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they don't have to love each other but it doesnt mean that they are some enemies or what. she posted that pic cause it was kind of funny and if i were jac or anna or kasia or anja i wouldn't be really angry about that XD It's magdalena's facebook, her instagram feed is on her facebook dashboard too. She's also friends with many polish people inc her fiance's real account and posts many private stuff or annoucements like selling nyc studio etc

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Magdalena re-posted someone's photo as an joke. She obviously doesn't think the other girls are ugly or have beef with them (if you read her feed she's big on sisterhood, particularly of the Polish kind), it's just her sense of humour.
Just watch the VS prep video where she pretend-cusses out the Brazilians for having better asses than her

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LOL, I send that picture to Magdalena's Twitter, probably she took it from there, I thought it was funny.


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Ok,ok guys now I see maybe I took it too personally . Maybe it was supposed to be funny, game over haha And if we talk about her facebook I thought it's fake because I haven't seen any new pics and the only reason it's real was her friends, I can't see much more just a few pics(no new posts and instagram pics on her dashboard or many private stuff or annoucements like selling nyc studio as Bezimienna mentioned) so for me it was pretty visible. Now I see the point and it's allright.

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so Lea T. posted this picture.


Cover vogue america.this is the taste of the people the people today!! shock

leacerezo instagram

and the rest of the comments are also not so favorable...

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Coming back to the Magdalena Frackowiak issue, I actually recently translated a longer interview with her where she says she tries to be friends with everyone in the industry and remain professional, particularly with the Polish girls who she understandably relates to a bit better so I guess we can be as sure as sure can be that it was just a joke.

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Halfway through Kate Moss’s 25-year reign as the most famous model in the world, when I was editor of Marie Claire, I sent her on a well-deserved holiday.
The destination was a spa in Thailand. She was allowed to take her best friend, fly business class, and indulge in all the beauty treatments her heart desired. We’d turn it all into a fabulous feature: all she had to do was pose for a few pictures and keep a travel diary.
This was a coup for the magazine as Kate had long refused to model for us.

But it was a disaster. She refused to stop smoking, to give us any photos bar a blurry, long-distance Polaroid — or to write any copy whatsoever. She never even said thank you.
Read more:

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Kate's no saint but I found that article to be very typical bitter Liz Jones

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I have doubts that we are getting the full story. I wonder if it was them giving someone something for "free" and then later on demanding something in return. If that was the case I could understand why Kate didn't bother to cooperate with them. I despise tactics like that.


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You can't expect to be given something for free without getting asked for a favor in return.

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I do not believe you have to give a favour in return if it wasn't justifiably expected, and clear from the start what the return favour would be. If one business man invites another to a expensive dinner, the other doesn't have to do any business with him... Same principle. If Marie Claire had a solid case, proving a breach of contract, they could have sued and won.

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Liz Jones is known for making a mountain out of a mole hill. Her opinion is invalid, from working at Marie Claire to the Daily Mail? oh what a step up the career ladder

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Liz Jones is bitter old hag who pretends she was Anna Wintour and ruled the fashion world. But would anyone who was as high up in the fashion world as she claims to be have to write silly puff pieces for the Daily Mail? I'm not saying Kate didn't act up on set, I mean she's Kate Moss. But she does have a reputation for being professional, something Liz doesn't.

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Maddy Hooton, Elite Model UK 2011 winner, gets up to quite a lot of underage drinking and flipping-the-bird-at-the-camera on her Instagram. I think she forgets that she's a professional model - in her actions, she's any teenage girl.

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^ which is her instagram account?

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