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The Model & Celeb Weight Thread [Read post #1 before posting] #5
Update, Effecive Jan 1, 2011:

We are no longer going to have a thread dedicated to weight discussions. We found that, despite having specific rules for discussion and ongoing moderation, the thread kept going off topic with prohibited discussion of medical advice and unpleasant disagreements between members.

We do not find that this topic contributes positively to discussion at the Fashion Spot.

The rule prohibiting weight discussion in all areas of the forums is still in effect.

A note from the Moderators:

tFS weight discussion guidelines were created to encourage a more constructive and mature discourse regarding weight issues as they relate to fashion, models and celebrities. Prior to our weight discussion guidelines, celebrity style threads were completely derailed by weight comments and the actual style discussion was lost. This is a problem considering we're a fashion focused forum. Moreover, we had numerous members posting pro-ED comments and photos. We have a lot of young members at tFS who may be negatively influenced by such ideas. By creating a single forum to discuss weight issues, we can easily monitor such discussion.

Previous weight threads have allowed the discussion of personal weight issues. Despite our best attempts and guidelines to the contrary, extreme personal issues, misinformation, and diet and medical advice were continually present. In order to refocus discussion toward more fashion industry related issues, personal issues will no longer be allowed. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

tFS Mod Squad

Weight Thread Guidelines
  • Personal weight issues are NOT to be discussed. This includes, but is not limited to, discussing personal experiences with eating disorders, weight loss, or weight gain.
  • Personal information is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, discussion of personal clothing size, and personal caloric intake.
  • No diet advice or medical advice will be allowed. Issues related to personal health need to be handled by your doctor and not discussed on tFS.
  • You may discuss models and celebrities that you feel have issues with their weight but keep in mind that it needs to be done in a mature, respectful manner.
  • Detailed discussion of models'/celebs' diets (i.e. food diaries, weight loss tricks, et al.) is not allowed.
  • No photoshopped pictures or derogatory posts.
  • ALL weight discussion must be handled in this thread. It will not be allowed in any other part of this forum and will be deleted.
  • Posts not in compliance with these guidelines will be removed.
This thread will adhere to the rules listed above as well as all rules listed in the Community Guidelines & Posting Rules.

Emphasis is put on member responsibility for this thread.
Keep this thread clean through your support for the rules and help deter rule violations. Please report posts that do not adhere to the posting guidelines.

Thank you.

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Thank you!

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^well shes skinny (of course), but nothing shoking.

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Originally Posted by wetsleeves View Post
I don't think people outside of fashion would necessarily pick Eniko to be the prettiest... bigger boobs aside she's really, really weird looking. None of those three have anything close to classical or conventional beauty though so it's hard to tell who people outside of fashion would pick.

As for Chanel I've always hated her, but her body looks natural and normal for her and who says a woman has to have curves? That's just as unhealthy and prejudiced a message to send as 'a woman has to be skinny.' It's great that VS doesn't discriminate just because she doesn't have the stereotypically womanly build.
Funny you would mention this - about an hour ago I was drinking coffee with some friends and there was a fashion magazine on our table with an article about models before and after having their make-up done at shows, with a photo of Eniko included. All my friends thought she was the prettiest out of them all (some of the other featured models were Sasha, Karlie, Chanel and Anna S amongst others.) The adjectives thrown around were usually something like 'adorable', 'cute' and 'classic beauty'.
That being said, these were all girls. Perhaps there's a difference between a man's opinion?

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Originally Posted by TommyAlbania View Post
^well shes skinny (of course), but nothing shoking.
It kind of makes me sad to read that, because it comforts me in the idea that we do not see models as emaciated as they really are. We're used to see girls who are scarily skinny, so now we're almost finding it "normal" and not alarming at all.

I doubt that the girl on the picture above is healthy. So yes, I find it shocking.

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Originally Posted by TommyAlbania View Post
^well shes skinny (of course), but nothing shoking.

Nothing shocking? Some people should seriously take a break from these forums.

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I dont think Melissa T is too skinny

and did anyone see the Anja improvement at VS?

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Magdalena looked so much better and healthier! Do you think this is the reason why she wasn't present at Paris last Spring/Summer 2011 season?

Originally Posted by sleepingbeauty13 View Post
VSFS HQs from Getty via nothingless

we could have had it all
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Her stomach wasn't concave, so in that sense, there was improvement. But even with the VS hair and makeup she just looked...drawn.

Madga looks better than I thought she would.

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seriously she's looking so much better, and I frankly believe that she rocked VS show

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Originally Posted by RagPony View Post
I dont think Chanel deserves to be called "disgusting" or other hateful comments.
But i certainly don't think she should be helped as an ideal, aspirational body - and especially not a "sexy" Victoria's Secret body (which is what their spokes models are supposed to be).
Whether her size is natural or not, it's is not something that women or girls can aspire to or emulate without making themselves sick and/or f*cked up. And that is what I think the problem people have with her appearing in underwear/swimwear/vs/etc shoots and shows.
I think that's what bothers me, too. Her body type is incredibly, incredibly rare- she can't weigh over 110 lbs at 5'9, yet she has at least a B cup chest (cups get smaller as band size gets smaller, so she may even be a C); for 99% of the population, that's not attainable. Can she help her size? I have no idea. But I do feel like a brand like VS should be advertising and celebrating bodies that were "earned."

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Magda is awwwwwwww :flowers: I can't even explain it.the look on her face ,her smile and everything is so adorable.I wouldn't use the word healthy because it is open to interpretation (especially in the fashion industry) but I think she looks really good.

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althought i hate VS i think it could be the best show for the girls - they finnaly are able to look healthy and they don't need to feel bad. Maybe it is start for some

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@Style Savvy: I just came her to post Magdas pics
She's lookin sooooooo good! I was a bit concerned when i first heard that she'll strutting down for VS but it was a good thing! SO good to see her in this condition. Magda, please stay so!

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I dont think Magdalena wasnt present in paris because of her body, she probably was working on something else.I actually found adriana's face a litlle different.

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Magdalena looked radiant, i take back my misgivings, for the first time ever i thought her beautiful.

Anja just looked awful as ever though, not sexy at all, same for Chanel. disgusting is a harsh word, but it crossed my mind more than once last night i must admit.

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