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as if she'd be pregnant! i watched it last night and she hardly answered the pregnancy question. it's just the media trying to create more scandal
they did have unprotected sex..but i would be very suprised if she is pregnant

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Poor poor Ralph.

That first photo of her looks like it was taken from the late 80s. It was probably purchased by the press from someone who once knew her.

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Here's the transcript...a bit long

Come on, you have to admit it, there's something compelling about the story of Lisa Robertson and Ralph Fiennes - the Qantas hostie and the Hollywood star who made world headlines by joining the mile-high club on a flight from Australia to India. A lot has been written about their high jinks at 30,000 feet. Everyone's had their say, now it's Lisa's turn. Tonight, she tells of their instant attraction, their passionate affair, and the not-so-gallant Mr Fiennes the morning after, and I can tell you, some of the details really surprised me. So, maybe it's best not to judge Lisa until you've heard her side of the story.

LISA ROBERTSON: That's what he's really like - he's very passionate. That's how he is …how he was with me.
PETER OVERTON: When Ralph met Lisa, it was a case of life imitating art. It seems like 'The English Patient' was playing out in real life for you?
LISA ROBERTSON: Yeah, it was, honestly. It was just so much like that.
PETER OVERTON: But little did they realise their mid-air tryst in a Qantas toilet would become the world's most celebrated entry into the mile-high club.
JAY LENO: And that Qantas flight attendant - remember the one that had sex with the actor Ralph Fiennes in the airline bathroom? She's now been fired. Is that fair, huh? Finally, an airline employee dedicated to customer service, she gets fired. She's the one flight attendant...
LISA ROBERTSON: I mean, we both did the wrong thing. What we did was - it was silly, it was inappropriate, it was very unprofessional for me, as a flight attendant, to do what I did. I'm very well aware of that, you know. As soon as he started kissing me I couldn't stop. I couldn't control myself. You know, there was no turning back from that. And –
PETER OVERTON: You couldn't wait until India?
PETER OVERTON: This high-flying sex scandal started when actor Ralph Fiennes, most famous for playing complex British aristocrats, boarded a Qantas flight bound for India. There, he met hostess Lisa Robertson, a former scuba instructor, triathlete, and undercover cop. What is this photo?
LISA ROBERTSON: This is a photo when I was in the drug enforcement agency, around 1995, and we were doing a cannabis eradication...
PETER OVERTON: Lisa's life has already had plenty of drama - a drug squad detective, a weapons and bomb expert. She was highly commended before leaving the NSW Police Force burnt out. Undercover in the drug squad, dealing with king pins?
LISA ROBERTSON: Yeah, and buying heroin - I had to lose a lot of weight, I had to look really skanky, if I can use that word. It affected my home life and the way I saw myself after a while because I was around people a lot that were in that drug culture.
PETER OVERTON: She started flying with Qantas in 2004 but, little did she know, as she prepared for work on January 24 this year, the star of her favourite film, 'The English Patient', would be sitting in seat 2K. Why were you so happy to see Ralph Fiennes?
LISA ROBERTSON: I just think he's gorgeous, I think he's just absolutely gorgeous, and when I met him in person - I didn't meet him, I served him - my first contact with him was like - he was such a nice person, and he was just - his smile, I melted. He had this most beautiful smile and this most beautiful presence.
RALPH FIENNES: I want to say I was making a film in Australia last fall, had the most wonderful time, met the most wonderful people and I want to go back.
LISA ROBERTSON: We actually talked. He was very interested in me, and I was very interested in him. We were, like, drawn. Every moment, every time I would walk past, every opportunity he had, he would want to talk to me. I said to him: “You know, I love that part in the movie when you say ‘it's a very plump plum’.” And he was so amazed that I remembered that line. And I said: "Can you say it for me?" And he sort of got himself into character and he said it really slowly - "It's a very plump plum." And then I said: "Can you say it one more time?" It was hilarious.
PETER OVERTON: Ralph Fiennes was clearly taken with the hostess from Down Under. In the middle of the long flight with most on board sleeping, Ralph entered the crew area.
LISA ROBERTSON: A few minutes later he came in, he pulled the curtain back, popped his head in and said: "I hope you weren't sleeping". And I said: "No, no, come in, take a seat". And he sat down in front of me. I was leaning forward, he was leaning forward, so we were practically touching legs, you know, and, we, yeah, you're right - it was obvious then - it was obvious to me then something was going to happen, you know?
PETER OVERTON: Did you want it to happen?
LISA ROBERTSON: Of course. I'd have to be insane not to.
PETER OVERTON: And what happened?
LISA ROBERTSON: Well, after - we talked for a while about lots of different things, and then, just suddenly, he just started kissing me, like, really passionately, just like on the movie in 'The English Patient'. He was so passionate, you know. It was obvious to me that this was getting a bit dangerous, so I grabbed his hand and led him into the toilet because obviously that's a confined area, and we were less likely to be seen. I knew that I couldn't control myself and that I wanted him to kiss me, I wanted to kiss him. He's one of the most gorgeous men in the world to me.
PETER OVERTON: So did you have sex?
LISA ROBERTSON: We had sex, yes.
PETER OVERTON: The practicalities of having sex in an airplane toilet - a lot of people are wondering how that's even possible.
LISA ROBERTSON: I know it is, um …
PETER OVERTON: They are not that big.
LISA ROBERTSON: Anything's possible. I'm quite flexible - I'm sorry, I'm trying to be funny. No, yeah, it is hard, you know, but, yeah. I was just on the sink - arms, legs everywhere, you know.
PETER OVERTON: Lisa, let's face it - you are a flight attendant. You are at work, you cannot have sex with a passenger in a toilet.
