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^ true, it's not like it's her first time

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Originally Posted by thefashionista
i think kate and pete suit each other, for
1)they both have four-letter first names
2)they are both very thin
3)they both have(had) substance problems, and
4)they seem to like each other quite a bit.
The first three are odd reasons for suiting each other!

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^ Hehehe

If Oprah WinfreymarriedDeepak Chopra, she'd be OprahChopra.
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Kate ditches Pete
Kate Moss has reportedly ditched Pete Doherty after a week of tabloid allegations about her private life.

Pete was said to have "gone berserk" in Ibiza after Kate told him it was all over, reports The Sun.

He smashed up a £10,000 vintage guitar on stage and allegedly threatened a reporter with a broken bottle.

Meanwhile, Kate has made a sincere apology to high street fashion house H&M after photographs of her allegedly snorting cocaine appeared in the Mirror.

The Swedish company had expressed disappointment with her behaviour during a face-to-face meeting in New York City.

But fears Moss would lose a series of lucrative contracts seem to have been allayed with the news that H&M marketing director Jorgen Andersson has accepted her apology.

H&M spokesperson Anacarin Bjorne says: "We are very anti-drugs and insist all our models are healthy and sound. What happened is in Kate's private life, but we are all very disappointed in her.

"Kate has apologised and was full of remorse for her actions. She has assured us it will not happen again, and we are willing to give her another chance."

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^ I hope that's true!

And as for her career, I heard some rumours that Rimmel wasn't going to continue with her... If she manages to get herself together then I'm sure this won't hurt her career.

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Fashion world backs supermodel Kate

(Monday September 19, 2005 04:58 PM)

The fashion world came together to offer its support to underfire Kate Moss after reports in The Sun that the supermodel had ended her nine-month relationship with Babyshambles singer Pete Doherty follow allegations of lesbian affairs and years of cocaine abuse.

But key players in the fashion world were quick to come to the model's defence with former model Twiggy saying she was appalled at the media's treatment of Moss.

"I love Kate, I think she is a brilliant, brilliant model. And I think these undercover guys, (what they did) is not journalism.

"What they did is disgusting, completely out of order. She is still the greatest," she told London's Evening Standard.

Julian Macdonald, whose show at London Fashion week was invaded by anti-fur protesters, said: "Poor Kate - she was just trying to lead her own life."

Artist and friend of Moss, Tracey Emin, told the paper: "People should just leave her alone. They are just jealous of her. She is a great friend of mine and I can tell you I have never seen her touch the stuff once."

Fashionistas attending London Fashion Week, while not wanting to associate their labels with such behaviour, were refusing to denounce Moss.

One industry buyer, who did not want to be named, said: "The poor girl's had a torrid time, people should leave her alone."

Christopher Prebois, who was supporting his model girlfriend, said: "I don't think it will damage her image. On the contrary it may improve it." The allegations aimed at Moss threaten contracts worth millions of pounds she has with some of the world's leading fashion brands. Clothing chain H&M has announced it is standing by her.

Don't think this has been posted yet...

From Yahoo! UK

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New reports about the state of Kate's modeling future: Source is

"Did we speak too fast about Kate Moss' fashion future? We heard over the weekend that H&M accepted her apology and was willing to keep her on as the face of their stores, but now they're thinking about rescinding that offer upon learning about Ms. Moss' three-way.

But last night, after learning of newspaper allegations concerning drug-taking and three-in-a-bed sex, the company said it now wanted to talk to her about the new claims. H&M, which hired Ms Moss to be the “face” for its forthcoming campaign, said that prominent coverage of her wild lifestyle could jeopardise its contract with her. A spokeswoman for the company said the contract with Moss could now be in danger of being terminated.

“This (coverage) leads to reflection for us,” she said, as two Sunday newspapers dubbed the model “Cocaine Kate”.

Meanwhile Dior and Chanel are also said to be reconsidering using Kate's face for their fashion houses."

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Originally Posted by thefashionista
i'm guessing her career will stay strong.
she's kate moss, for god's sake one more incident won't stop everybody from adoring her.
very true

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H&M has now officially dropped Kate Moss, according to Channel 4 news.

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Meanwhile, London's Mirror reported that Moss has split with boyfriend Pete Doherty. The bleary-eyed rocker was seen a disco on the Spanish isle of Ibiza without Moss — instead kissing another man.

Source: NY Daily News

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It's not an uncommon sight, peter kissing other men.

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Originally Posted by jeffreyuno
Meanwhile, London's Mirror reported that Moss has split with boyfriend Pete Doherty. The bleary-eyed rocker was seen a disco on the Spanish isle of Ibiza without Moss — instead kissing another man.

Source: NY Daily News
ADMIN EDIT** "stopped caring about gender"...

Btw: Didn`t Kate buy him that "Anti-Heroin Implant"??? Why doesn`t it make him sober? ADMIN EDIT** Please see tFS POLICY!

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ADMIN EDIT** "stopped caring about gender".
What does that mean????? we can't talk about gender is that it???

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