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Originally Posted by Nemezide View Post
with or without vanity fair shoot she is very slutty, i mean posing just in bra all around being 15?! very Disney
Yea, I think her "homemade" web photos are hella slutty without a doubt. No matter the age, posting pics of yourself on the Internets in your underwear is never going to be anything but slutty. And true about the point that the only reason it might be a big deal is because she's marketed as such a chaste little lamb. I still think the VF ones are fine though. Minus the creepy dad part.

Good things come to those who shop.
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front row
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I still don't get why they made her pose with a sheet or whatever. and why is she in Vanity Fair? ugh.

Frightened by the the bite though its no harsher than the bark.
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I'm so sick of hearing about Miley Cyrus. The media is trying to build her up and tear her down faster than they did Britney (now that Britney is getting better they need someone else to pick on ).

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i honestly don't see the big deal. perhaps it is because sometimes i forget how old she actually is, but asides from her looking a bit dirty (as in not washed, not slutty) i did not find her photo as scandalous as her personal photos, really. there is so much unnecessary hype around this, but bad press is still press. she's going to be so huge, it's scary.


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rising star
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does anyone else other than me think that she looks like she's being tortured to do that backless/topless photo. cos she sure looks like she's grimacing.
and that picture is horrible imo.

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This whole thing is SO STUPID! Whats the big deal? Suppose she was wearing an evening gown with half her back uncovered? Stop using the word "Miley Cyrus TOPLESS." Yes, she has no top on; thats different from "topless". Nothings showing; there is no "scandal"

I havent seen the whole photoshoot...lets suppose she has done a risque topless shot. SO WHAT?! Just because she plays a character on TV doesnt mean she has to live up to that in her personal life.

Stop giving a B grade (at best) actress more due than she is worth.

Why am i replying here if i dont care? Coz i am bored. There.

Drink Deeply and Dream

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The other day on the View, Whoopi commented that Annie uses a digital camera to take her photos, and shows the model the progress. So Miley would have known exactly what the photos looked like almost immediately after they were taken. She obviously just didn't think it would create the furore that it has. And from the candid photos taken on the set, she doesn't look awkward, uncomfortable or as though she is being forced into something she doesn't want to do. Her saying that she was shocked when she saw the photos is obviously just spin. IMO if she had said that she loved the photoshoot and stood by it and the team behind it, she'd have risked losing her way lucrative Disney contract and who can blame her for not wanting that. I hate that Annie is being made to seem like a child molester who forced Miley to be topless. Miley should be defending her.

I find the creepiest thing is that she talks about her virginity vow in front of her dad...

"If you don't wear lipstick, I can't talk to you."
-Isabella Blow (1958-2007)

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