LISA ROBERTSON: Yeah, I agree it was unprofessional.
LISA ROBERTSON: Stupid. It was wrong. However, I was on my break. Can I make that point?
PETER OVERTON: It's hardly an excuse.
LISA ROBERTSON: No, I am not excusing my actions for one moment. I know that I'm wrong, and I know that people have wide views about this, but, you know, I didn't kill anyone, I didn't hurt anyone, no other customers on the aircraft were - knew about this or were disturbed by this. I was on my break. It was an interaction that happened between two people. I know it's wrong, I reiterate that, I am not blaming anyone else.
PETER OVERTON: Their affair didn't end when QF123 touched down in Mumbai. Ralph invited Lisa over to his hotel and it appears obvious neither suffered from jet lag. I'll ask you bluntly, how many times did you have sex?
LISA ROBERTSON: Three times that night and then once in the morning.
PETER OVERTON: So that's four times you had sex in the hotel in Mumbai, once on the plane.
PETER OVERTON: What was he like as a lover?
LISA ROBERTSON: Excellent. Very passionate, very caring. I've rated him 10 out of 10, and that's genuine, that's not, you know, just for - to make him look good or make anything look good, it's just true. He was excellent. There was this chemistry between us and it was great.
PETER OVERTON: But that was when the fun ended. Sex between two consenting adults is fine, but not when it's between a flight attendant and a passenger. A Qantas crew member saw them both leave the toilet and reported their mid-air interlude. Lisa Robertson was suspended without pay. What did Ralph Fiennes say to you when you managed to contact him and told him what had happened?
LISA ROBERTSON: I told him, you know: "I'm in a lot of trouble and I have to answer allegations to Qantas about what happened in the toilet." And he said: "Nothing happened. We weren't in the toilet." I said: "Remember when you came out of the toilet you saw a crew member standing there?" He said: "Yes." I said: "Well, he was still standing there when I came out of the toilet." And I said: "That crew member has made a statement setting out what he saw and I have to give an explanation to that to save my job.” And he said: "Nothing happened." He kept repeating himself, like a parrot. "Nothing happened, we weren't in the toilet." And I felt really alone and I didn't know what to say. I had to come up with some response to Qantas, and I didn't know what to say. I just felt abandoned, I felt alone, I thought: "I don't know what I'm going to do."
PETER OVERTON: But when Lisa's report denying any sexual encounter between her and Fiennes was leaked to a Sydney newspaper, all hell broke loose. It was only then she decided to speak out.
LISA ROBERTSON: It came out in the Sunday paper and, for all to see, and after I realised that my job was gone I thought: "Well, I'm just going to tell my side of the story."
PETER OVERTON: You didn't think it would be better to let it go away?
LISA ROBERTSON: I put a lot of thought into it before the Sunday paper came out. I was just going to resign, to protect him, and to maintain some dignity for myself, but once it was on the front page of that newspaper it was just horrific for me. My phone wouldn't stop ringing, I couldn't leave my house, I felt so alone and I didn't know what to do, you know? It was horrible.
PETER OVERTON: Was it worth it?
LISA ROBERTSON: It was worth it. The only regrets I do have is the effect that this has had on my parents. They are devastated, they are embarrassed, and they are devastated, and that's quite hurtful to me because, you know, they have done nothing wrong, and they have to live with this, you know.
PETER OVERTON: Lisa's father, Graham, hails from the bush. It's the first time they've seen each other since the story broke and, despite the embarrassment, this retired country butcher isn't about to let his daughter get carved up by the scandal.
GRAHAM ROBERTSON: Whatever happens I'd stick with Lisa, no matter, you know. When she was in the police force, I was that proud of her too, so, And she achieved a lot in life, you know.
PETER OVERTON: But Lisa shouldn't have been doing what –
GRAHAM ROBERTSON: No, I realise that, that's for sure, yeah. So I'll be having a yarn to her probably later on about a few things, so..
PETER OVERTON: Little father-daughter talk.
GRAHAM ROBERTSON: Father daughter talk, that's right. I might have to smack her on the hand a couple of times, not too hard because you are not allowed to do it these days.
PETER OVERTON: In the fallout from all of this, Lisa has lost everything - her career, her lifestyle, her reputation. In Lisa's favourite film, Ralph Fiennes goes to the rescue of his dying lover in one of cinema's most romantic scenes, but Lisa realises there'll be no Hollywood ending for her and Ralph. Do you think he cares?
LISA ROBERTSON: I know this would be hurtful to him, because he's quite a private person, but I don't think he cares about me, I think he's obviously concerned about his reputation, but I don't think this has done anything to harm his reputation.
PETER OVERTON: But it's the lurid revelations of what went on in that Qantas cubicle which has also cast a cloud over Ralph's credibility - a man who, it would appear, doesn't practice what he preaches. Why was Ralph going to India?
LISA ROBERTSON: He was going there to promote safe sex and talking about AIDS.
PETER OVERTON: Did you have safe sex?
LISA ROBERTSON: No, on one occasion, no.
PETER OVERTON: On the aeroplane toilet?
LISA ROBERTSON: On the aircraft.
PETER OVERTON: So he's going to India to talk about safe sex, and you two are engaging in unsafe sex on the plane.
PETER OVERTON: So I suppose there's a chance that you could be pregnant with Ralph Fiennes's baby?
LISA ROBERTSON: Perhaps, yeah. I haven't really thought about that much.
PETER OVERTON: How do you reckon he'd react if, and I hope you are not, but how do you think he would react if you were pregnant?
LISA ROBERTSON: I think he'd probably have a nervous breakdown. He's quite, he's quite sensitive, you know.
PETER OVERTON: Do you think he'd still say: "Nothing happened"?
LISA ROBERTSON: I think he's actually admitted that something happened now. I don't know. I think - I can't answer - I can't answer what he would do because I don't think I know him at all.
PETER OVERTON: Do you think he's just a good actor?
LISA ROBERTSON: I think he's just a good actor, a very good actor.


