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wow the legs in post #79 ..It's baffling how she can even stand up

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I guess you people are all aware of the fact that Lara has been alcoholic for quite some time AND she is still smoking like a chimney. Now, you go figure out where those purple colour on her legs comes from...

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Originally Posted by Edita View Post
We know about Sigrid's problems but what about Constance ?
What do you mean? Yes, she looks skinnier than before, but I think she's ok.

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I think girls always look healthier in VSFS photos. But even if an active high-fashion, short-term VS model looks so in photos, that doesn't mean she will be "healthy" like that forever, she will continue losing some weight because the fashion week is again near. IMHO.

And as someone speaking earlier, VS is about business, they feature a variety of figures TO SELL. And small note here: variety of race too.

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Sigrid again in 2006. Shocking, isn't it?

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Originally Posted by Edita View Post
We know about Sigrid's problems but what about Constance ?
They were about 16 years old in this picture. As we get older and turn into adults, we all loose a certain amount of "baby fat".
Constance has changed since the EML contest but I think it has only to do with her getting older. If you look at pictures from her 1st season, she is pretty much the same now and anyway she is curvier than the average model.
Sigrid on the other hand has changed dramatically.

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Originally Posted by hysteria View Post
What do you mean? Yes, she looks skinnier than before, but I think she's ok.
Yes! My Comment was very positive. I like Constance figure wise a lot

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[QUOTE=agee;8248327]I can't speak for anyone else, but I recently made a genetic lottery comment and if you read my posts in this thread, I am certainly not a celebrant of emaciated models, but I am not a radical anti-thinspo either who assumes that every visible clavicle or hipbone means an ED. To me, winning the genetic lottery means being tall and thin (but not frail or refugee-like) with the right hip-to-waist-to-bust proportions and a having a face and body that photographs well. It also means having the right look at the right time.

I'm with you! I only recall seeing the term once in here, however, i was referring to seeing it around the internet in general really, not the fashion spot. Some of the dialogues/discussion around many of the celebrity/fashion websites out there are simply riddled with it, and not in a healthy way.

My personal 'lottery' ideal would more likely be petite and slim, along with the photogenic face, etc. But yes, in the modeling world, your description makes perfect sense.

***hurghh! I was replying to an earlier quote here, and completely messed up the code, sorry folks!***

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I know that has been discussed but WOW Crystall looks so thin here, what's her actual size?
She should be a size 6 (us) now!

and what with the neck

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carmen_kass's Avatar
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OMG she looks really thin (for crystal).

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Lara Stone's legs are probably because she is nervous

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cestmagique's Avatar
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Ugh... I don't really 'get' Crystal as a model. She looked better to me when she was fuller, but either way I think her modeling skills are sorely lacking.

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here are the other Crystal shots from that Harpers Bazaar ed.

Source: Fashionista

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^I don't get it either. I think the hype around her is ridiculous.
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I find it refreshing that the US Bazaar editorial seems to simply involve Crystal modelling clothes in the same way that any other model would in this magazine - with no focus on her flesh, no nudity, none of this nonsense where she's eating an octopus as some sort of commentary about the repulsive side of carnality. Just an ordinary, studio-shot editorial, rather than a weight-related sideshow.

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