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Hmm as sad and pathetic his motive for publishing a diary, I still want to read it. I want to know the "real" Pete and obviously to find out more about Kate and who she is!

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i doubt he's gonna say much about kate, not the super private personal stuff anyway. I supect it's just gonna be poetic stuff about how much he loves her... if you've read his prison diaries, there's one entry where he rambles on about the conditions of the prison dadada, then in the end he writes, "I see my true love on a Rimmel ad." It's very sweet.

But obviously if you're just interested in reading about Kate Moss and isn't interested in Pete's poetry or his artistic views, then i dont' think the biography's gonna do much for you.

I just hope it's readable. I can't make out some of the stuff inthe books of albion. The handwriting is just too hard to read!!

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Originally Posted by cosmogrl5
I have a feeling that the only way I would ever understand his book is if I befriended some of the powdery white stuff.

LOL i wish i could karma you for that!

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Too bad I don't quite understand some of his writings because of the messy calligraphy.

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Can't wait to browse the good parts in Barnes and Nobles...


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I can't read his handwriting either...

Unless half of it is mindless drivel than I'll probably be buying it though

I think it's a bad move for his career though because people are very tired of him already and I think there is a lot of doubt this will actually be published.

"It's probably because Holland v Argentina is on. That’s rock’n’roll” he explained.

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Originally Posted by scblonndie
Can't wait to browse the good parts in Barnes and Nobles...
This will be my approach as well, if any.

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