You can also watch the video...

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Fiennes hostie gets hot

From Sydney Confidential
April 09, 2007 07:43am
Article from:

SHE infamously got her gear off for Ralph Fiennes mid-air, now sacked Qantas hostess Lisa Roberston is doing it again - this time for a men's magazine.
The down-and-out trolley dolly, who lost her job after a mile-high tryst with the Hollywood actor, is trying to reinvent herself as a lingerie model.

And while her tarnished reputation may prevent her from making the Victoria's Secret catalogue, a made-over Robertson has quickly found a home in the pages of Zoo Weekly.

The controversial lads' mag has interviewed Robertson in their latest issue – which hits news stands today – and splashed saucy photos of her across six pages.

But Zoo editor Paul Merrill insisted they were not taking advantage of Robertson and that she deserved a second chance despite her indiscretions.

"She's certainly had her troubles but she's a survivor and this week's Zoo is her first step to bouncing back," he said.

"She chose Zoo because she knew she could trust us and that we'd make her look stunning."
Meanwhile, New Woman magazine, another Emap publication has been flogging its online content with an "exclusive five part blog" by Robertson.


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^ She's milking it for all it's worth I see...

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This was quite a fun read

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Jeez, typical... Two people have sex and it's the woman who gets villified for it. Ralph is hardly ever mentioned in articles about this. Why do people forget that he consented to this, otherwise he wouldn't have had sex with her. He wasn't forced, so I don't think all of the blame is on her. Yes, she behaved wrongly but to villify her while disregarding Fiennes is wrong.

Off topic, I love how they try to make her wax lyrical about the personality and inner thoughts of some guy she basically met on a plane

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Monica Lewinsky read psychology at the LSE after Monicagate whereas this high-flier sold her story to the tabloids. Top-tip on avoiding tabloid-press coverage: don't ring them up and sell them your story.

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PETER OVERTON: Lisa, let's face it - you are a flight attendant. You are at work, you cannot have sex with a passenger in a toilet.
LISA ROBERTSON: Yeah, I agree it was unprofessional.
LISA ROBERTSON: Stupid. It was wrong. However, I was on my break. Can I make that point?
I've avoided knowing about any of this, but the gossip forum has been too slow here of late. I thought I'd just feel dirty and exploited after reading it, but the girl was on her break, dammit. It turns the whole story into a worker/management employment law issue with important consequences for us all.

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K, he's hot. No biggie, I mean, not everyone can control themselves mid-air!

But yeah, she looks MUCH better today. I feel bad for her considering some "friend" probably sold the tabs her least flaterring photo ever!

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