls
98. Yunjin Kim
99. Jennifer Aniston
100. Natasha Bedingfield

Source: MAXIM

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This list is a bunch of bullsh*t.

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Is this a first? Eva does an "interview" and doesn't talk about her coochie? Did you know she has a boyfriend who plays for the Spurs?

Very strange list. I only agree with a handful, and those that I would agree with, like Rachel Bilson, Kate Bosworth, Eva Green, Rachel McAdams...I'd be hesitant to label them "hot". It's so tacky.

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It is basically a catolog of all the half-naked chicks in Hollywood with a few classy ones thrown in here and there just so men don't look like complete pigs.


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I always find these lists to be complete bull. I wonder why they made Carmen Electra #85 if anyone is a sex pot she is. I'd say about 25 of these stars deserve to be on that list and the other 75 don't.

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Poppy Montgomery is #64 !?!? and women like halle berry and penelope cruz behind her??? what the ****???

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I would say that Eva Longoria is cute...but not hot.

She reminds me of a petite soccer mom.

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Lindsay is number 3? How could she possible beat out Elisha Cuthbert, Carmen Electra, Brooke Burke, Fergie, Mariah Carey, ANGELINA JOLIE... What? are ment having kiddie porn fantasies now? And why in gods name is Kristin Cavallari on that list? What's she known for other than being a high school bitch? But then I guess you don't require much of a brain to be on this list...

Instead of actually searching for the "hot" of the bunch they just slapped the numbers 1-100 on a sheet of paper and started coming up with names off the top of their heads.

What a crappy list.

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what a joke....
Lindsay Lohan,Paris Hilton...
they r sexy????

what's next?
they might as well put my grandfather on this list...

and like eva is that hot... she is like 150cm... cute, but can u compare her to angelina????

NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by m.j.
what a joke....
Lindsay Lohan,Paris Hilton...
they r sexy????

what's next?
they might as well put my grandfather on this list...

and like eva is that hot... she is like 150cm... cute, but can u compare her to angelina????

NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!
my god, I was thinking the same thing. What the **** is going on with this list? I couldn't believe some of the names on the list, jaime lynn sigler and nikki and paris, AVRIL LAVINGE!!??? But halle, beyonce and carmen are damn near at the end

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Where is Adriana Lima?

"...that looked like comme des garcons goes to the amish country." -Michael Kors

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What the hell does Jessica Alba do there?........

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Originally Posted by eternitygoddess
This list is a bunch of bullsh*t.
It is, like lists generally..

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I don't even think guys agree with this list. But then again, since when have American magazines been correct?

"I say, let's have happy clothes. You could reply that's frivolous in this troubled world, but do you really think dressing like an existential nun with suicidal thoughts is going to solve Bosnia?"

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Oh least Veronika Varekova is included!!

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