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I'm sure by that point of the FW circuits everyone is just tired and over-emotional. Seems abbey was probably just embarrassed that he thought she was incapable of doing her job rather than it being the shoes

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I expected Alber's reaction to be much worse as well.
Of course saying Abbey couldn't do the show was hard, but he definitely did not yell at her.
It was probably all the pressure that made Abbey cry.

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Freja is amazing and I liked how most of the people around Abbey were trying to support her when she was showing Alber her walk in the flat shoes, "She'll be great", "She looks good with that."

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It must have been hard for Alber to tell that to Abbey considering how generally nice he is to everyone. On Abbey's end, she might felt frustrated. After all, she's a top model who is about to be cut from an important show.

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Another model wrote a tell-all about the industry

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^^I feel the same way about that as thegloss clearly does

I don't mean that I don't think those things aren't terrible, but it should be pretty obvious to anyone getting into the industry. Her story about the FHM shoot...what did she think modelling for VS was going to be like? All this stuff is pretty tame as well. Horrible as it is, I think some girls have had photographers do a lot worse to them than try to kiss them.

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Originally Posted by Elfinkova View Post
At 5:30 & 7:23. LOL at Alber saying she's walking like she's drunk. Later on in the video Freja consoles her. So sweet.

Yeah Lily was pretty stressed out. I would be too, all those people surrounding me.
I have to say, she totally did look drunk. I didn't think he was mean. A little compassion for the broken ankle situation would have been nice, but I guess with the show running late (I believe?), there wasn't a lot of extra time for niceties. Not sure why she got cut from 2 looks to one ... there doesn't seem to be so much wild model behavior now as in the past, but I can certainly see why he would ask what was up, I would too.

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When reading all those articles with exaggerated titles I expected Alber to yell and scream at her, and then I saw the video and I was like "That was it?". Considering the circumstances Alber was actually quite calm, reasonable and considerate. After all he was going to cancel her completely and he gave her a second chance to walk with flats.

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The Lanvin video was...meh. Much ado about nothing. There was no drama at all. I expected to get a glimpse of the so-called high fashion backstage drama and instead I saw a lot of running around and models changing from heels to flats. Abbey, Freja, Alber, or Lily all did nothing worthy of a long discussion.

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God, why did you have me win the Victoria’s Secret Angel competition if it was going to make me feel this way? I’m not honoring my husband.

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Kylie sang the same song right after the competition she's obviously just trying to push her book sales. 3 years later and I still don't care.

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Jeez, shes so annoying. If everything is so horrible and she wants nothing to do with them then why keep the VS in her twitter name?

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I actually think Alber was pretty mean in that video...I didn't expect him to be like that from seeing a few interviews in the past

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Originally Posted by FRANCY ITALY View Post
what a show full of dramas poor Abbey..

i found very embarassing around 11 minute, when Alber goes to talk to Frida, who is standing completely naked, and she tries to cover up the X areas
Yeah I was shocked when I saw that. I knew it happens that way but to actually see it... quite embarrassing.

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Originally Posted by fralovesfashion View Post
How sweet when Freja was talking to her.. such sweet eyes.. I really hope we will see both together very soon
Can someone type what Freja actually says at 11:31 because the music is so loud, I can't understand..

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